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    Artwork for my most recent album
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    1 hour of tt1pd We will have woodpechre shirts
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    Agreed - I will see about making these changes to the WATMM Classic theme.
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    [email protected] Romney secretly following Seth Abramson with a fake account. and bonus Lol for Mulvaney saying at Fox Trump considers himself still being in the hospitality business (context: originally wanted to organize the G7 at some Trump resort). To which Wallace responded "He's the president of the United States". House of Cards is so boring compared to the reality...
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    Based on the recommendation in this thread, I've played through Hexcells trilogy (sublime and almost genius!). I've also been playing Shovel Knight (has an emergent depth, almost 4/5) and Untitled Goose Game (such a lovely game!).
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    Come to Dust is a masterpiece
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    This album is fucking amazing. "J&W/K&G Beat" were some of the best tracks ever committed to an EP and I went on to love "Vacuum Boogie"/assorted singles and EPs. However, he started losing me hard with the 16 minute kick drum n' vibraphone stuff. "Dad house" is too true for the past couple of albums. This ain't that--goddamn he went IDM/mentalism and it works. It's like Sam has been snoozin' and dreamin' for a spell and then woke the fuck up. In awe at the size of this lad.
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    No MIDI controller yet ^lol, just noticed naked guy in the background
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    Neutron Schmutron, I want to hear about that Roland EG-101 I see in the back!
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    she's not a fucking idiot. she's cautious and careful and perhaps a touch slow on the trigger, but this isn't necessarily a bad quality for someone in her position....obviously, since she's held it for what, over a decade? if she's doing things like this there's likely a reason...and if not, we'll hear about it, and she'll follow where her party and the evidence and the general populace leads. y'all calm down and let shit play.
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    I'm unfortunately homeless write now, but I still have da hot trax on my person
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    Thanks! I'm really happy to hear that. I almost titled this "The Melancholy Junglist" but i wasn't sure if it was actually melancholy. Maybe my normal output is so melancholy that anything with a shred of hope sounds optimistic to me now? 🙂
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you worked on Episode VIII, wouldn't that make pretty much everyone who worked on Ep. IV--VI better than you?
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    my wife hadn't seen and despite my caution- i don't think anything could have properly prepared her for the experience. perfect companion piece to 'hot summer in the city'
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    Yes AVANTI is also excellent. Check the Lawrence English collab next.
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    Hey guys. Long time user of Fractal Bits here, and while the 4 billion sounds have kept me going for a long time, I think I’m starting to hit a wall. Anyone know when the update is coming? I’m thinking of starting a petition to demand another 2 billion sounds.
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    Gonna have to boringly agree with many of the points already here... This album always sounded to me like a less good SOSW. Very much detroit influenced... lots of x0x drum sounds, moogy basses and leads, lots of tracks are just based around fairly simple loops, with minimal arrangement. Many tracks have the early period Afx recipe of harsh distorted drums + eerie high pitched pads + massive resonant zzzzzaps. Although the quality control is a little lower, there are a handful of tracks that go nowhere interesting beyond a detuned bass riff and some clonking sounds. The ambient track(s) are fine but a little out of place. But there...
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    Thailand Madagascar
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    moldovian jazz funk from 1977
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    Sorry, had to get pissed in the name of the mortgage at a horrible corporate beer Fest.... Hanging right now Do I think its better than ICBYD? No and yes. ABB3 definitely had a more profound affect on me however ICBYD is more mature. I could go on But I think maybe this is the way, for me, that I like to judge music. Edit: hopefully I'll be less hung over by Universal Indicator Green and we'll go another round of debate! (Edit 3. Are you just doing the CDs?) Edit2: I hope you know I love these reviews too. Enjoying the journey right now
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    this was nice all around. lots of good textural stuff, worked well as an album, loved the bit at the last few moments of the last track :)
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    Yes, sometimes i feel the same; many of my fav tracks sounds like shit on them! 😕 ... but mostly it’s the speakers fault. Lates albums that ive been listening to that sounded good on them was Objekt’s lates album, Bola DEG, Stephan Bodzin Powers of ten, Yello’s latest, Atoms for peace, Plaid ... but Bc they really sound good.
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    This reminds me of Subrange 6-36... Also, have you read Charles Sheffield’s Between the Strokes of Night?
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    This is in addition to the September releases. Sacred Bones has just released Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△, an album composed entirely of Dean Hurley’s sound design work for the new season of Twin Peaks. Hurley has worked with David Lynch for over a decade and acted as sound designer and music supervisor on Lynch’s last feature Inland Empire. Twin Peaks: The Return has hosted an exceptional array of musicians performing at the Roadhouse, including “the” Nine Inch Nails and Hudson Mohawke. Hurley took the stage at the show’s iconic watering hole, as well, playing drums with Alex Zhang Hungtai and Riley Lynch as Trouble in episode 5 of The...
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    "Unheard LP" from 1969 releasing June 7 - samples here: https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/ciani-suzanne-flowers-of-evil-lp/FKR.099LP.html
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    Boomkat have the book available now. https://boomkat.com/products/everywhere-an-empty-bliss Limited edition, large format, hard cover, 162 pages, 1.5 kg heavyweight book in French and English. Includes a 17 track CD of previously unreleased material by The Caretaker, 'Everywhere, an empty bliss'. Ivan Seal’s paintings have accompanied almost all of James Leyland Kirby’s output as The Caretaker over the last two decades. This comprehensive book, made to coincide with a long-in-the-making exhibition in Clermont Ferrand, France, provides a beautiful, in-depth look at their work together through 160 pages of artwork, essays and commentary from both Ivan Seal and The Caretaker, a luxurious and weighty hardcover tome marking the end of an era. Featuring...
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