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  1. To celebrate the release of Death Peak I compiled a 2 hour special of his work for my radio show, including tracks from his latest album. Here's the music only version of that show.
  2. I think it's the behaviour of a cunt. Saw something on the Twoism forum a year or so ago about using other people's tracks and he came up with some bullshit excuse.
  3. I love the CD format the most. It pisses me off that a few artists that I would buy CDs from just release on Vinyl and download only these days. Fairplay if they're not gonna sell enough CDs to make it worthwhile but I don't agree with paying £10+ for just a download and no physical CD. I bought a PS4 at Christmas and was surprised that it won't play CDs, reading a few forums there's a lot of people saying shit like "Who still listens to CDs?" I do Goddamnit!
  4. A compilation of bits and bobs I've made over the last couple of years. Mainly ambient stuff. https://northernplastics.bandcamp.com/album/faded-neon-dreams
  5. Brilliant stuff, I'll be making a Full Digital Discography purchase next payday
  6. https://www.mixcloud.com/deadmexico/plaid-a-dead-mexico-mix/ I uploaded a music only version of my Plaid special that I did for FutureMusic.FM last year Plaid - Liverpool St [Warp] Plaid - Porn Coconut Co. [Warp] Plaid - Upgrade [Warp] Plaid - Chasend [Naïve] LJ Kruzer - Huba (Plaid's 15 Years Lost Remix) [uncharted Audio] Autechre - Vletrmx (Plaid remix) - [Warp] Plaid - Super Positions [Warp] Plaid - Itsu [Warp] Plaid - Assault on Precint Zero [Warp] Plaid - Fer [Warp] Plaid - Hawkmoth [Warp] Plaid - Hui [balkan Vinyl] Plaid - B Born Droid [Warp] Plaid - New Family [Warp
  7. This was originally a mix I recorded last year for FutureMusic.FM but I've removed my speech/jingles and changed it a little bit, Now it's just 2 hours of Boards of Canada. Enjoy
  8. A previously undiscovered compilation tape made by warrant officer Ellen Louise Ripley. 2 hours of spaced out electronic ambience taken from the infamous Nostromo sessions. Soon to be remastered and released on Weyland-Yutani Recordings. Broadcast on FutureMusic.FM 5/10/15 https://www.mixcloud.com/TheDeadMexican/ripleys-mixtape/ Vangelis - Albedo 0.39 [Windham Hill] Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow - The Test Worked [invada Records] Vangelis - Blush Response [EMI] Drape - With a Thousand Thoughts [bandcamp] The Jaffa Kid - Esnee Cremee 2 [Recycled Plastics] Blanck Mass - Sub Ser
  9. Our first release from FAULT AVAILABLE NOW on digital and limited run CD Ambient Electronica (some tracks reminiscent of ambient Aphex, early Black Dog IMO) https://deadmexicorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/fault
  10. Now up on mixcloud mixcloud.com/TheDeadMexican/the-dead-mexican-plaid-special-futuremusicfm/
  11. I was a die hard Prodigy fan, I was disappointed with Invaders Must Die and I hated Omen. I bought this album and hoped it would be better but kind of wish I hadn't. There's 2/3 half decent tracks on there but most of them are pretty shocking. The more tracks Keith is allowed to sing on the worse The Prodigy get, the only thing worse than him is the Sleaford Mods singing, that track is shite. Maxim is usually good but his and Keiths lyrics on Wall of Death are embarrassing. Such a shame cos I got a lot of love for Liam, Jilted's probably my favourite album of all time.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm doing a 2 hour plaid special on my radio show tomorrow at 6pm gmt. It won't be jam-packed with exclusives like Martin's recent Mixlr broadcast (which was excellent by the way) but it'll have 2 hours of Plaid's music which can't be a bad thing. Hope you can all tune in futuremusic.fm
  13. Thanks, yeah I think I need to go back and develop some of these tracks. To be honest it was the first time in a while I had some spare time to make some tracks and I just wanted to put something together and I was happy with the sounds but you're right most, are too short. Thanks for the comment and I will make some longer tracks!
  14. A confused mind lost in unconsciousness trying to find it's way back home. A journey through dreams, memories and nightmares. https://northernplastics.bandcamp.com/album/someone-elses-memories
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