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  1. Soundmurderer’s set was the perfect way to end the night, as mentioned just enough people left so as to give us room to dance. Plenty of irie vibes, Ja represent! Aisha’s set was perfect as well, felt like she laid the mystical groundwork for things to come :) Sadly no afterparties for me, my carriage was ready to depart after the show posthaste. Maybe next time?
  2. Two words: ecstatic bliss!!! Danced near the front the whole time, I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t get nearly enough raving in my diet. Thanks again for the wonderful experience!!!
  3. Ambient album for/from the recent lunar eclipse: https://clodindustries.bandcamp.com/album/aquarian-moonshifter
  4. Gonna try to mess about with tapeworm sometime if I happen upon it’s original mix, it’s got a few fun stems iirc. Here’s one for the upcoming SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON JANUARY 2019!!! https://m.soundcloud.com/clodindustries/aquarian-moonshifter
  5. they had mailed ticket options as well
  6. that sucked. Had a cart twice and lost it bc ticketfly’s mobile sites are garbage. I assume they’re handling the general sales as well?
  7. Never seen Aphex live before (beyond vhs dubs and internet tubes). Been wanting to catch a show for decades now but coordinating travel is a pain in the arse (not to mention expensive!). NYC is still a 7 hr drive but all told it’ll be easier than flying to Europe. Not really sure what to say re: songs to play, his whole catalogue is a big long stretch o’ awesome
  8. A few things I liked: The “ooooh” sounding synth that comes in around 3:12 The plucked strings at 4:58 Overall production is good That said I feel like the track has a lot of ingredients but is missing a crucial one that ties everything together, vocals maybe?
  9. Good stuff eczem! Would work great as soundtrack for generative images/new age meditation techniques/432 hz pineal cleanse :) agreed
  10. https://soundcloud.com/clodindustries/sleazebot
  11. Not at all man, just checked out some of yr stuff, reminds me of the type of music you’d hear in modern video games. It seems like yr building tracks with some respect to form, which is an admirable approach. I tend to veer towards leftfield cuz I use my music to fill gaps in my musical diet, like how the body uses it’s dna to produce amino acids not necessarily derived from nutrition. I forewent the traditional approach long ago...
  12. https://soundcloud.com/clodindustries/glitchmatrix-mission3-remix
  13. Been using a Pro controller since day one, never noticed an issue with responsiveness (or any other issue) ever. Currently playing Hyper Light Drifter, easily the best new SNES style game that’s come out in years, maybe ever
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