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    This is the most stupid thing I have ever read in my lifetime, not exaggerating Imagine thinking this is a good thing to post
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    I followed through with that cover idea. Here's the result: https://themunicipality.bandcamp.com/track/le-foto-proibite-di-una-signora-per-bene
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    This page is confusing the shit outta me
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    Was reading before about the lack of long term immunity as well, allegedly only lasting for a few months If that. What they don't know tho is how effective the t-cells will be in remanufacturing antibody response when re exposed to the virus , which means that that at least there is a chance that reinfection won't be as bad as initial exposures
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    Let's list links to places where it you inevitably end up spending far too long reading/browsing (besides WATMM itself). All you wanted to know about Street Fighter II http://streetfightermiscellany.com/index.html
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    Every drug taken in lethal doses can cure covid-19... Not just meth...
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    Last time i was on chatmm i had a manic episode, that's why...
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    his claim is stupid. really stupid. and something an 11 year old in 1983 would've thought of to "blow the minds" of his 11 year old friends after he blew their minds by saying "who enjoys sex more? girls or boys? put your finger in your ear.. what feels better your finger or your ear?". i say an 11 year old in 1983 might've said that.. but not today because 11 year olds today are smarter and wouldn't say something so stupid as to equate drug dealers and users to white people/black people in some shit brained thought. were there african tribes rounding up people and selling them to white...
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    You convinced me, we live in the Matrix. The government WANTS us to think that there are no cucumbers in the fridge, metaphorically speaking, yet the cucumber in the fridge is in the fridge, soaking in fridge liquid, if you know what I mean, hyperbolically, so the fridge is like a big fridge with, technically, cucumber juice but but but the juice of the cucumber is in the fridge and it mixed with the liquid of the fridge. The cucumber itsel fis is is the cucucumber in the fridge, the fridge in the fridge in it has the cucumber in it, the fridge
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    he once posted a review of frozen, then tried to reply to his own review as "an attractive young woman", but forgot to switch his account his troll account.
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    is his claim true though? if it is there's no need to overreact, it's just a disturbing truth. and if true lol at twitter censoring it, less freedom of speech is exactly what i desire
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    People who buy and sell valuable unopened soda.The right sealed-empty can (i.e. the factory messed up and didn't put any soda in it, and it was never opened) will easily sell for 5 fingers and the really rare ones are well into the 6 figures. This unopened emoty diet coke from 1997 got $10k a few weeks ago: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Unopened-Empty-1997-Diet-Coke-Can/313074060689?hash=item48e4ab0d91:g:jtIAAOSwUCBejTy3 Start hoarding soda now and retire in 20 years.
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    shit this brings back memories, i used to play it a lot with friends but it was a skill game not a game of chance... we had little pockets to keep the marbles and i member there was different materials and we even had the lucky marble... we would strike as hard as we could with the ones with stronger materials to damage the ones from the other players...
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    Unsolved mysteries. Should have used the voice from the guy that does the frontline documentaries, Otherwise great new stuff. Man, that French one was bizarre
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    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my miserable meaningless life
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    Why in the world did autocorrect change my correctly spelled "records" to "tee cords"? Weird. Anyway, I wrote a bit about what I'm really concerned about in the other "WTF is wrong with America" or whatever it's called thread, but my concerns are more about the substantial (non-majority, but still substantial) portion of the electorate, and how they're going to handle the current convergence of crises. While I hope you're right and there's an orange jumpsuit waiting around the bend, that's not going to change the underlying problem that exists in this country. We have too many people who don't see a problem with Trump's behavior, and many of those...
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    I'm not angry, just disappointed.These two have been up for several days and have 1 like each. Yes, this requires the most cursory of knowledge of the French language, cuisine and cinema, but surely that isn't beyond watmm. It's telling that the only like was from someone French. Yes, it's gentle humour, but it's sophisticated and wouldn't be out of place on a vintage episode of Just a Minute. It's clearly several leagues above 'don't tell mom the babysitter's deaf', as I'm sure Yek himself would agree. Although clearly not IDEM, who I'm having real problems understanding how he maintains basic cognitive function. I suspect he was a persistent bedwetter...
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    this guy is filling his diapers w/rage and spewing incoherent slogans in a run of verbal diarheehaa
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    i.e. posting pics of prolapsed anuses + black trans midget porn
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    It's not as bad as over there, but it's getting worse, a lot of regurgitation of talking points and news fed by lobbyists, so-called "think tanks" and communication agencies, if not that, it's trending stories bought from news agencies, investigative journalism is dying a slow death.
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    I voted for "I don't like chat rooms" but it's not so much because I think they've had their time, as I was never that into them. I just don't spend enough time on the forums so sit and inject myself into chat vs hopping into specific threads that interest me.
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    when I see the new memes - 106248634_568534560476875_1140693484406424026_n.mp4
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    Yeah, but it's worth watching the first one just to watch the sequel which is a whole lot better.
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    1 hello spiral reacted to this 1 hello spiral reacted to this did someone say collapse? 1 hello spiral reacted to this
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    Caravan of Courage: A Woke Adventure An ensemble cast of indeterminate gender and ethnicity star as a group of friends travelling across the US in a caravan to join CHAZ.
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    this is a great album, featuring Morricone on Trumpet didn't realise he was on it til now
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    Nexus home Jexus home
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    Vox's Explained docu series on Netflix does a good job of explaining the bird flu from the 90s. Animals and humans in close proximity that share viruses that mutate into versions that can infect humans. This sounds like a similar situation. One more reason to stop eating meat.
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