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  1. [youtubehd]bYEEqD2OWsc[/youtubehd] Its been a long time since Ive listened to this album, I'll have to try and find it.
  2. A few tracks Ive made using my 808 and some moog pedals. I got a lot of influence from The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space by Gerard K. O'Neill and a lot cartoons from my childhood etc. I would have posted the tracks as a soundcloud set, but I dont know the code so... http://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/01-lullaby http://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/02-island-iii http://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/03-the-melting-pot http://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/04-coriolis http://soundcloud.com/aaron-patrick/05-artificial-gravity
  3. Thought I'd post some tracks Ive made... http://soundcloud.com/kuroichi/decks http://soundcloud.com/kuroichi/where-ya-from Theres more on my soundcloud page for anyone interested. Its mostly electro/techno and some faster footwork type stuff: http://soundcloud.com/kuroichi
  4. any chance of a clean audio recording with no effects..?
  5. This is a much better example of the machine in my opinion. Although I think a lot of the sounds here might be sample waves. http://www.youtube.com/user/soundsubs#p/u/0/oXy8svqd0YM
  6. Yeah I get what your saying. I agree. I think this is somewhat of an advancement of the MPC sequencer, with more access to hands on features, and obviously it has more modulation capabilities. The problem is that audibly at the moment this is still sounding like a synthesizer making percussion sounds, rather than synthesized drum sounds, which is something I feared from the start. But maybe I'll get one myself when I can and just see what it's truly capable of... Also the MPC 5000 has a synth built in to it, but it isn't analog if thats what you meant.
  7. Yeah, I see what you mean, I thought about getting it as my only drum machine, but I couldnt see myself replacing my 808 with it.
  8. I still dont think that sounds that great.... It definitely shows potential, but still it just sounds like a vermona DRM, where while the sounds are percussive, they arent that complex... I assume we'll see more promising things as time goes on though
  9. The sequencer is quite deep from what Ive seem so far in my opinion, however it does seem more like an MPC sequencer than say a Machinedrum, and it would be hard to surpass the Machine Drums UI in some aspects. From what Ive read the Tempest should easily top any other drum machine I can think of and that Ive owned when it comes to the structural capability it offers access to for one voice/sound. What I find odd is that a lot of people (youtube comments etc) are really praising the sounds theyre hearing, but if I'm honest I havent heard anything fantastic yet. A lot of the sounds weve been hearing are very basic, or just samples, when the specifications of the Tempest show its got real potential for layered and well structured sounds. From the specifications, and some imagination, I think its definitely capable, and if I hadnt just bought an octatrack Id be getting one. What makes you say it seems like a Jack of all trades though? (not trying to be an ass, just interested) I thought it was quite focused to be honest. Do you mean feature wise?
  10. It's 799 Euros/about £700. I thought it looked interesting at first but then over time... 3.5mm output and no sync features put me off. Plus the basic sequencers and weak synths seem void...
  11. I guess by not mentioning it by name I made it seem that way. But to answer your question. Not on TV, no.... However I'm sure it was used in something on TV lately, but then again thats how I hear most aphex twin songs nowadays thanks to the cliche world of documentaries.
  12. Im sure I've heard the song in an advertisement or somewhere similar lately. Particularly the beginning with no percussion
  13. "Bitch said her name was there'sa, All on my dick like cheese on pizza" - Too $hort
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