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  1. the Divine David isn't creepy at all though Lol I guess, but not in a 'I rape baby corpses' way, like that avatar... haha
  2. Keith Sweat - Twisted. btw, Usagi, your avatar is really disgustingly creepy...
  3. I agree with this. Plus, I had sex with AFX once... I found his equipment left much to be desired.. ahem. I found him in sound on sounds sex ads... Ginger Cock in good condition, just gathering a bit of dust now! Cosmetically 6/10 Functionality 5/10, could do with a good service. If you're looking for a classic, look no further. Contact me for pics/video. Email Richard 25/06/13
  4. Needs a better mix, however I'm put off strongly by the following... 1) 'like you've never heard' I have heard plenty of songs like this. 2) The whole, 'It's got elements of...' is just way too cliche, as you could claim to have influence or elements of anything in most tracks. The way you are labelling the music gives me a sense of a lack of confidence that puts me off, or makes me question the track unnecessarily. The tags here make me feel insulted, and give me the impression that you don't know or respect any of them if you truly believe you have contained their essence within this one track. Plus, the way you have spammed the random tags on soundcloud furthers that feeling, where I just don't believe... but I want to believe... MAKE ME A BELIEVER..! Also, I'm not keen on 'The Stepper'.... Have you put any thought to the possibility of 'Korg Twin'..?
  5. There should be a bit where she totally blows some truck driver from halifax, cause he looks like the dudes avatar, and them she realises that the avatar on watmm isn't actually his real face... Then he releases an album full of pain on his bandcamp.
  6. nah, thats just jealously that. Have a pack of quavers and you'll feel better.
  7. Of all the responses I thought up regarding this record the only thing that is consistent is my utter distaste at hearing pharrell williams' voice... That and the relentless hype are affecting this record for me. I just wish they'd have made a record like this when they had no major following as then I'd probably be left to enjoy it more, without hearing the opinions of a million nobodies every time I hear that fucking Get Lucky chorus. That and now having to see a bunch of cunts who think they're hip cause they're down with the new Daft Punk album, you know, like they havent been around for a couple of decades... The world is burning.
  8. Thanks, I havent played/DJed for a while. It's something I'm working on though. I want to do something live and more spontaneous than just DJ or 'perform live'.
  9. I dont really think their music is very clever at all, I do like it though (some of it very much) and do find it interesting, but there are other electronic music acts who aren't in the same position as Daft Punk, and it isn't because of a lack of great tunes. I do think the music caught on because it was as you mention good enough to grab attention. But I dont think that is the reason for their greater commercial successes. They are very good, but they are equaled by plenty of other artists musically who are nowhere near as famous.
  10. Chicago House was quite commercially successful in the UK and Europe before Daft Punk to be fair though... But I don't really think people paid too much attention to its origins of Chicago, and Daft Punk definitely took things to a much larger scale. I think a lot of it has to do with how they are marketed, and who they are marketed to. That Random Access Memories/No End youtube track is quite nice btw.
  11. Good track, its all over the place style wise, but fits together really well. The section from 3:02 to the end is great.
  12. I enjoyed this, its quite a playful track.
  13. I can see what you mean regarding the square lead at 1:36, it was something that at times I felt stuck out. Your first thought regarding me calling the track techno is interesting, as I would say this is techno more than footwork by quite some way. I only tend to write footwork as with most of the tracks you could technically dance/battle to them, but I've always considered my music to be techno. I guess it's not what you would call an obvious techno track though. To me the term techno is somewhat contextual rather than strictly technical. Thanks for listening!
  14. https://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/beast Theres a free download link in there somewhere if anyones interested....
  15. Good track. Really nice pads and the progression is great too.
  16. The whole, 'who is the new aphex..?' thread reminded me of why I so often start writing a reply on forums, and then just delete it halfway through writing and move on...
  17. Something Ive had for awhile that Ive recently attempted to finish off. Enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/oxygen
  18. lol... You think people would have realised something was odd when rich people kept asking them to donate to charity...
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