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  1. When the season aired I had earnest hopes for Dougie to stick around at least long enough for him to meet Albert.
  2. Saved a screenshot of this, a while ago. Seeing it again always makes my day.
  3. Or how about https://youtu.be/bdVNwyhJN8s?t=13m32s 13:32 "I do have some pictures on the disc that show what a *real artist* can do."
  4. Ok, I stepped into the rabbit hole of 80s-tech-themed-tv-broadcasts related video suggestions. There goes my day. Thank you.
  5. Just read the rollingstone interview. Lol at the little rant he gives, feeling the need to justify the fact that he made a "soundtrack for a movie that doesn't exist". Who gives a shit? Anyway, all album preview material looks and sounds good so far.
  6. Sir Ooze, as a hellgian, you must have heard this one? Excellent inadvertent dungeon synth from the dark 80s. https://stroomtv.bandcamp.com/album/jan-zonder-vrees-ost
  7. What I was aiming at earlier is that S3 may take a couple years time -and rewatch sessions- before anyone can really tell for themselves if it actually holds up against previous Twin Peaks. Just like FWWM had to cool down for a while before many people came to appreciate it. Then again, 120 mins are easier to revisit than 18 hours.
  8. Didn't Tarantino himself use these exact same words after the Fire Walk With Me premiere? Like that film, S3 will probably become easier to appreciate over time, as most people will slowly get over their preconceived ideas of what a Twin Peaks sequel is supposed to be. Despite my own reservations while watching the finale, I still find myself thinking about its imagery almost every day. Its vibe of a desperate morbid obsessiveness is something I don't think I've seen before in any other film except Vertigo. Similar feeling with the insane Bob battle in the previous episode. Totally ridiculous, but so wonderfully dreamy. The women with the sandwiches! In any case I feel like the best way to approach (any) Twin Peaks is with the same wonder and excitement as good old Coop would have. "Would you look at that. David Bowie turned into a talking teapot? And it's slippery in there? Amazing!"
  9. ah there we go: https://twitter.com/DoubleDementia/status/745425093275320320 i.imgur.com/8FNtTlE.jpg Trump posts are a bit weird indeed tho.
  10. Last I read (on the film's facebook or something? which also appears to be deleted) the film was completed and ready for a release by Troma, no less. Yup, THE troma is still alive and kicking, it seems.
  11. def hear that Some other stuff he's put out recently. JE/awepittance put out the second one I posted through his label. The one on Ge-stell is new to me too! Seems like the youtube link doesn't work anymore, but the entire record is available here: https://soundcloud.com/ge-stell/sets/sote-hyper-urban-20-30-ge-stell-04 Some juicy remix-names on there!
  12. Couldn't find this being mentioned here before, but apparently Sote's most recent work has been released on Opal Tapes this summer. https://opaltapes.bandcamp.com/album/sote-hardcore-sounds-from-tehran I like how the A-side lines up nicely with his previous albums, but then the B-side catches you completely offguard using the same sound-palette, but used for "straightforward" vicious hardcore. I cannot emphasize the quotation marks around """"straightforward"""" enough.
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