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  1. they are rare enough, not many come up for sale, probably one of the best if not the best monosynth ever made. I use it on everything and i got lots of gear!
  2. Jaysus i have 1 of the newer white face ones, less than 80 made!
  3. he has pt out good stuff, just the same as back in the day when he released the so called albums you think hit you more, it's a mixture of your emotions and perspective. You have gotten older, matured, somewhat clinging to the past?? Personally it is very rare for me to like a whole album from any artist, with the exception of Pink floyd's the wall, it is superb - how it is put together, whilst many others much prefer wish you were here and DSOTM etc etc. Afx has put out fantastic tunes, Analords being his pinnacle for me, SAW 85-92 being a classic, The tuss tunes epic. It's your state of mind. The only recent release i wasn't much into was dejay selek. Syro is a great album, some tracks i am not into but most are strong and quite unique. He has more good stuff to come ;)
  4. AFX put on a great show, a good few remixes of older works (i think) but i was near the sound engineers half way out, sheltering from the rain and there was a cross wind which in my opinion had a large impact on the sound. Never mind the twitter reports, it was a typical afx set, large majority of the crowd were not an afx crowd, picture a fake tan clan and a good few dudes walking around with their tops off showing their gym machined muscles even though it was cloudy and raining at times. I regretted going in early circa 5:30 - caught some of kink - fairly bopping, happy guy focusing on a bopping sound, moderat were ok (not into them myself), if i had of known i would happily stayed at home longer or went for a few drinks. Personally i am done with festivals unless they are low key alternative like the one in Cork (open ear) this weekend which i skipped due to Kraftwerk and Afx playing in Dublin - i won't attend any large festival, regardless of who is playing. I cringe at the thoughts of most of the crowd yesterday. Anyway, AFX show is cool, clearly his accepting these gigs for the big cheques and if his music/show appeals to a few more souls, that's a bonus.
  5. Empirix

    Cheetah EP

    Really liking this release, reminiscent of analords with some Tuss like pads thrown in. Nice one :)
  6. the new disk hat track is on E4 (UK) - i think for programme advertisements
  7. don't suppose the epic "melt" track has surfaced?????? that would be splendid
  8. I disagree - try and check out funktion one systems and interviews they do, proven that digital loses quality although they admit it is getting better! these people know the score!
  9. Empirix


    Good album indeed, o the 3rd play at the moment and it gets better, changing the records is a pain in the scrotum, got to reposition the turntable beside the couch! Great album, different in so many ways, at the moment still prefer rjd and saw 1but this is growing, refreshing ;)
  10. Empirix


    looks legit to me, and ......it doesn't matter, you gotz to have the talent to utilise such tools ;)
  11. Empirix


    no chance of the metz track or was it really squarepushers!
  12. Empirix


    jaysus the shipping charges on bleep is expensive, £8 for the vinyl, think i'll wait until it hits the local record shop
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