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  1. Will certainly keep a venue fart-free.
  2. An international team of scientists, led by Laetitia Delrez, astrophysicist at the University of Liège, has just announced the discovery of two 'super-Earth' type planets orbiting LP 890-9. Also known as TOI-4306 or SPECULOOS-2, this small, cool star located about 100 light-years from our Earth is the second coolest star around which planets have been detected, after the famous TRAPPIST-1. This important discovery is published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. Comparison between the LP 890-9 system and the inner Solar System. The LP 890-9 system is much more compact: its two planets could easily fit inside the orbit of Mercury, the innermost planet of our Solar System. https://www.news.uliege.be/cms/c_16795199/en/speculoos-discovers-a-potentially-habitable-super-earth
  3. I had a dream last night in which æ's bleepstore was filled with new (old) stuff. All kinds of remixes and one-offs, and an unknown liveset from 2009. I started playing the set, only to come to the realisation it was just a dream...
  4. "I think it's all derivative of Team Doyobi. No, I'm joking." "I feel like I was there at the start. I've seen chiptune spring up out of nowhere" Something like that.
  5. Really? It starts 23 seconds into the track. A female voice it seems, or something pitched up. All nice 'n chopped up. You sure you got the right track in mind? Edit: perhaps there's a mix-up in the track titles (on vinyl) and you have Second Scout in mind.
  6. He did too my gamelan question So chatty. He should take over from Alan Carr.
  7. Damn it! Last time I asked him about gamelans on Confield. He started reading the question and then he flat out didn't answer it
  8. I'm getting a tattoo, yeah I'm getting it done I asked for a thirteen but they drew a twelvety
  9. It's Tomorrowland. It's grotesque. If you think this stage design is something, be sure to check out the ones from previous editions.
  10. It's just 14 kilometers from where I live and I couldn't get nearly enough distance between here and there to feel any sort of relief. People actually travel across the world for this shit...
  11. I think that's done in post processing. The telescope sees in infrared, which is not what we see with our eyes. I think they 'translated' the infrared imagery into what you'd see in the visible spectrum. Perhaps they derived the different colors you see from the various infrared wavelengths that were used, but I really don't know how this stuff works. Just guessing, really.
  12. Yes. He said something like not feeling much for the album format right now. He feels more for the live sets to be their creative output. He said he always felt weird to talk about music they did a year or so ago when an album or ep came out.
  13. Thanks again, Swam! I can never listen live due to family life circumstances situations.
  14. That new artwork? Haven't seen it before.
  15. I came across these two videos about Sónar '96 that were broadcast on Catalonian TV at that time. Both have short bits about Autechre that I hadn't seen before. Sadly, there's no audio from the set like in the OP video. Autechre at 13:40 and here at 26:48 this video that I don't know how to embed :)
  16. But these were released on Rephlex. Weren't all rights returned to the artists when Rephlex shut down?
  17. Perhaps he's too preoccupied with his job to focus on new music? The only reason anything gets released at all is because the labels can do it for him, using tracks that are already out there and with an occasional 'new' one.
  18. Lol, split into three tracks for our convenience, one for each stage. Track 1: Rumble Track 2: Rage Track 3: Recovery
  19. I want a recording of that show in Barcelona they show in the Universal Techno documentary. That track playing right there is sooo good. Very reminiscent of the Psy-Onyx remix, but more upbeat.
  20. He started reading my question about whether or not they used a gamelan on Confield and stopped halfway in and just said "yeh"... 😄
  21. I hope one of the recordings will have the "I wish you wouldn't do that" tech guy say something new.
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