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    Hey guys. I don't remember the last time I've posted here. I have drifted away from this place. Nothing against it. Just me growing old I guess. Some of you may remember me. I've been on watmm since its inception. back in the joyrex.com days. I'm just chiming in to let you guys know that I've been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer back in October 2019. I've been fighting with some advancements and set backs along the way. I was on immunotherpy from December to February. I had a reaction to the treatment that almost made me lose kidney function. So they took me off immunotherapy and put me on other...
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    i go to the venue at 5:45am even though the concert doesn't start until 9pm. i've never heard of "the autechre brothers" but if i'm going to a concert i want good seats. inside the venue it turns out there are no seats it's something called "standing room only" which i have never heard of. that's strike one (1) against sean and rob of "the duo." i order a bottle of wine but i am told they do not do bottle service here. i mourn the entire lack of japanese whisky available and opt to drink from my flask of homemade spirits. i proceed to get wasted as i make...
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    Well after 7 days in a row treating 40-odd patients daily without any available PPE I unsurprisingly came down with coronavirus symptoms on Monday. All feels a bit weird at home as my wife (who also works in the NHS) has been evacuated to a hotel so she can continue to work. Means I spend the day pottering around in a dressing gown listening to zoviet france or the NTS sessions. I've felt much worse than this with flu before, but I'm aware it's only day 3...
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    toitoy provided full recording of the stream. Cheers to him. I just cut out the jam parts https://we.tl/t-GwBers9Fq0
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    sean i know you're reading this so i just want to say hey sean, what's going on man. hope you're feeling good and stuff. how's max? lush mate. anyway, let rob go wild with lush pads on the next album. also let his dad play the goddamn sax on the next album, that was cool how he was playing sax on that one radio stream years back. be honest, sometimes when you do these like 12 hour long tracks you just press space bar and then go into the other room and watch law and order don't you. you fuck. you sickening fuck. fuck you man. rob pls
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    Just spent a bunch of time in mixlr chat going "uuuuuugh wtf is this I KNOW THIS" Thought it was early mego or something Eventually realised it was my own album :^)
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    about Gescom idk if more gescom most of it (skul snap) was just cos mates were over and we'd do tracks with/for them but most of them have gear now and do trax anyway i do mean to do more stuff with daz at some point i enjoy working w/him - See rob hall much Sean? not seen rob for a bit -Sean what was the (I think) El-P instrumental you played yesterday evening with the Eno sample? Bugging the sh*t outta me - thought it was Atmosphere @tony yo, that el-p thing is a remix of ko-wreck technique tbh not seen rob b in person for months either but...
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    The purpose of this thread is to discuss Black Lives Matter and the subsequent protests of the movement. Police brutality should be the focus (since that's what started the most current protests), but I'm sure we'll also discuss a wide swatch of other topics related to this. It's a pretty gigantic subject. https://blacklivesmatter.com/ I'll share this video again since I think it hits on a core issue of racism, economics, and how they're intertwined with white supremacy. Please share links/images/whatever to protests and where we can donate or make a difference. I feel a little silly for saying this, but please be respectful.
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    *opens autechre in soundforge - deletes all rob's parts*
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    I thought the same, so...
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    Hacking your arm prosthesis to output CV so that it plugs into your synth. Hacking your arm off to acquire a prosthesis to output CV so that it plugs into your synth.
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    All the topics at the top of the forum are all started by joyrex, and it upsets me greatly
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    I work for the NHS in England in Birmingham and was redeployed as a Health Care Assistant (normally I'm a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist - I only started in early January!) during the peak of deaths in my area. I'm now off work recovering with what is probably post-traumatic stress. It was absolute chaos and really horrible. I've learnt a life time of lesson in like 5 weeks and should probably write a book about my experience or something. Crazy. I'm really terrified about a second wave, I'm pretty much going to refuse redeployment if that happens again. From my experience on the ''front line'' I personally think...
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    thank you for the concern. he is "stable" which means sedated and on a ventilator. The nurse said he is "not worse" than the last few days. they haven't had to increase the ventilator so we'll see. He's fighting it but they won't have a good sense of how he's doing until the end of this week.
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    out of the many things that Richard David James has created the thing i like least is Aphex fans
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    Thank you very much everyone. Luckily I'm very self aware and aware of mental health. I've actually already got a contact with an awe inspiringly good CBT psychotherapist I've worked with in the past who has been guiding me really well (for free too as she's so lovely) and I know what to do now to work through this but essentially I'm really at risk of PTSD if I don't process what I've actually been through. I think my mood has dropped too and being really crap with self-care etc so I'm going to address all that really seriously now. It's actually quite therapeutic just for me to type here...
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    I have compiled a Spotify playlist of music R&S have played on webcasts, radio shows and mixes dating all the way back to 1991, based on tracklists assembled by users here and elsewhere. Spotify's library is too patchy for this to be anywhere close to comprehensive, but I figured it'd be of use anyway. Link!
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    mike judge tweeted this out
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    sorry for the delay everyone. i'm def still working on the g2 part of the reconstruction. of course i left all of the most difficult parts for the end, and after a while i was just getting really burnt out & dreading every time i had to work on it, so i had to take a break for a bit. i recently acquired an analog 4 & that sidetracked me a bit as well, as that is such a fun synth to explore as opposed to all the tedious editing involved in the g2 reconstruction. ...but not finishing this is just not an option, not with all of the work...
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    perhaps it is because the core of watmm is a bunch of irreverent egotists who use their intellects to put down others - that have no real passion for music but rather use this idm forum as an outlet for their elitist pretensions...?
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    Ordering Pizza In 2020 CALLER: Is this Dee-Lo's Pizza? GOOGLE: No sir, it's Google Pizza. CALLER: I must have dialled a wrong number. Sorry. GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Dee-Lo’s Pizza last month. CALLER: OK sure. I would like to order a pizza. GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir? CALLER: My usual? You know me? GOOGLE: According to our caller ID data sheet, the last 12 times you called Dee-Lo's you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and meatballs on a thick crust. CALLER: OK! That’s what I want ... GOOGLE: May I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula, sun-dried...
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    Happy 420:) Sliabh Bhuí Sliabh Bhuí Happy 420:)
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    Landlord is going through the building saying that he won't evict if we get sick and can't go to work under the current circumstances. Thank. Fuck.
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    This is my friend’s stuff. He’s so god damn good and has finally started sharing his drawings and paintings on Instagram.
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    Some illustrations I did recently for a Cave Evil board game released by Fangoria. Don't Let the Wolves Eat Our Baby.
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    Today is the 25th anniversary of this absolute masterpiece. The album caps off my favorite era of Aphex Twin...along with the On EP, Ventolin singles, S.A.W II and other select tracks and remixes from roughly 92 - 95 that have a very unique and distinct sound unlike anything that came before or after... which could sort of be identified with other artists or genres. In my opinion, a perfect mix of organic and synthetic, more straight forward style beats and experimentalism, lush, hypnotic, dreamlike atmospheres and hard edged noise beats. I was turned on to the album shortly after it's release in the spring/summer of 95' and it became a...
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