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  1. Oh man, good one. Feel the same. My favorite right now at this moment, even though I never considered it among the very top tier, is Macquarie Ridge. Have grown a new appreciation for it and had it on repeat lately.
  2. +1 Jacquard is probably my number 2 and definitely the most bold thing on the album. As far as fan service-y I would say Nothing is Real. It has the types of sounds and melodies people most associate with BoC, imo. A good track too.
  3. Listened four times now. It's like stepping into a parallel dimension, or several, and I think that's one thing they try to do with their music. There's an interview somewhere where Mike or Marcus is talking about trying to imagine if the standard genres we know developed different ways, branching into things that don't really exist for us. Or like pop songs from a parallel 1970's. I'm thankful that the vaults of modern culture (say 60's on) have such breadth that there can still be 2 hours of music like this, which would totally stupefy identification by any one individual without
  4. I will be revisiting this, just based on the (almost) first half so far.
  5. And this one totally does too. Shoegaze BoC.
  6. It sounds good, whatever it is.
  7. Saw an article on Yahoo, of all places, which describes it as a "mysterious two-hour mix". Nothing of whether there's anything new or not. They don't seem like the type to send a greatest hits reel though, so there's that.
  8. As if this wasn't enough, less than a month before we have a completely contradictory tweet.
  9. Mindhunter season 2 in August. That will be a binger for me.
  10. I think Netflix bought it at the last minute after it was already made because the studio realized it wasn't going to get a wide theatrical release. Still tho. Vaguely lite-spoilers ahead - They really should have focused more on the time before he was first caught and not so much on the trials. A lot of the trial stuff exists in real life footage anyway, so it seems kind of pointless. I get that they were trying to show the way that Bundy charmed people, both in his personal life and public/legal persona, but it could have worked much better if it wasn't jumping through the timeli
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