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  1. Here's the Reuters piece from 3 days ago about Russian troops driving through the highly contaminated "Red Forest" in Chernobyl without any radiation protection https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/unprotected-russian-soldiers-disturbed-radioactive-dust-chernobyls-red-forest-2022-03-28/ I am no radiation expert, but what I've read the radiation in the soil and plants is not that dangerous if it stays outside for short periods of time, but if the soldiers inhaled the radioactive dust then it gets into their lungs and stays there and can cause serious problems because then they are basically just irradiating themselves from the inside.
  2. Shit keeps getting crazier in China Chinese city orders all indoor pets belonging to COVID-19 patients in one neighborhood to be killed https://www.businessinsider.com/china-langfang-district-says-kill-covid-patients-pets-2022-3
  3. The India Today ground reporting from Ukraine is absolutely nuts, holy shit
  4. One of the few places I've actually come across literal neo-nazis was in Kaliningrad, Russia sometime around 2010. I was walking down the street and the nazis had parked their pimped out Lada on the side of the road talking to each other. Once they saw me walking past they all went silent and stared at me. I guess I stood out a bit looking like a hipster idiot with a shoulder bag in Kaliningrad. I was thinking should I run or what but I calmly walked past them and then took an immediate turn in the next corner and then kind of rapidly zigzagged my way the fuck out of that general area.
  5. Kadyrov really is like some Sacha Baron Cohen character Check the gold plated scissors on the desk. Here he is with USD 1500 Prada tacticool boots.
  6. It'll be interesting when these guys head back home to Belarus.. They are not too shy talking about overthrowing the Lukashenko government.
  7. Lol, Kadyrov the absolute assclown
  8. RIP Mira Calix and Philip Jeck
  9. KEO beer in a marina bar in Cyprus
  10. So the US and European collaborations with Roscosmos got cancelled and now they are coming up with new ideas lol
  11. The youtube vlogger NFKRZ I linked sometime earlier already left Russia for Georgia.
  12. There's something going on in the Putin administration Anatoly Chubais who was Putin's long time advisor has quit and fled the country https://news.yahoo.com/longtime-putin-advisor-reportedly-resigned-130847160.html Also apparently Sergei Shoigu who is the minister of defense and a general of the army hasn't made a public appearance for 12 days. Pretty weird during a war. Link in Russian https://theins.ru/news/249548 Besides that Russian commanders keep getting killed in Ukraine https://www.newsweek.com/full-list-every-russian-commander-killed-fighting-ukraine-war-1691064
  13. It's also a bit more complicated. The shit happened in the 90s. The safety assurances, like mutual military assistance in case of war, were weakened for multiple purposes. First of all the EU countries that were also NATO members didn't want to weaken NATO influence. But also multiple countries that were outside NATO like Finland, Sweden, Ireland and Austria were against compulsory military help and would have probably not signed any agreements that would have implemented them. In the end there were no compulsory military help to keep the unity of EU. There's another interesting thing.. The NATO collective defense agreement or Article 5 only covers attacks against NATO members only in Europe and North America. So now some EU countries are interested in making the EU safety assurances to cover all EU territory, which expands outside Europe also. For example there are the Spanish exclaves in North Africa and the French overseas territories all over the globe.
  14. Today I heard Basshunter's Boten Anna after a long while. Jfc, remember when IRC was so popular that there was an eurodance song about a fucking IRC bot that went into top ten charts across Europe? Early 2000s, man.
  15. This is basically why the country of Mongolia exists between China and Russia. Communist Mongolia was a Soviet puppet state working as a buffer zone between China and Soviet Union because despite both being communist countries they really didn't get along. But I think in this case it's more complicated that that because Putin also wanted Kyiv to be one of the centers of the new Eurasian Union he was building out of the former soviet countries and "losing" Ukraine to the west was a big humiliation. Add to that the mythology of Kievan Rus' as the mythical origin of the Slavic/Russian peoples, the importance of the Black Sea in Russian military strategy, the shock that Russians felt from the 1991 Ukraine independence referendum, Stalin annexing the Crimea to Ukraine, Donbas situation already during the collapse of the Soviet Union, etc it's a big fucking mess. I don't think there's a single strategic reason.
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    It's actually been a couple of years since I read this but it's now available also in English. Jessikka Aro's Putin's Trolls: On the Frontlines of Russia's Information War Against the World. As the name says it's about Russian troll factories and disinformation campaigns especially in Finland and in the Baltics. She's been targeted and harassed for years by far-right groups in Finland. There was also some kerfuffle when the US State Department International Women of Courage Award was rescinded apparently because she criticized Trump. The book also mention's one former watmmer's sister, who you might remember from back when the Russian annexation of Crimea happened.
  17. I'm a bit confused why people think he's just too young to understand things properly. He joined over 11 years ago. Was he 10 or 12 when he joined and then just went straight to deep end with MRA and cryptos?
  18. If Russia wanted to stop NATO expansion it's not going very well. For the first time in history the majority of Finns support joining NATO and it's already up to 62% in the latest poll https://yle.fi/news/3-12357832
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