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  1. A metric fuckton of projection going on here. First of all, I’ve spent the majority of my life studying and working in the sciences. And I think it’s bullshit that no matter how well versed in the sciences you are, no matter what your field, people will tell you that you aren’t qualified enough to have an opinion on it (other than “shut up and take your shot”). And if you are somehow qualified enough to have an opinion, and that opinion runs contrary to yours, that person must be a ‘lone idiot’. I get it, I’m not gonna kick the pilot out of the cockpit at the first sign of turbulence and 5 mi
  2. Again, misunderstood my point. The point I was attempting to make was that you CANNOT get sufficient longterm data from the human phase of the clinical trials ALONE, thats why we use animals with similar genetics and shorter lifespans as models from which to extrapolate longterm data. Bret’s point was that those animal trials are inherently flawed because of the way the animals are bred. Fuck man, you all are determined to disagree with everything I say, even if you’d otherwise agree with it.
  3. I think you missed my point about the importance of animals in clinical trials. I understand what the different phases are and why they are performed; my point was Bret’s discovery could VASTLY IMPROVE the reliability of data we collect from them. We have trouble getting quality longterm data from the human phase of clinical trials because they aren’t really longterm, lasting usually only upwards of 5-6 years (feel free to correct me if that number is incorrect). And sure, we catch those long term side effects sometimes after the drug has been on the market for years (or decades), but wouldn’
  4. The bias I was speaking of regarding Bret’s thesis work was dealing with the way we breed animals for clinical drug trials. In this case it was referencing a bias towards animals with very healthy robust immune systems early in life, a phenomenon observed in individuals whose parents conceived of them early in their respective lives. This could potentially explain why so many drug side effects go unnoticed in animal trials and are only discovered after patients have taken the drug. I’m probably not fully characterizing the phenomenon as I only learned of it a week or so ago and haven’t had a c
  5. First thing you’ve said that I fully agree with! Regarding confirmation bias, yes I’m well aware. While we’re talking about bias, are you familiar with reporting bias? Or publishing bias? How about funding bias? You know the old statistics joke, right? I’m doing my best to be critical, and if you’ve read my previous posts you’d see where I’ve done my best to show gratitude towards those that were willing to provide substantive information that runs contrary to what I’ve posted. It doesn’t do anybody any good to only hear one side of any story, which is why I’ve become intrigued by Bret, Pi
  6. You’re right, Bret is *just* one voice in the scientific community (two if you count Heather on the podcast) but did you even listen to what he was saying? Videos that even mention Ivermectin, including his own, were being REMOVED from youtube. And you want to speak as if there is some sort of concensus amongst the scientific community. Are you aware of the concept of manufactured consent? Any critical content that starts getting clicks gets removed or “fact checked” by entities that have direct or indirect ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Oh and since we’re talking about Bret Weinstein s
  7. Right, so it looks like: 1) Wuhan Institute of Virology lab workers fall sick with coronavirus symptoms, Chinese government covers it up 2) International Press downplays “Lab Leak Hypothesis” as conspiracy theory, also downplays early signs therapeutics such as Ivermectin are effective in favor of development of vaccines, which take time to get to market even with EUA (see links below) 3) All the social media platforms fell in line with the vaccine as cure narrative, censored anything that didn’t fall in line with an “official narrative”. Media outlets immediately “fact check” a
  8. Pfizer’s ex-Vice President and Chief Scientist: I’m guessing just about everybody here has made up their minds about all this so I’m not sure who I’m posting it for. flame on 🔥
  9. Again, speaks to my point. You’d have to simultaneously vaccinate every potential reservoir (ie host organism) on earth as well as socially distance and wear a mask (get those chickens to mask up!) for over two weeks in order for this virus to be eliminated. for every strain. otherwise resistance is futile, and just like in Marek’s Disease, more virulent strains will be potentially be selected for.
  10. Thanks Chen!!! That speaks exactly to my point. We’ll be chasing our tails endlessly with this thing. For note I only brought up MRSA as an example of how a pharmacological approach can cause more virulent strains through selective evolutionary pressures
  11. oh man I’m so fucking tempted *fights the urge*
  12. copied and pasted from notes app, as I’ve stated previously. when I pasted I saw the “paste as plain text” option, but then I saw Bilbo Baggins holding the ring saying “why should I?”
  13. ok, maybe I haven’t been clear enough about what it is I’m on about (written language is so 2 dimensional). So, global vaccination campaign. coronaviruses, while relatively slow to mutate compared to say influenza, will mutate. Serious question here: does theorized immunity conferred by said vaccines extend to any or all mutations? I’m pretty sure that answer is no regarding the latter, which if that’s the case *may* lead to the “arms race” Dr. Vanden Bossche described in the video I linked. To put it another way, you’re creating a selective pressure that is akin to how we end up with Methicil
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