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  1. 6 hours ago, Hk47 said:






    I really thought that Warp compiled it.



    thank you for the info/correction. 


    ... Now I've gotta go listen to it tonight. Probably a good idea after hearing nothing but these Warp Tapes tracks for the last 48 hours or so anyway. 




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    I think the whole debate would get clarified if you shared some of your taste with us so we can orientate ourselves better.


    Share some of your own music and favorite tracks with us, please.



    About to head off the interwebs for now. Not going to share my music when there's obviously people being dickheads to me over my opinions. I'll perhaps share some other music when I sign back on. What genre?




    share some analog recordings and lets see if we can use a plug-in that sounds better


    just for fun


    Im also partial to some acid-polka

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