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  1. Yeah, we knew something was off with him when during the interview he said 'night' instead of 'heat'
  2. Yeah, that was Rupert, the intern - he's fired now. Seriously though - I saw the post and retweeted it; I didn't actually know something was wrong with the site (again; we had set up a cron job to ensure the SSL cert auto-renews every 90 days) as I wasn't on the site the whole weekend. Oh, dang - yeah, that was ages ago when the host we were on suddenly went tits up and we had no backups, etc. (that is all handled now and we've been on this stable host since then).
  3. I think this is just him further experimenting... I don't foresee a day where he doesn't do instrumental tracks anymore. And, there is an instrumental version of Pink + Blue... although I think he should have listed the tracks as "Pink + Blue (Vocal version)" and "Pink + Blue" - an opposite of how most artists who do do vocal tracks explicitly list their instrumental versions. I wonder if he's tried singing himself for any tracks?
  4. No, unfortunately I do not - I am assuming that was with a previous account? Yeah - our certs expired over the weekend, and we did have a cron job set up to auto-renew, but according to @chaosmachine, they may have gotten wiped when Apache was upgraded as part of the forum upgrade. Are you choosing specifically to search the thread, or the site? For example, if you click into the search box before typing anything: I'll see if there is an addon to restore the collapse feature - I don't know if the sidebar has a collapse feature anymore since it auto-collapses based on your screen/device size.
  5. I figured it out - because you had subscribed to EKT Plus and downloaded our compilation, WATMM Volume 1, it put you into a secondary group (so you could digitally download the compilation). That group was excluded from receiving reputation/reactions, and I guess that secondary group permission bubbled up to your primary group permission and took the route of least privilege.
  6. Yeah, that's unfortunately something I noticed too (it's a default feature). No way that I know of to "turn off" the notification icon if you've already responded to a notification. I'm looking into why you cannot be repped, as I suspect this affects others as well.
  7. Weirdly enough, I can't rep you either!
  8. So you don't see the button at all on some users, but yet others? Can you screenshot some examples?
  9. World is changing - the new NPR theme song surprised me when it came on; I thought it was some new programme! Poor Grumpy Cat - she brought light to the internet.
  10. Indeed - the new software offers a lot more than what the previous CHATMM did.
  11. Solution: Use a standard browser like Chrome - I cannot ever remember seeing FOUC (Flash of unstyled content, which is what @htor is showing in his screenshot, where all the supporting scripts are still loading while the HTML that makes up the page has already loaded) since the forum upgrade, or prior for that matter - all joking aside about Firefox, could it be your settings (are you forcing no cache, although so am I), or possibly the quality of your internet connection (I see you're on wireless). There are some optimizations I can do, but for the core scripts that drive the forum, that is more under the vendor's control. I'm pretty active on the vendor's support forums, and I don't recall seeing any other users reporting this issue. Thanks for the helpful suggestions though in potentially solving it! I think the 'skeleton' loading method is best to handle FOUC for script-heavy apps like this from a user experience perspective. Today's forecast for Hell, lower ninth circle district: Hot, no signs of any hard freezes happening anytime soon
  12. Geez, you kick puppies for fun as well?
  13. Boards of Canada are redoing the tile in my guest bathroom and releasing the resulting sounds as a limited EP, pressed onto lunch meat.
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