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  1. unhate bangable bob is the best track
  2. I think it beneficial to understand how our species experienced courtship and mating historically. From what I understand of it, back when we were “hunter gatherer” (ie antiquity to ~ 12000 ybp), we spent the majority of time with members of the same sex. That’s why women experience synchrony of their menstrual cycles. “Courting” generally took place during celebrations (like sharing of food after a successful hunt) and mate selection was generally initiated by the female. Afterwards everybody went back to mostly spending time with their respective sex. Men hunted together while women took care of the kids and foraged for fruits, berries, etc. To me this sounds pretty idyllic. This modern world by comparison, ugh...
  3. Stereolab Tour Dates: 03-02 Auckland, New Zealand - The Hollywood Avondale 03-03 Wellington, New Zealand - San Fran 03-05 Adelaide, Australia - RCC Fringe 03-06 Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne Zoo 03-06 Sydney, Australia - Factory Theatre 03-10 Fremantle, Australia - Freo Social 03-13 Manilla, Philippines - Solaire Tent 03-16 Tokyo, Japan - Liquidroom 03-17 Osaka, Japan - Shangri La 03-19 Shanghai, China - VAS Live House 03-21 Beijing, China - Tango Live House 05-01 Miami, FL - III Points 05-03 Atlanta, GA - Shaky Knees Music Festival 05-04 Carborro, NC - Cats Cradle 05-05 New York, NY, - Terminal 5 05-07 Portland, ME - State Theatre 05-08 Kingston, NY - BSP Kingston 05-09 Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls Theatre 05-10 Chicago, IL - The Vic Theatre 05-13 Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater 05-15 Pioneertown, CA - Pappy & Harriets 05-17 Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern 05-18 Big Sur, CA - Big Sur HMML 05-19 San Francisco, CA - Warfield Theatre 07-24 North Yorkshire, England - Deershed Festival
  4. w/ ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT: 2/26 Charlottesville, VA at The Southern 2/27 Carrboro, NC at Cats Cradle 2/28 Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse 2/29 Asheville, NC at The Grey Eagle 3/1 Nashville, TN at The Basement East 3/3 New Orleans, LA at One Eyed Jacks 3/5 Houston, TX at White Oak Music Hall 3/6 San Antonio, TX at Paper Tiger 3/7 Austin, TX at Scoot Inn 3/8 Dallas, TX at Deep Ellum Art Co 3/10 Phoenix, AZ at The Crescent Ballroom 3/11 San Diego, CA at Music Box 3/12 Santa Ana, CA at The Observatory 3/13 Los Angeles, CA at The Regent Theater 3/14 San Francisco, CA at The Fillmore 3/16 Sacramento, CA at Harlow’s 3/19 Portland, OR at Wonder Ballroom 3/20 Seattle, WA at Neptune 3/21 Vancouver, BC at VENUE 3/24 Boise, ID at Neurolux 3/25 Salt Lake City, UT at Urban Lounge 3/27 Santa Fe, NM at Meow Wolf 3/28 Englewood, CO at Gothic Theatre 3/30 Lawrence, KS at Granada Theater 3/31 St. Louis, MO at The Ready Room 4/1 East Moline, IL at The Rust Belt 4/2 Chicago, IL at Metro 4/3 Minneapolis, MN at Varsity Theater 4/4 Madison, WI at High Noon Saloon 4/16 Millvale, PA at Mr. Smalls Theatre 4/17 Lakewood, OH at Mahall’s 4/18 Cincinnati, OH at Urban Artifact (Free Show) 4/19 Louisville, KY at Headliners Music Hall 4/21 Indianapolis, IN at HI-FI Indianapolis 4/22 Columbus, OH at Skully’s Music Diner 4/23 Detroit, MI at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit 4/24 Toronto, ON at Lee’s Palace 4/25 Ithaca, NY at The Haunt 4/26 Boston, MA at Paradise Rock Club 4/28 Portland, ME at SPACE Gallery 4/29 Portsmouth, NH at 3S Artspace 4/30 Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts 5/1 Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Steel 5/2 Washington, DC at 9:30 Club
  5. https://soundcloud.com/clodindustries/lorifax
  6. Sounds created for no reason. Sounds that come and go, and disappear into the air like a scent, as soon as they materialize. Atonal phrases that hold the meaning of words that existed before the advent of language. The wonders of a vortex pulsing with life. Just as a new discovery is actually a new way of looking to see what has always been there, OOIOO, seemingly from the core of their being, created a world of sound made up of parts well known that is strikingly precise and intensely original. After a six year hiatus, OOIOO has created a new album that goes back to the roots of being a four-piece band. The music shows the full spectrum of the unique sound they have crafted throughout the years, which can only be described as “OOIOO”. It might come as a surprise that nijimusi was recorded mainly using a conventional rock ensemble of two guitars, bass, and drums. OOIOO viewed their instruments simply as “objects that make sounds”, and took a primitive and basic approach to creating the music. The drum tones fluctuate powerfully through the air, while sounding as if they are being observed under a microscope. Bass notes and electronic bursts are so dense that they sound like they’ve been vacuum-sealed. The arrangement of the tones seem to be almost ancient, transcending the notion of a musical ensemble, suggesting the connectivity and oneness that is inherent in all living creatures. Founded in 1995 by legendary percussionist/guitarist/vocalist YoshimiO, OOIOO’s members came together as musicians who move freely between the audible and inaudible, rhythm and non-rhythm, noise and silence. The music they create is a collection of moments and essences of their favorite sounds, captured as they were created before returning into the ether. In 2016, drummer MISHINA joined the band, allowing more freedom in their rhythmic approach and overall sound. Just as each cell in the body consists of a microcosm of its own, the vibrations of each of the members resonate together to create a new life form, a process reflected in nijimusi. nijimusi can be considered music, but is also a work of art that stimulates the sense of touch and smell, while being atmospheric and ethereal at the same time. If music is an art form based on the sense of hearing and the concept of time, this album may be deviating from the conventional definition of music. The work is a reflection of the sounds resonating from OOIOO while as they were completely present in the moment. The sounds are like the cries emanating from a creature called OOIOO, proof that it is a living, breathing being. Experience the sounds of OOIOO that can only be heard in the here and now. https://ooioojp.bandcamp.com https://www.thrilljockey.com/products/nijimusi
  7. ja deagin’s bane s’good, dug the choice of synthsounds. Something about that sampled flyte...
  8. I loved a lot of the tracks from Syro from the bootlegs of shows he previewed them at, and while I enjoyed listening to them in the flow of the album, I don’t think I “got it” until I listened to the album in headphones recently. I wanted to come on here and yell at everybody incredulously for not stressing enough the importance of listening to this album on headphones
  9. Re: 3rd party, nobody knows the outcome of a race until it happens. Perception shapes reality, but is not necessarily. Every political analyst worth their salt thought DonT was gonna lose. They were wrong, and you can be too. Just vote for who you think would be best for the job, it really is that easy.
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