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    Well after 7 days in a row treating 40-odd patients daily without any available PPE I unsurprisingly came down with coronavirus symptoms on Monday. All feels a bit weird at home as my wife (who also works in the NHS) has been evacuated to a hotel so she can continue to work. Means I spend the day pottering around in a dressing gown listening to zoviet france or the NTS sessions. I've felt much worse than this with flu before, but I'm aware it's only day 3...
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    sean i know you're reading this so i just want to say hey sean, what's going on man. hope you're feeling good and stuff. how's max? lush mate. anyway, let rob go wild with lush pads on the next album. also let his dad play the goddamn sax on the next album, that was cool how he was playing sax on that one radio stream years back. be honest, sometimes when you do these like 12 hour long tracks you just press space bar and then go into the other room and watch law and order don't you. you fuck. you sickening fuck. fuck you man. rob pls
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    Just spent a bunch of time in mixlr chat going "uuuuuugh wtf is this I KNOW THIS" Thought it was early mego or something Eventually realised it was my own album :^)
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    toitoy provided full recording of the stream. Cheers to him. I just cut out the jam parts https://we.tl/t-GwBers9Fq0
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    about Gescom idk if more gescom most of it (skul snap) was just cos mates were over and we'd do tracks with/for them but most of them have gear now and do trax anyway i do mean to do more stuff with daz at some point i enjoy working w/him - See rob hall much Sean? not seen rob for a bit -Sean what was the (I think) El-P instrumental you played yesterday evening with the Eno sample? Bugging the sh*t outta me - thought it was Atmosphere @tony yo, that el-p thing is a remix of ko-wreck technique tbh not seen rob b in person for months either but...
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    Hacking your arm prosthesis to output CV so that it plugs into your synth. Hacking your arm off to acquire a prosthesis to output CV so that it plugs into your synth.
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    I thought the same, so...
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    thank you for the concern. he is "stable" which means sedated and on a ventilator. The nurse said he is "not worse" than the last few days. they haven't had to increase the ventilator so we'll see. He's fighting it but they won't have a good sense of how he's doing until the end of this week.
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    mike judge tweeted this out
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    out of the many things that Richard David James has created the thing i like least is Aphex fans
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    sorry for the delay everyone. i'm def still working on the g2 part of the reconstruction. of course i left all of the most difficult parts for the end, and after a while i was just getting really burnt out & dreading every time i had to work on it, so i had to take a break for a bit. i recently acquired an analog 4 & that sidetracked me a bit as well, as that is such a fun synth to explore as opposed to all the tedious editing involved in the g2 reconstruction. ...but not finishing this is just not an option, not with all of the work...
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    perhaps it is because the core of watmm is a bunch of irreverent egotists who use their intellects to put down others - that have no real passion for music but rather use this idm forum as an outlet for their elitist pretensions...?
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    A post warp 30 event surprise for twattmers, this has not been shared before. No tracks on here were featured on the broadcasts. Don't ask, enjoy. Autechre - Late 80s Tape (198x) 01. Untitled Tape Mix 1 02. Untitled 03. Untitled 04. Untitled 05. Untitled Tape Mix 2 06. Untitled 07. Untitled 08. Untitled 09. Untitled https://uploadfiles.io/vnoaxsl1 edit: I have no association with the artists
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    Landlord is going through the building saying that he won't evict if we get sick and can't go to work under the current circumstances. Thank. Fuck.
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    Thanks guys. Finally I have achieved something and all it took was a global pandemic instigated quarantine and a 12hr Autechre DJ set.
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    Good news: Work has let me have six weeks paid vacation starting mid-April because all my rantings and ravings caused management to think I'm paranoid to the point of bordering psychosis :V
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    Obviously obvious.
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    Some illustrations I did recently for a Cave Evil board game released by Fangoria. Don't Let the Wolves Eat Our Baby.
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    “Be Up A Hello is a phrase that was used in my circle of friends when we were teenagers growing up in Essex but in particular it reminds me of a very good friend called Chris Marshall, who very sadly died of natural causes last year. He was only 44. I was devastated. I loved him to bits. He was only a year older than me but was like a father-figure in some ways. He made sure we were all safe when we were running around Chelmsford like little maniacs. Chris was very technically minded and we both went on a journey when we were kids, learning about synthesis, about...
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    The ultimate Bogdan Raczynski "unreleased discography". (aka "The Bogdan Raczynski reverse engineering) //I translate my french with Google translate. Sorry for the misunderstanding// Hello ^_^ This is my first post on watmm In view of a future announced nuclear disaster, I empty my old hard drives on the net. At the moment, I'm posting the complete Bogdan Raczynski release (no licensed only, of course) on a Youtube account. I have many releases without names, without info ... so I decided to recreate his "Unreleased discography". I hope there are big fans among you to help me (or relatives of Bogdan?). Here is the "journal of my research". (note: In case...
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    ah fuck it heres some more, theres so many . just been sitting on my drive for almost 5 years anyway, might as well share the good memories 1) rb,rh - i think, seattle or portland 2) sb, me, rh, rb (Chicago) 3) rb,sb, rh (florida) 4) rh, rb, ??, sb, nr (p sure this was LA) 5) rh, sb, me, chris cunningham (this this was LA)
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    I work in cancer care, so wasn't treating covid-19 patients directly - but of course there was no testing being done at the time so I ended up treating a number of pts that have since tested positive. It's an unprecedented situation, although 2 weeks ago there were things we needed from the government: more tests, decent PPE, and a massive expansion of ICU beds. it's a shame they spent weeks faffing about with that herd immunity bollocks - at least they seem to be mobilising in the right direction now.
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    Here's almost 13 hours of yesterday's set. I started recording about 20-25 minutes into the cast. Managed to turn off Windows system sounds a couple of minutes into the recording... https://we.tl/t-moF6SYrQ6i
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    cool, those seanrobpls threads seem to have paid off
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    Sean, por favor Sean, asseblief እባካችሁ እባክዎን Շոն, խնդրում եմ Sean, xahiş edirəm Sean, mesedez শান, দয়া করে Шон, калі ласка ကျေးဇူးပြုပြီး Sean Sean, molim te Шон, моля те Sean, si us plau Si Sean, palihug Sean, prosím Sean, chonde 肖恩,请 션, 제발 Sean, per piacè Sean, tanpri Sean, molim te Sean, ji kerema xwe Sean, tak Sean, mi petas Sean, palun Sean, pakiusap Sean, kiitos Sean, s'il te plaît Sean, asjebleaft Sean, mas e do thoil e Sean, os gwelwch yn dda შონ, გთხოვ ショーン、お願い Sean, nggih Σον, παρακαλώ સીન, કૃપા કરીને Sean, don Allah E Sean, ʻoluʻolu शॉन, कृपया Sean, thov Sean, biko Sean, kumohon Seán, le do...
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    Cartoonist and illustrator Winston Rowntree has created a guide to life:
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    Just make all your lazy friends not be lazy at election day. It's easier to make 10 left leaning otherwise non-voters go vote than to convince 1 right leaning idiot to vote left.
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    wow took hundreds but heres a small handful of good ones. they contain anecdotal value. sorry would have posted earlier but the sheer amount ok so the cracker barrel thing, what was notable about this was an insane & comically huge tricycle outside of the restaurant. believe we were passing through Florida. thats mark,sb,rh in that pic. sean said something about the monster bike that made me die laughing but dont remember what it was think next one was seattle or portland. chancellor booth and herr clark. think clerk had played decibel fest the night of or before. cant remember third pic was in vancouver . not special just a...
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    it's fucking simple: engage with and promote diversity of music discussion, or die. people keep getting hung up on who's here and who's not and what people are like etc etc when that's not even the problem. regardless of what personalities come and go and what the mood or atmosphere on this board is like at any given time, what ties the place together as a "community" worth being a part of - what ensures the community's longevity - is the love of music. music is inexorably changing, evolving, moving forward, especially electronic music which moves at lightspeed compared to most other stuff. for a bunch of apparently super forward-thinking...
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    I've lurked here many years before signing up and I've always felt at home with the netheads around. It's not supposed to be something that is "great again", in my opinion it's a home for good music, mild gear talk and fun threads. Everyone goes a little overboard wearing their nimbus into internet street cred territory but honestly, who gives a shit. There's loads of kind strangers around, and plenty of time to goof off and be yourself. A few weeks back I was chilling on my couch looking at the local Jungle thread, discovering loads of great tracks that I'll be listening to for years. In my head I...
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