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    Stranger Things 3.... sucks soooo bad. It’s been a struggle getting 5 episodes in and I think it’s all I can handle. Season 1 was great. Season 2 was meh. And this season has jumped the shark in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin. I just watched a bunch of other shows that are worth watching, tho: - Chernobyl ... A+ (Jarred Harris kills it in this) - Terror ... A (Jarred Harris kills it in this, as well) - When They See Us ... B+ (Jarred Harris should have been in this) - One Strange Rock ... B (Will Smith’s narration should have been read by Jarred Harris)
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    It's an amazing website. It's been mentioned in the AI thread along with more sites for anyone interested, but this one deserves its own thread
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    Part 2 Collated some pictures from the many flashbak.com articles by decade. There may be some overlap. 1920-1940s, give them a look them for yourself: https://flashbak.com/category/1920s/ https://flashbak.com/category/1930s/ https://flashbak.com/category/1940s/ More decades to come.
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    Hi all, Some recents tracks i made. Enjoy!
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    @ spanishguys, can u pls enable dl 4 yr 4 x RTR sc trax so can crank dem on da stezz, thx ((::
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    Greetings! I released a pair of EPs recently: https://eczem.bandcamp.com/album/vormaks --- https://eczem.bandcamp.com/album/veliform These collections are cut from the same sonic cloth, and are from overlapping sessions: shared tools, synth patches, sequencers, etc... Most of them have a very realtime and live-jam core to them... and most of them are more static than I would like, structurally. Hopefully they are still interesting, at least for timbre and texture. Vormaks, in particular, works best with gapless play. Here are some download codes: Vormaks: Veliform: Thanks for listening, - E
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    Kinda forgot, oops Not in the same class as Wake in Fright but Oz-related w/similar tropes, Razorback came to mind. Haven't watched since the early 90's, but memories of dust, wild animals, Aussie twangs & w/zero kangaroo slaughter (but the hogs are off the scale):
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    Trump just went on another racist tirade on Twitter, this time against four Democratic congresswomen, telling them to go back to their home countries basically https://www.courthousenews.com/trump-doubles-down-on-twitter-tirade-against-congresswomen/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=trump-doubles-down-on-twitter-tirade-against-congresswomen He needs a stick of primed dynamite lodged in his rear orifice, for the fat, racist, disgusting piece of shit that he is. The bar has been set so low for office of POTUS now, it's practically a gateway to Hell at this point.
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    seems like lynch's inland empire and rabbits are derived from slavic and polish folkloric tales... and it has some nightmarish/horrific moments... http://xixax.com/index.php?topic=10711.15
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    *turns on tape recorder* new product idea... scratch and sniff vinyl.
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    Should be in your profile fields - not sure what that looks like on mobile; let me take a look: The fields are there when you edit your profile... Now, they don't show up on mobile for users - I'm going to make adjustments to the WATMM Classic skin to account for that.
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    Thanks for the feedback, seriously. @ Spi & Stick, damn... humbled and definitely inspires me to keep going. @ Aux & Darrei: thanks, I'm never sure about mixing and mastering, and tbh I don't really get the science of it very well. It's been trial and error over the years and I try, as much as possible to listen to my mixes across different speakers. I love texture, and have a very minimilast approach to EQ... so i do worry about ear fatigue for the listener. Still working on it but good to get positive feedback. @Jaderpansen: I appreciate the kind words and that bit of constructive criticism. It's precisely something I'm interested in developing at the moment... I want more flexibility and dynamics on the macro level and more breathing room at the micro level. @ Manju ❤️
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    Just came by to say i still cannot stop thinking about that neon orange collapse shirt i didnt fucking buy, xoxo
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    Wow! Superb tracks my dude. Do you have a bandcamp? I would love to throw some money at ya for some HQ downloads.
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