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    A post warp 30 event surprise for twattmers, this has not been shared before. No tracks on here were featured on the broadcasts. Don't ask, enjoy. Autechre - Late 80s Tape (198x) 01. Untitled Tape Mix 1 02. Untitled 03. Untitled 04. Untitled 05. Untitled Tape Mix 2 06. Untitled 07. Untitled 08. Untitled 09. Untitled https://uploadfiles.io/vnoaxsl1 edit: I have no association with the artists
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    not sure if this is common knowledge. probs. https://autechre.bleepstores.com/ right at the bottom
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    Mozex, maybe you could take the viewpoint of this guy from another forum
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    😃 love these tracks, really fun stuff
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    Well said. That first bit the brothers articulated hits on the core of music hauntology that's been ascribed to their work and others, especially within genres like vaporwave and hypnagogic pop. These ventures into styles and aesthetics that were flash-in-pan moments in pop culture and music history that were created and experienced then never took off and instead languished as distant, all but forgotten or destroyed artifacts and memories. That's why I have such a love-hate relationship with retro-oriented music. So much stuff, good, bad, and flat-out cheap is just retreading existing and often very well known media and art. It's a sea of postmodern mediocrity that accelerates to end products jam packed with existing references and devoid of any real originality or ethos, even if it's earnest and well-done. Defenders of the status quo will point to earlier movements like hip-hop sampling, plunderphonics, any revival genres of the 90s and 00s but what they don't appreciate is the context of those artists efforts in which crate-diggers, nerds, and general aficionados of the obscure and underrated sampled and were influenced by stuff they truly loved. They had no fad or hype insight in these pre-internet, pre-social media and web 2.0 and 3.0 underground scene. Stuff that did become overused - the amen break or frequently used movie samples like Blade Runner - were done so out of sincere popularity and became more like established canon than easy tropes. We're in for a sea of really, really overwhelmingly redundant music and media in the decades to come but I have hope that bubbling underneath are mixes like this and artists like Boards of Canada who continue to forge unique music from the underappreciated and underutilized minutia of the past. Until the last few centuries only truly revered and protected art was remembered and heralded. Unremarkable or flat out bad art was discarded and forgotten but so was the art of those who did not have social clout and/or were oppressed. Music could only be passed down via oral tradition or notation. We're at a crossroads now where we can access a lot of still existing but obscure media still archived or literally hoarded away, digitize and preserve it, and then re-contextualize it with research and discussion. That's what made this mix so amazing. A watmmer who I don't think is active here anymore, Tauhid / Deion Sanders, once mentioned how the best DJ mixes aren't ones that are cohesive in the overt sense - genre-specific seamless flows - nor ones with a staggering mix of heavy hitting tracks or crowd favorites - but instead the ones with diverse arrays of styles, genres, and deep cuts that are meticulously put together in mix more akin to a collage. A mix that has an inherent sense of narrative to it or at least yearns for people to engage with the way they would a piece of original art.
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    i'm all out of hearts : - ( ❤️❤️❤️
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    no - everything is locked together already timewise. i am working within the reaper project that IOS created that contains the MD/MM/MPC audio. i've just been writing midi in reaper to control the G2. once that is complete then i will just hit record and it will record all the G2 audio in one pass. i was trying to get that done this weekend but reaper was giving me a lot of problems. hopefully next week it will be done. once my part is done then i will pass it back to IOS and everything will need compression and mastering. that will take some time to get done & get the relative levels right.
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    Squarepusher was the shit. Gonna be listening to that set over and over again I'm sure. This whole event had far exceeded my expectations. BoC's mix was super unique and I'm excited to dig into the individuals artists' catalogs and mine out other crazy psychedelic gems. In a way it has a better shelf life than if it was all new material (Still holding out for the BoCset, of course). I'm sure something else has to be on the horizon for them before too long. Autechre are the real MVP's. But they always are. The amount of love they've shown for their fanbase the last few years has been unreal. It's a good time to be into this music. I'm really excited for whatever's coming next.
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    petition to only react with love emoji this weekend
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    fuck. ep7 is 20 yrs old today.
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    made some good progress this weekend. i will have my part done in 2 weeks. 🎹 📅 ⏰
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    Picture the scene. Middle-Class suburbia. Sunday lunchtime. Andrew is just finishing washing the Prius. There will be time for a bit of waxing too. Laura has sent the kids off to her mother and is now busying herself with the new Latté Machine they bought from Amazon Prime because it was free delivery. Andrew has the app on his iPhone so they can shop all day if they want. After lunch, they decide to take a trip to their local Gap clothing store in the shopping mall only 10 km away. The mall plays this really inoffensive muzak that lulls shoppers into a sort of embryonic bliss that makes them more susceptible to impulse purchases. Andrew knows all this because he majored in Psychology from Stanford. Muzak came to prominence in the late 70s and early 80s. Andrew is actually a fan and once enjoyed George Winston's albums on the Windham Hill label. He scrolls through his iTunes playlist for something new and finds just the thing for a Sunday drive. "What's that inoffensive, bland drivel that makes me want to slip into a coma?" asks his wife of five years. Andrew smiles and turns to her. "Ah, it's the new Tycho album."
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    Hi all, Some recents tracks i made. Enjoy!
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    Our first compilation, We Are The Music Makers | Volume One came out back in 2004. Since then, I've always wanted to do a Volume 2, following the same formula of having the community contribute tracks, vote on the best tracks by the community, and then have a professional-pressed CD of the release. It would be great if we could do a vinyl version as well, but of course that costs money - the way we did it back in 2004 was by getting at least 100 preorders to fund the CD pressing. This was long before things like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc. changed the crowdfunding landscape. Now, we could do the same, or maybe go the Kickstarter route like we did with the Caustic Window LP? Have stretch goals for vinyl versions, shirts, etc.? I'm 100% open to ideas, suggestions, etc. on getting this off the ground and making Volume Two a reality (and have fun doing it) - so let's hear some of your ideas and suggestions!
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    it's a good mix, i'm not angry since I thought BoC were herding goats on a mountainside, pausing every so often to blow into a horn made of an elk antler to summon representatives for all creatures of the forest so that the elves don't impose their un-diplomatic and otherworldly views on the townfolk and cause a rift in the council of wood whispering elders.
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    so i listened to this and it's pretty cool and so i checked out more from these guys (autechre) and what happened it's just like random beats? no human, just computer sounds. i don't understand it because i love warmth and melodies. did something happen to them?
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    i don't think i like watmm any more.
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    I like those Zantman 🔥 update of some of my arts for the love of gob follow my instys @inatko_
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    there is a tribe of ravers that heard this back in 1990 and decided that they couldn't go back to real life so they moved to africa with some synths and play this kind of music in a remote forest as their religion
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    After that Eno set, I am now pro-global warming
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    This NTS weekend coincided with my wedding anniversary in Finland so I haven't heard anything so far, until this live BOC set sitting here on the lake. Very lush.
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    just found the first part: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4xx9uiskrd71um/AUTECHRE - WARP TAPES 89-93 (PART 1).mp3?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR1jB1S4-jgQzAJfvxZCEreGRAGRLy3pvZA4JNgjVcwfMoh2yNipLDMKg1g
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    I mean it’s no Brianwaltzera but it’s good.
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    presently wondering how many of you are bitch-ass, dick-in-the-booty-ass ho's. if you could please submit a CV and mission statement that would greatly assist in determining whether you are a bitch-ass, bitch-ass, bitch-ass ho. thank you, muchas gracias, dankeschön, fuka yu
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    ive always liked this as a watmm logo. submitted by godwin austin. years ago.
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    Translation : « I wish I was as talented as this guy but I’m just a random youtuber who post idm related video in 2019, I’m pavlov’s Dogshit. Let’s call him an afx clone.»
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    I worry he'll go hardcore right-wing if he gets more active. I say this as someone who was a Ron Paul fan / budding libertarian when I joined this forum back in 2008 or so. In hindsight I was doing it as a contrarian to my own leftist tendencies (I went from centrist to angry leftist in late high school and early college) and to try to salvage some family relationships (which was naive and regrettable in hindsight). The hypocrisy of the Tea Party and more apparent right shift of the GOP got me back to moderate then liberal sentiments by 2012. Whatever sincerity and truly "social progressive/economic conservative" / small government ethos remained in 2008 was completely excised and appropriated falsely into the current populist far right paleo-conservative / fascist soup that is the GOP now. So if someone has been maintaining "libertarian ideals" through the current populist right movement of the last few years they likely won't revert to more liberal or progressive stances and instead get radicalized by the alt right or, at best, cynically indifferent. That said, it might be possible to swing some people back from alt-right rhetoric, especially younger cynical folks who are still fairly detached from actual voting and activism. I've been binge-watching a lot of "breadtube" and "left-tube" videos lately - contrapoints, shaun, philosophytube, etc. - what's remarkable is these channels all emerged as a reaction to the very consistent swing of previously apathetic or nonpolitical gamers, reviewers, contrarian skeptics/atheists/academics (sam harris, jordan peterson), people who watch rogan or dave rubin non-political YT celebrities and their followers toward this anti-PC / anti-SJW sentiment and hysteria (gamergate was the flashpoint) and then toward more iffy right-wing and/or conspiracy stuff via pragerU, ben shapiro, saragon, infowars, stefan molyneux, and a slew of other dogwhistle heavy racists, fascists, anti-immigrant, anti-semitic, anti-LQBT, anti-feminists, etc. Many of these "lefttube" figures were non-political themselves and literally found their own content and/or feeds littered with alt right clickbait, so they came up with reaction videos - ones notably more fleshed-out production, thought-out arguments, and in-depth retorts. It's just as much a reaction to right-wing views as it is an alternative to the more knee-jerk, topical, and strawman reactions from many liberals and progressives which come from understandable frustration and anger but do little if anything to actually encourage more substantive leftist ideological ideas or proposals. I find them a lot more encouraging, even calming, compared to the years I've spent watching say, politcal satire via SNL, Daily Show, or binge-reading r/politics or even this thread. It's cathartic but ultimately fatiguing mentally, leaving a feeling of unresolved anger or gloomy futility. The thing that is the most fascinating, and why I brought this up, is when you read the comments and discussions on r/breadtube there are a lot of people, zoomers teens and college kids mostly, who have attested to being brought out of far-right and fringe beliefs that they were sucked into years ago. So that means some those depressingly cynical internet-obsessed edgelords and keks online are actually getting rehabilitated when alternative narratives are presented to them. I just hope that more are to come, and that more will actually manage to get out of their understandably nihilist bubbles and vote the current regimes out.
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    I think that a Richard H. Kirk or Sweet Exorcist set would have been appropriate.
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    I’m getting into autechre (“ae”) is this a good place to start?
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    some phone ins, some nice mixes, some lame and embarrassing mixes. overall cute, but nothing like WARP20 or even WARP10 (wasn't paying attention then hehe) I think overall the marketing and design was poor. unclear what this actually was. They were realllllly stretching to "create hype" with the WXAXRXP shit and in the future you will have heard this or w/e. Press should have been this: Hi guys, WARP here. We're turning 30! Over the weekend we've asked our artists, new and old, to play some music on NTS radio over 3 days. Some of them will play their music, others just music they love, even some surprises~ have fun! We know we will!
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    seeing an unspecified 2 hour chunk on a Free internet radio stream doesn't automatically mean it's going to be a !!2 hour long!! stream of unannounced unreleased new music. not everyone is as cool as Autechre i'm afraid. autechre are truly the best band ever.
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    http://uk.thelion.me/nts/ Squarepusher is the one titled 22-21_00.mp3
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    rewired and rearranged. added sofas and a beer fridge.
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    ^ Absolutely, will definitely re-upload over the next few days: separate audio files for each track; no post-processing digit & ios reconstruction, raw (no compressor/limiter) digit & ios reconstruction, with a not-so-gentle limiter Over the summer, I'll work into more tweaked versions of the MD, MM & MPC1K tracks. Yep, spot on re kick volumes - SB mentions it himself here:
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    trump get's a warm welcome from the english
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    LOL (completely realising we're living in post-LOL WATMM with "likes", "thanks" and "haha" icons underneath posts)
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    I didn't understand drukqs until after I was vaccinated
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    Bandcamp player embed test: FUCK YEAH!
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