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    Banger TBH
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    ^ lol house republicans about to go full-on mad max on us now
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    Heard this album for the first time yesterday, really loving it! It was released in 2018, an archived concert of Monk with his 1963 quartet live in Copenhagen. Also never heard of the jazz drummer Frankie Dunlop before. The groove from 0:53 to 1:03 is so tight:
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    I have compiled a Spotify playlist of music R&S have played on webcasts, radio shows and mixes dating all the way back to 1991, based on tracklists assembled by users here and elsewhere. Spotify's library is too patchy for this to be anywhere close to comprehensive, but I figured it'd be of use anyway. Link!
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    house republicans now a roaming pack, squatting in the scif and ordering pizza
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    Acid eiffel is a timeless classic, my fav Garnier track without a doubt.
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    Now this is what dems & r's should have done a long time ago...just get in a big ol' kicking punching screaming all-out brawl. Let Nancy & turtle man duke it out mano y mano. Words are obviously getting them nowhere, so it's time to use fists.
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    Anyway because I'm so wonderful, benevolent, humble and generous I've decided to give away some Steam keys for my game which you probably can't afford - now with added Halloween content cos I'm great like that. Just tell me why I'm so great and if I deem the praise acceptable, I'll PM you a key https://store.steampowered.com/app/1092060/Hiscores_Gold/ Nice review here:
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    You haven't changed a bit, have you 😉
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    Not sure if it's fake. Looks to me like good old Aleczandah. Not sure if that was XLT or WATMM. Perhaps both. Anyways, feels the same. And the response of people in general doesn't look different either. ;D
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    na laughs bro, laughter is a holy thing to some Native American tribes. We have much to learn from other cultures.
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    McConnell is firing blows Trump's way. it sounds like yesterday was another damning hearing - ambassador taylor testfied that ambassador sondlund lied to congress and that the ukraine arrangement was certainly a quid pro quo. and this was after yavonvich's testimony, which apparently moved congressmen to tears. one thing i can tell you about the closed door hearings is that they shield the republicans in there from public view so they are free to participate. reportedly they have been participating. there's also not a time limit, when the hearings are closed. members are able to ask questions until their questions are exhausted. it's going to be a very interesting vote...
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    he's got a bit of a weird sense of humour, so what let the man be. yo guys can be way too serious smfh one of us!
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    This is my favorite Carpenter film. I'd hesitate to say it is his best, since that's subjective, but this film scared the hell out of me, and there is a scene where a woman sacrifices herself and moves between worlds, and the shot only lasts for a few seconds maybe if I remember correctly, but it is absolutely breathtaking, one of the choicest moments in film in my eyes, up there with the tommy gun sequence in Miller's Crossing.
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    The link is dead The link is dead
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    Avebury is over-run with tourists most days, if you get the chance go there on a weekday.....cosmic as fuck maaaaaaaan (if you’re really unlucky you might stumble upon Julian Cope holding court). Both of these are worth indulging. Admittedly, there are no noise sampling options, unless you record the flapping pages: An Archaeology of Supernatural Places - Chris Tilley Stone Worlds: Narrative and Reflexivity in Landscape Archaeology - Chris Tilley et al
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    I'd pay to see you do an interview with Trump. 😉
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    He did the artwork for nyege nyege tapes and mixes autechre withenya. This man is the best indeed [emoji120]
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    [email protected] I see you're still into your 2011 /b/ style trolling antics. When sarcasm was still sarcasm. Nowadays though....people killed sarcasm. It's cancer.
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    I guess it's that time again. So, what have you been up to besides getting a blue tick at spotify and giving people drinks on the set of a star wars movie?
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    If you want to stock SnareRush zine I will happily sort you out
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    It was my turn to pick a movie on Sunday night and I selected the newest Fast and Furious. I thought it would be a fun mindless action/adventure but my wife genuinely thought I was trolling her it was such trash. I will be watching my stupid films on my phone for the foreseeable future now. Thanks James Stantham and the Rock. Fucking idiots.
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    I'm unfortunately homeless write now, but I still have da hot trax on my person
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    Here is an archive of one of my radio shows from 2011. It mostly has various ambient, dark ambient, and industrial noise throughout, in case anyone is interested. Hidden Vibrations LISTEN Rory Hinchey - Snuff Box Robert Turman - Subterra Jarboe & Cedric Victor - Black Dream II Merzbow - RBA 7+2 (Excerpt from CD7 of Merzbient) NON - Black Sun Seven Morgues - I Disappear When Autumn Comes Masonic Youth - Going Down Karjalan Sissit - Någon Vacker Dag Får Du Smaka På Finn Yxan Jävla Rip-Off Gubbe NAGRINÐR - Heraldo (psychopompós) (recorded promo) Neil Jendon - Science, Security, Logic, Prudence Conrad Schnitzler & Thomasius - Wolke 7 Cowards...
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    First-rate bass line here, courtesy of James Jamerson:
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    released today. Cycles by Ben Davis. live recordings using Tidal Cycles. Ben is a programmer who designs dope eurorack modules for Malekko Heavy industry. there's some nice evolving stuff here. melodies wrapped around things that are wrapped around other things. also a Valance Drakes remix.
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    if he kept dressing like that, I'd probably like him more...vaporwave trump
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    Oh my gosh - yeah you're completely sorted in that case. Push in session view will do exactly what you're wanting 🙂 If you're feeling fancy and and not planning to upgrade to a Push 2 (alas it's not compatible, despite me trying intently!), you can add additional triggering options and other features to Push with this - https://nativekontrol.com/pxt-live
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    Ah okay, didn’t realize quite where you were in using Ableton! I’ve got a Push V1 as well, got lots of use out of it but don’t use Ableton for writing/recording at all the last yearish so thinking of selling the Push...they’re keeping it up to date as well as they can from what little I’ve seen at least. Glad to help when I can ofc if more questions pop up.
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    This is out now... and sounding as crazy and psychedelic as the art work would suggest!
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    Agreed - I will see about making these changes to the WATMM Classic theme.
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    Yes, sometimes i feel the same; many of my fav tracks sounds like shit on them! 😕 ... but mostly it’s the speakers fault. Lates albums that ive been listening to that sounded good on them was Objekt’s lates album, Bola DEG, Stephan Bodzin Powers of ten, Yello’s latest, Atoms for peace, Plaid ... but Bc they really sound good.
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    Got my copy in the mail today! Another great Netsh release. Really like the variety of music he's been releasing. There's a decent deal with his last EP from his label and this one for only €20 at least, but yeah was hoping for digitals from the source as well. You can listen to the entire album on this playlist (the link/embed should be a playlist I hope):
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