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  1. late to the party, but this blew my mind yesterday. awesome reduced and dark schematic sound in the vein of older phoenecia releases.
  2. i never heard this track before at time 45:00, and it definitely sounds like photodementia. 😻 not sure about the following track at 48:40... could be photodementia too?
  3. A little late, but still worth a listen: great "new" album by clatterbox. this is in my playlist since weeks! favourite track "impulse response" (how to emebd a single track??).
  4. It's not that easy to find real lows in the discography of this artist. because all is good in its own way, even though some of his older stuff seems a little out of date today. I started listening to his music 25 years ago. he has a huge back catalogue with varoius styles, mainly hard, dark and noisy techno stuff in the early 90s. so be prepared... my first vogel album was "body mapping", a straight and fast techno album. for me it represents the core of the vogel sound, combining the roots of the Brighton techno with his forward thinking and very special ideas of sound. but there is a lot more to discover. i just listened to "Specific Momentific" on mille plateaux again. maybe thats still a good starting point for the more experimental and stranger side of him. a softer approach to his sound delivers „rescate 137“. it still sounds very fresh in my opinon. and is for sure still one of my favourites. love the latin music influence in some tracks on there..
  5. This is breathtakingly good. One of those albums you can play two or three times, without getting bored. and I want a long version of IBM Minus!!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D567UD-R_zc
  7. superb compilatian. I had no idea, how many of these tasty tracks he made. RIP
  8. Amazing release! great to hear, those songs now got their well deserved proper mastering.
  9. beautiful new album by Terrence Dixon, bandcamp only. This was mentioned here already? https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=34617 https://minimaldetroit.bandcamp.com/releases
  10. I need this, please. [youtubehd]FzqzgriU1rE[/youtubehd]
  11. Alpharaver N°43 feat. tracks by Privacy, Exaltics, Labyrinthine, Fah and others Tracklist in soundcloud comments. https://soundcloud.com/rebootfm/alpharaver0515 http://reboot.fm
  12. ARTIST: VARIOUS TITLE: PRESENT TENSE LABEL: TOUCHINʼ BASS FORMAT: CD / 2 X LP / DIGITAL CAT. NO: TB043CD RELEASED: 02/12/13 "After re-launching Touchin' Bass with two killer EP's from Quinoline Yellow and Plaster, we are now celebrating 12 fine years by bringing you an 11 track compilation featuring tracks from some old friends of the label as well as introductions to some new. This compilation ʻPresent Tenseʼ sets out to recapture some of the essence of the past but also launches you into the future with some innovative and talented artists from all around the globe." 1. 214 - Descent 2. Kero - A Duras Penas 3. Clatterbox- Transformer 4. Sky Tucker - Notewithstanding 5. Jeff Pils - Hunting Sausage 6. Adapta - Low rise 7. Quinoline Yellow - LCC Basement 8. Uexkull - Kreis 9. Sonarbase - Last Transit 10. andrea parker/Daz Quayle - Volatile 11. Eniac - The Painting of life http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=21564
  13. Bogger - "per_haps" 4-track EP [sc5]89129302[/sc5] Tracklist: per_haps (6.02) Micro (7.03) Error (6.52) Crash (6.20) Available via Bandcamp, i-tunes and others .. www.digital-gadget.de
  14. awesome!! Really like this one. „Orangest Strobe“ is bliss.
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