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  1. That's a good point, and I thought about that - the biggest difference (and you may have not been around way back when WATMM had a discography) is unlike Discogs, there is more of a 'narrative' than what they supply (e.g., history of the release, fun factoids and interesting notes about the production, origins of track names, etc.) that Discogs has either none of or is inconsistent at best. Plus, I think it will be a good way to engage the community here to build up what will hopefully be the most complete and valuable collection of data on the artists we cover. I know... but just in case anyone else would remotely think we'd do that...
  2. Erm, no (unless we want WATMM shut down sharpish) - but linking to Bleep for an audio sample would be a good idea (if feasible) Click into the search box, and then change the setting from 'Everywhere' to 'This Topic'.
  3. In fact, I'd appreciate some feedback on the fields of information for a release - have I covered all the bases here?
  4. It's responsive, love - it reflows based on the width of the viewport... I guess my very subtle joke flew entirely over the heads of everyone! That's the point I was trying to make - I'm working on a Discography for WATMM! Members will be able to contribute entries and reviews of releases! This is otherwise known as... CONTENT!!!!
  5. I just listened to the sample tracks... great sounding stuff - got sort of a Richard Devine off the first track.
  6. Can't believe nobody has questions or remarked on the 'problem' I'm having...
  7. Joyrex


    Yeah, both tracks are available on Apple Music too... maybe the vinyl is out 6 December?
  8. I thought if anything episode 3 ramped up the action and moved the story forward in a real direction now...
  9. Going to get back into Death Stranding over the thanksgiving break
  10. Yeah, "slow burn" is a good song. I think "Iris" might be one of his best tracks yet, IMO.
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