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    I wasn't talking about literal philosophy, It was just bad word usage.. I'd just like to know how he approaches making music, that's it. Noyzelab interview was mostly about gear talk or non-music topics. For me talking about something interchangeable like the gear isn't really all that interesting unless there's a unique feature. I remember him posting that he was going to into his approach/how he tackles making a track, before the interview, but never really did. which is why I brought it up in the first place. The guy's been making music for 3 decades and he seems to have his process down and I'd like to know what he's willing to share. It might help me skip some stuff that takes years to figure out or something.
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    love those breaks. those little pauses are really well placed
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    really like that one! mental image-> an AI performing a speed sort through slices of some 90s downtempo track, putting all the pieces in places, trying to make sense of it
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    dunno if already posted, but Bogdan gives some solid prodoction-tops : https://www.bogdanraczynski.com/5-tips-for-making-music/ # # #
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    gop house rep napalms own party over mueller report. thread https://twitter.com/justinamash/status/1129831615952236546
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    you too can spend a year on a tour of all your favorite comfort foods.
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    millions of GoT fans tomorrow night.
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    Thanks for the words Wobs and darrie... interestingly wobs at the moment I am remixing / using all my old Reason tracks as source material for this stuff so you weren't far off ... no intelligence was used tho in the making of the musics
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    my girlfriend says she can't stand nostalgia. i can't live without it. strange how it differs from one person to another
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    ^Back on topic Nightmare Jet Set Willy Ghostbusters cartoon Trap Door Stoppit and Tidyup Art Attack
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    Agreed. I'd like if the "my content" thing was reinstated.
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    My only gripe is the loss of My Content. Instead of having all threads I participate in on one screen I have to visit each forum individually to see if there are any new replies. But the little red notification that appears every time I'm quoted provides a small burst of dopamine that was absent before.
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    yep, that's the one! and oh, sorry, didn't mean Gorky Park was the IPCRESS sequel..it's unrelated.. the sequels are Funeral in Berlin & Billion Dollar Brain (60s) and then Bullet To Beijing & Midnight in St Petersburg (90s)
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    How am I only seeing this now? I'll need to create a spotify account. Nice to see two of my favorite ekt-ers in one thread too lol. Collab now pls.
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    you not watching it either then?
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    Last videogame I played was Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube
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    anyone who refuses to watch israel's eurovision 2019 indirectly supports global islamic jihad. i expect to see active participation in this thread this evening from everyone who values freedom and democracy.
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