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    i.e. posting pics of prolapsed anuses + black trans midget porn
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    A Very American Suicide (Still Drinking)
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    Got screamed at by a customer today over our covid policies. We require masks, and explain the safety measures as people enter. I didn't greet this dude, but from what I saw, he refused to wear a mask, called my coworker Rachel a bitch, gave a bunch of very loud fuck-yous to the 3 other staff members, myself included, and that was right as I walked up, lol. I wasn't having it and told him to get in his car and leave ASAP. Our property, our rules. "I don't give a fuck that it's your property!" blah blah. The entire store crew was shouting this idiot down at this point....
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    I found a picture of my setup circa 1997, behold the masterful ergonomics If you're wondering where the chair is, there was none, I sat on the floor or stood. Yes , there's a Juno 106 and a DW-8000 in this picture as well.
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    https://displaycopy.bandcamp.com/album/astronomical-objects I wrote the album mainly in the first month of lockdown, decided to re-launch my label and this is the first release since 2013. During the making I’d been listening to a lot of jungle, stuff like Photek… however it didn’t seem to make sense to make tracks with drums but I like the idea of still using that low end sub and adopt those techniques to beatless tracks,“Canopus” being the most obvious example. The record also features a sublime rework of Arcturus by Mark Warren (Atom Earth Mother / Zoviet France) which takes the original version into deeper waters. I also managed to work with an old friend...
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    coronavirus is now affecting people that don't believe it exists
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    To quote the ancient Asian philosophers:
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    I'm gonna put a vote in for the Model:Samples, since I don't think it's been mentioned yet. It's not a true sampler in that it only plays back samples you load into it and doesn't record them, but it is one of the quickest and most fun devices I own. Its sample playback is pretty transparent in that it doesn't appear to colour the samples at all, which means it's not going to become a classic due to that, but the filters, distortion and effects make up for that imo. I love the Octatrack, and still consider it my #1 electronic instrument, but sometimes I just want to sit down...
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    A potential goldmine of footage for video mavens like @six for projects... http://exptv.org/
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    the media is allied with ratings. they helped trump win. they're in love with the revenue coming from his perpetual controversy, even if they think they hate him. it's actually really sad to see these institutions struggle with the ethics of the choices they have to make. there was a lot of pressure on the networks to stop covering trump's covid press conferences, because he was using them as a free platform to pump lying rhetoric into voter ears, under the guise of epidemic info. easy ratings for the networks. viewers of msnbc and cnn were pissed at the networks and were letting them know that, and the networks were...
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    Hope this asshole dies painfully
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    Seems BCM has done a lot of wrong decisions so far. First the speaker placement and now the flimsy rack stand. What's next?
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    I'm annoyed by people saying things along the lines of: "Oh it's gonna infect and kill conspiracy theorists, careless boomers and anti-vaxxers, good riddance.", while these people with their behaviour will infect thousands of others who are entirely guiltless (apart from that people don't deserve death for being shit heads). It shows that people who make such statements themselves seem to have a similar lack of understanding of how a pandemic works. People, ooof
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    time to cut back on the testing
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    fucking knew you lot would moan about the monitor placement lol. i've got to work with what's available yo and I usually push my chair way back every now and again to get a proper stereo image etc so it's not an issue. anyone who's ever listened to my tracks - any major mixing issues? no. so stfu for realz.
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    Social distancing at Disney World in Orlando
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    pro tip: make sure your speaker stands on the washing machine for a great flanger effect
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    much slimmed down my setup (haven't sold anything, just put it away for a bit). in this pic are my juno 106, korg dw-8000, behringer model d, tascam 2488, korg sq-1, yamaha rev500, roland srv-3030, t.c. electronic m350, zoom rfx-1100, novation drum station and behringer fca-1616 interface.
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    when I see the new memes - 106248634_568534560476875_1140693484406424026_n.mp4
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    "Hallo, mein Name ist Gehirnbaum, und ich mag intelligente Tanzmusik." Here, that should at least get you laid.
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    So SCOTUS ruled that Trump can't hide his taxes anymore from SDNY. That's gonna make little Donald very mad.
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    disagree. it's a valuable item. warp wouldn't just give it away. they're trading it to drive more memberships to the aphex bleepstore, because they know at some point, there will be a very nice return on investment. and that's another thing, they're not even trying to get people on a bleep or warp mailing list. it's specifically the aphex store. makes it seem obvious they're gearing up for something. if this really was simply to commemorate the anniversary of an EP release, why 4 years and not 5? maybe 5 would be too late as they're probably planning to release whatever-it-is later this year? sooo yeah i think there's a...
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    https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/07/07/sf-lawmaker-proposes-caren-act-to-outlaw-racially-motivated-911-calls/ being a karen is now a criminal act in the bay area
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    The danger here is that he will split the moron vote
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    cheetah bonus tracks would be sweet
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    Obsessed with Wipeout, not played it for almost 20 years.
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    jesus... =[ i apparently had a small out of body experience yesterday and found myself yelling at a smug mask-less 225+lb trucker looking dude in the grocery store (masks are legally required in public here). it was a friendly "pull your fucking mask up, jackass" but in retrospect i'm glad i didn't get beat down in the frozen pizza aisle. my 'rona fuse is getting shorter
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    I think the lack of posting burgers has rotted his brain.
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    Behold, call the Guinness book of world records for I have matched the speed of Spitfire aircraft on land. Today, during the 2km downhill, I reached 683.8 km/h, or 424.9 in retarded freedom eagles per assault rifles.
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    Kanye West Says He’s Done With Trump—Opens Up About White House Bid, Damaging Biden And Everything In Between https://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllane/2020/07/08/kanye-west-says-hes-done-with-trump-opens-up-about-white-house-bid-damaging-biden-and-everything-in-between/#7206286047aa “We pray. We pray for the freedom. It’s all about God. We need to stop doing things that make God mad.”
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