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    I was never good at techno. https://psychotronic.bandcamp.com/album/get-online-get-psycho But i will teach engineers at Ford pretty soon though.
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    Getting to the finish line on this new color pencil and ink piece. This artwork has really reinvigorated my sense of purpose and inspired new ideas for the next one! Remaining uncolored for years, it's been freeing adding a fresh coat of pigment. 🎨✨ . . #Prismacolor #Micro #VisionaryArt #PsychedelicArt #Symmetry #Prism #Colorful #Chromatic #ColorPencil #InkPen #ChiagoArtist #Mysterium #MixedMedia
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    when I see the new memes - 106248634_568534560476875_1140693484406424026_n.mp4
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    https://displaycopy.bandcamp.com/album/astronomical-objects I wrote the album mainly in the first month of lockdown, decided to re-launch my label and this is the first release since 2013. During the making I’d been listening to a lot of jungle, stuff like Photek… however it didn’t seem to make sense to make tracks with drums but I like the idea of still using that low end sub and adopt those techniques to beatless tracks,“Canopus” being the most obvious example. The record also features a sublime rework of Arcturus by Mark Warren (Atom Earth Mother / Zoviet France) which takes the original version into deeper waters. I also managed to work with an old friend...
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    I'll be streaming an AV show over at http://www.instagram.com/factmag at 5pm GMT this evening!
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    Free download: https://mantleofgets.bandcamp.com/track/acrid-rcs 🙂
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    After 3 years I've finally recorded a new album " Rainbow Drifter " I cant figure out how to add a youtube window but here is a link to the full album preview https://youtu.be/kRMbjGXEv2I Available on Bandcamp Out Everywhere else next week Cheers LK
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    This guy makes some lovely music, but doesn't seem to do much promotion. I didn't even realise this album was out already. He's well worth checking out if you haven't already; https://lovekrafty.bandcamp.com/album/life-is
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    Sorry, the best sound has already been found
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    When I was living in Cologne, I always tried to leave the city during carnival season. Now, I'm always tempted to do the same for a couple of weeks in the summer. Fortunately, I live pretty far away from the barffest.
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    As a tourist I thought Berlin was very cheap by Dutch standards as well. We get students going to the craziest of places. Where it is exactly doesn't matter just as long as they get to spend half a year abroad. Small provincial town in Austria? Check. Tiny universities in the Po valley? Of course! As long as there's other foreign students (they keep mostly to themselves) they'll pretty much go everywhere. And foreigners, of course, do the same to us. My hometown, small, has a university and what Germans call a Fachhochschule, is also swarming with exchange students. Pretty annoying at the start of every school year where you...
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    Not necessarily. There are many small university towns that are dirt cheap and also cosmopolitan despite their size, especially in East Germany. Housing is extremely cheap there. Usually these places had more inhabitants before the German reunion and there is a surplus of often beautiful old apartments. On top of that, smaller universities are more familial and often offer better schooling as compared to the big universities that are good at research.
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    Yeah, I happen to be based in Munich, and housing prices are completely absurd. You basically have to be a milionaire if you want to buy anything decent in the area. Everyone keeps waiting for the real estate bubble to burst, because it's been imminent for years, but it never does. Bit like new BOC album really. It's pretty darn beautiful though. You got the Alps right in front of you, lots of lakes around the area, and it's just a stone's throw to Italy, so I love it nonetheless.
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    Also, @pacman I'm in the process preparing for an air pollution level alarm (hearing air pollution). I'm wondering if you'd be happy to collaborate and co-develop another mesh on Blender? Basically, I'd keep everything the same but change Aphex' logo to a different image. If youre interested, please contact me at [email protected]
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    Berlin was very cheap by Finnish standards when I was visiting there and talking with my cousin who lives there, but on the other hand when I was offered a job in Munich I looked at the housing prices there and holy moly. Now I feel Helsinki prices aren't that bad.
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    Or "はじめまして。脳木です。知能的なダンス音楽が大好きなんです。", should he find himself in a night club in Tokyo. (Success not guaranteed, but maybe if the other party is drunk enough...)
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    That's not a glory hole, I know what a glory hole is
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    Why are we talking about movies here. This is the TV series thread. OCD intensifies Started watching Zero Zero Zero. So far so good. Really makes me want to do some lines...
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    He hasn't got that many
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    This morning before work I realized the only thing I need to build one of these that I don't already have is a $20 screen (assuming I can find the USB keypad I got back in 2012 to make it easier to edit on a laptop and then hardly used before the laptop died spectacularly). So tight right now that I can't afford it but I get paid in a few days. EDIT: of course part of me wants to get this for it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/iKey-PM-18-USB-Nema-Stainless-4X-Panelmount-Numeric-Keypad/143516587897 If I could afford it I probably would because that's actually a really low price, they retail for almost 5x that. Fortunately I'm too broke...
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    I find it gross how you constantly claim that The Thing is a bad movie.
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    I simply cannot stop listening to Prefuse 73 😢
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    @lossless Thanks so much for building on pacman's work, this is insane! I'm in the process preparing for an air pollution level alarm (hearing air pollution). I'm wondering if you'd be happy to collaborate to share your code? Basically, I'd keep everything the same but change Aphex' logo to a different image. If youre interested, please contact me at [email protected]
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    First test of the Rollz-5 and everything seems to be working as it should. Not sure what's causing the high-pitched whine - maybe one of the ultrasound filters so I need to investigate there... The front+rear acrylic panels I designed should be here Monday.
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    There are many international courses of study that are in English language 🤷‍♂️ https://studiengaenge.zeit.de/studienangebote/kurstyp/internationaler-studiengang (page 1 of 100) Yes, the Dutch are usually better at English, agree. But at universities that's a different matter I really don't know Edit: I definitely think the rather conservative Germany can learn a lot from the Netherlands, which has traditionally been one of Europe's innovative pioneer countries. Though you have to agree that living in the Netherlands is very expensive compared to Germany, the real living standard here is comparatively high even when you are on the lowest end of the food chain. 🙂
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    There was a San Francisco board of supervisors meeting yesterday regarding the SFPD budget. They were flooded with public calls for hours asking for police to be defunded (I was one of them). Right now, they're going over a rule where SFPD has a minimum staffing level. You should at least hear the public comments. Some of them are pretty good: https://sanfrancisco.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=6&autoplay=1
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    I'm more familiar with German and have German heritage, so that was my first choice. I don't mind learning another language. I'm mostly starting to get paranoid about being trapped in this country if things continue getting worse.
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    "Hallo, mein Name ist Gehirnbaum, und ich mag intelligente Tanzmusik." Here, that should at least get you laid.
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    Didn't catch that one, thanks. Reminds me on the PEGIDA movement that formed here in Germany. It's all kinds of inbreds, schmucks and halfwits that managed to form an angry mob, the highest form of organisation these degenerates are capable of
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    Out tomorrow. https://kasseljaeger.bandcamp.com/album/swamps-things
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    disagree. it's a valuable item. warp wouldn't just give it away. they're trading it to drive more memberships to the aphex bleepstore, because they know at some point, there will be a very nice return on investment. and that's another thing, they're not even trying to get people on a bleep or warp mailing list. it's specifically the aphex store. makes it seem obvious they're gearing up for something. if this really was simply to commemorate the anniversary of an EP release, why 4 years and not 5? maybe 5 would be too late as they're probably planning to release whatever-it-is later this year? sooo yeah i think there's a...
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    A client sent me a cell phone recording of him listening to some of our mixes in his car to demonstrate that they're sounding pretty good now. (Not as a joke.)
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    These are the fucking previews. The full documentaries are on his patreon. https://www.patreon.com/allgasnobrakes These videos are the same as on his patreon, there just are more of them on his patreon. I bought the subscription. Fun stuff, without a doubt. He seems to be associated with this umbrella company: https://www.doingthingsmedia.com/partnerships, so maybe not as Indie as it seems, but fun nonetheless
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    Thang kaad! Thang yoo!
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    The track DUAL SKY PEARLS featured in this month's broadcast from the very cool label, Conditional. Stoked to have had the track played among some great music. The Synalegg track at the very end is v nice.
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    Aphex Twin / MBV / Dungen / Wolves in the Throne Room / Ceephax / Lightning Bolt The list used to be longer, but those are the ones that never really seem to put out stinkers. I'm also using Spotify more and more lately, so I justify being wishy washy with automatic physical purchases on more virtual spins equating to pennies for artist's I might not want a full release from. I know it's not exactly philanthropic or anything, but I'm on a tighter budget these days.
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    Happy 420:) Sliabh Bhuí Sliabh Bhuí Happy 420:)
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    is there a way we can look at the list without signing up for gumtree... also worried about shipping costs from papua new guinea
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    Thanks JoyrexYup you've been on my soundcloud right from the start , greatly appreciated Also thanks again Cribbins Feel free to ask any question Cheers LK
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