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  1. kaini look at you with your 14,000 posts. what kind of a pathetic toolbag are you, have you been here for 40 years or something? do you even produce? i see you sitting there half naked on your computer jobless with your stephen hawking legs.
  2. watmm is a huge wankfest filled with retarded assholes 98% of which never make music but are so good at pointless internet comebacks and pretentious illusions of grandeur you can all fucking die in a fire i dont even listen to electronic music anymore, this forum has ruined it for me fuck you all go grow a beard fuckin nerds
  3. fuck you all and die fuck, you elevate snobbish stupid dumbassery to near olympic sport levels. i've started listen to this new genre called hardcodedcore lately. but i'll be honest, watmm, i'm worried too many people might be listening to it. do you think the purity of my listening experience might be sullied? i think i heard a track in an advertisement yesterday and... well... this is difficult. i think it might have been somewhat hardcodedcore-influenced. is it still ok to listen to? should i make a poll so watmm can decide this difficult question for me? or is the fact that i need to ask this question evidence enough that the genre has been polluted? tl;dr i'd tell you to suck obscure dicks in hell, but they're probably not obscure enough for you. fuck you He said he knows Bukem and Makoto. Which makes me think he isn't talking about getting into clowns farting in a bath music. I think you'll find if you go through the ' boring ass tunes ' I posted you will find that they have more in common with Bukem and Makoto than anything Majistrate has ever put out. Maybe go on YouTube, have a listen and find out if you've never heard of Bukem or Makoto. fuck you fuck you die Hardcode, no one wants to talk to you in the first place. kill yourself
  4. its not that so many things make me mad, it's that so many people here are so annoying. he called the majistrate track i posted wank then went on to post a bunch of boring ass tunes. here you are posting some current value. what a surprise. do yourself a favor and dont talk to me ever again.
  5. yes cause if you knew anything about dnb youd know that the nine is the most played out caned track in the history of it. also,fuck you
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DmmLAicrQA
  7. i see what y9u did there
  8. yeah but the whole thing that makes that synth riff great is that it was synthed and not sampled it would be legit if he really synthed it
  9. the internet was nowhere near as widely used then as it is now, nor was there as much of a potential fanbase poised and ready to be exposed to a new LP, so of course i already mentioned that. i knew someone would mention nin. what a surprise i have to repeat myself again.
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