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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned (nothing showed up in search), but that album artwork rang a bell... 3m26s more precisely. EDIT: http://remainsstreet.com/post/53757515034/i-designed-the-artwork-for-the-new-oneohtrix-point With permission even.
  2. Gives the whole album an unexpected noir-ish twist, to my ears. I like that. Not sure what it was intended to do, but there seems to be some idea behind it.
  3. There are too many who do. The music speaks for itself; you don't need an essay to hear the link with the electronic pioneers, or to understand that the scientific approach behind it and the sonic complexity that flows from that approach is more important here than cheap dancability or melodic recognizability or stuff like that. The need to justify why he made this album in this way (I say "why", not "how". The "how" part of the essay is pretty interesting actually (though still not essential for the listening experience)) just makes the entire package seem more pretentious than it probably is.
  4. Preaching to the choir. A listener who doesn't take the effort to seek out the different dimensions of music that gives the impression of being boring, isn't going to change his mind just by reading an fucking essay. I usually prefer it when musicians express themselves through their music and don't bother with intellectual mumbo jumbo about how frustrating it is that many people like to have a certain level of entertainment to be drawn into a work of art. Is it really putting that much pressure on a musician to know that some people are not THAT interested in the mathematical processes behind their noises? I appreciate many of the releases by respectively sub rosa and vogel, but they sure do take themselves a bit too seriously, it seems.
  5. 14 Bonus tracks?! That's a must have.To pre-order I just need to send a message to Formula Fresh or is the pre-order still to come? I too am interested. Where did that info come from? And is there any news yet?
  6. My record arrived yesterday. Very solid. Feels "cinematic". As if it's a John Carpenter soundtrack, but more complex and spanning a wider range of emotions on its own. Sort of a soundtrack album that doesn't need a movie.
  7. Did you actually get to download it yet? I bought the £8 download, but I can't find any download link. I don't know how this works.
  8. Yes! Crisp chronicles is terrific stuff. Crude, but full of the impulsive creative energy of someone who grew up with b-films and b-videogames (and their respective kind of soundtracks) and who has naturally come to appreciate the inadvertent lifeforce that lies buried within these so-called "lower arts". And isn't it coincidental that the apparently "hip" fashion of youths matches that of Ceephax. It's probably the nineties kitsch revival thing that we all knew would happen, that just happens to have caught up with Ceephax (who, as far as I can remember, at no point ever left that era in the first place).
  9. Comparing different amiga "composers" as if their work is some sort of high-art movement, isn't that kind of missing the point? Not to mention the 303 fundamentalism, hahaha. Anyway, I too think Ceephax is brilliant. I admire how passionate your negativity is though, haha.
  10. Did they tell you that in an e-mail? Because the webpage now lists march 29 as release date.
  11. Missed out on it. Damn. If anyone would ever think about selling their copy, I'm most interested. (Or if there is/will be a digital purchase availale, let me know, I haven't found any as of yet)
  12. AND this one which I own on LP, and got posted here by someone in Youtube-thread a few days (?) ago, if I'm not mistaken
  13. (NSFW - artistic nude madness) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pdoUjdaIVM I must stop going on youtube. Starting to get "The" so-called "Fear", from caffeine and imagery alone.
  14. It's a bit like having to pay 70$ for a book only because it's a hardcover with nice paper. Fairly priced for the material and durability, but still too expensive if you simply want to read the book. At the least, for me it is.
  15. Well, ... having coffee twitch whilst watching this does not help i can tell you that
  16. this is fun compilation, but too expensive Will happily buy this man's new material later this year though
  17. I heard some EP and another track of theirs a while ago and found it quite boring. The lp however is a pleasant surprise. They show a certain level of care and control and it gets a very filmic/soundtrack-like quality. Narrowing it down to "dark" or "wannabe post industrial" is quite a shallow approach to listen to it I think. The way I'm following the thread here, their music may be marketed as such (I mean probably those aspects of the music are the "selling points"?), but I feel the actual listening experience, without context of the label or entourage or whatever, the record does have a little bit more going for it.
  18. I recieve them by e-mail I know this is from Frankenhooker
  19. Awkward is the right word. But somehow the awkwardness seems to hit the right spots most of the time. Interesting. I may have to relisten during nighttime however. So far this guy's music has only worked for me at night, which I appreciate.
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