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  1. aye, it’s easy to look at the trajectory of history and wonder why people in the past seemed fucked in the head enough to do truly horrendous shit. oh wait...
  2. Every year I try to take the opportunity to celebrate those that have passed in a special way, so this year it was is, well, this https://clodindustries.bandcamp.com/album/antecline-cowboy
  3. I think it beneficial to understand how our species experienced courtship and mating historically. From what I understand of it, back when we were “hunter gatherer” (ie antiquity to ~ 12000 ybp), we spent the majority of time with members of the same sex. That’s why women experience synchrony of their menstrual cycles. “Courting” generally took place during celebrations (like sharing of food after a successful hunt) and mate selection was generally initiated by the female. Afterwards everybody went back to mostly spending time with their respective sex. Men hunted together while women took
  4. Stereolab Tour Dates: 03-02 Auckland, New Zealand - The Hollywood Avondale 03-03 Wellington, New Zealand - San Fran 03-05 Adelaide, Australia - RCC Fringe 03-06 Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne Zoo 03-06 Sydney, Australia - Factory Theatre 03-10 Fremantle, Australia - Freo Social 03-13 Manilla, Philippines - Solaire Tent 03-16 Tokyo, Japan - Liquidroom 03-17 Osaka, Japan - Shangri La 03-19 Shanghai, China - VAS Live House 03-21 Beijing, China - Tango Live House 05-01 Miami, FL - III Points 05-03 Atlanta, GA - Shaky Knees Music Festival 05-04 Carborro, NC - Cats C
  5. w/ ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT: 2/26 Charlottesville, VA at The Southern 2/27 Carrboro, NC at Cats Cradle 2/28 Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse 2/29 Asheville, NC at The Grey Eagle 3/1 Nashville, TN at The Basement East 3/3 New Orleans, LA at One Eyed Jacks 3/5 Houston, TX at White Oak Music Hall 3/6 San Antonio, TX at Paper Tiger 3/7 Austin, TX at Scoot Inn 3/8 Dallas, TX at Deep Ellum Art Co 3/10 Phoenix, AZ at The Crescent Ballroom 3/11 San Diego, CA at Music Box 3/12 Santa Ana, CA at The Observatory 3/13 Los Angeles, CA at The Regent Theater 3/14 San Francisco, CA at The Fillmore 3/16 S
  6. https://soundcloud.com/clodindustries/lorifax
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