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  1. I'm at the mercy of the addon developer... let me see if he's introduced an update for this. I've been out of pocket recently... sorry How is it "broken"? Can you elaborate? Also, don't post repeated quoted posts over and over - quick way for me to ignore your request.
  2. Yeah, would have preferred to have them do the remake, but I think it's in good hands (we'll see)
  3. They are remaking one of my favorite games of all time, Dead Space, and have shown early gameplay footage: There's also a rumor that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games might be coming to Nintendo Online...
  4. You could fix it by not playing it on Switch
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zone_of_Death_(Yellowstone)
  6. Joyrex

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    The other aphex twin...
  7. If anyone was curious what the original song sounded like...
  8. https://www.npr.org/2021/08/10/1019702920/peter-rehberg-pita-editions-mego-dead
  9. Joyrex

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    Delta Variant [303mix] 120bpm
  10. Really? I find them very precise, and I guess the effects don't affect (ha) me during gameplay except for times when everything turns white during a transition (like on the space station level)
  11. I've gone back to Dragon Quest 11 (originally PS4, now playing on PS5) - I never finished it, and had not played since 2018...
  12. I do like they kept the practical-looking effects for the ghosts and "ghost energy swirls" which were always one of my favourite things in the original movies...
  13. It was possible in v 4.3 (we're on 4.6 now) - let me see if it is still possible...
  14. Joyrex


    I believe Bill Skarsgard (sp)? who plays Baron Harkonnen said his role in the film is small...
  15. Wow, that is some harsh stuff: https://soranews24.com/2021/07/20/cornelius-resigns-from-olympics-suddenly-pulled-from-sony-webpage-and-nhk-shows-too/
  16. One of my personal theories/musings is that UFOs (or UAP) are not 'ships' in the sense of having occupants, but what if the 'ships' themselves ARE the beings/organisms? It would explain why some are observed changing shape or some having non-metallic surfaces. Another idea i've had is that they are not traditional vehicles that travel in space per se, but are actually intradimensional vehicles, which would explain how they can defy our physics and seemingly appear/disappear at will.
  17. UFO sightings haven't changed - people are still seeing the bright lights, disc shaped objects, cigar shapes, etc. What's changed is people's mindset when describing the phenomena. Interesting too that everyone has a personal video recorder in their hand/pocket these days, but I don't really know if there's more video evidence of UFOs now versus the decades past before modern cellphones and video recorders.
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