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  2. Joyrex


    Pollution from power plants to generate electricity has caused more damage than cars have
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7oRaMP07hen1It-4i9kGA
  4. Yep, loved it, even though I think Nintendo made the right call and turned Doki Doki Panic into SMB 2 USA, which still stands as my favourite Mario game. This (and the SMB one) are just nostalgic collectors items or good gifts for people. The SMB one is easy to find and is on sale for 10 bucks off almost everywhere. Once the unsold stock gets depleted, it might rise in value for Mario's 50th anniversary.
  5. - Looks at total playtime on Control - Yeeeaaaahhhh...
  6. I don't know if Richard still has a penchant for DIY equipment, but who knows...
  7. Nobody... because there aren't any fuskfjolasjfeflisefjlj!lhk3rkhw3rhk3nhf! graphics cards... 😠
  8. That, or the huge influx in users triggered an alert in the bunker...
  9. Resuming my Resident Evil 7 playthough... not going well
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