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  1. gay 2nd page which took the word cringeworthy to another level. High fives all round.
  2. sounds almost as lame as the joshier/hathathat smackdown a few months ago
  3. It's gonna be worse when they get these scanners, They'll see your needle-deck and small beans.
  4. Who is troon? A guy who started off his life here by donating money to the site A guy who looks for "deeper meanings" in some wack ass bullshit A guy who is a total noob
  5. Oh man, i was checking out some shit on the internet about Preacher Kane and i found his My space I thought he was dead (according to xxx, who said he died of stomach cancer) but he logged in a few months ago. He's friends with all the guys from the original Poltergeist movie so it looks like they've all patched up their differences. It says he's 89, and you can tell evil still exists within him. Some of the comments say he's a cutey. A young Kane.
  6. There isn't any point unless they get the red meat on display.
  7. Dr Clitterhaus


    There are scummy turks who work in kebab shops, mainly because all the eat is kebabs. Their skin is matted and fetted (all the pores are blocked, no oxygen gets in) and riddled with grease because all they eat is kebabs and drink gin. Their bodies don't get any nutrients. They are fat. Every one i've seen looks like the evil prison guard cop from midnight express
  8. Not interested unless you get some pics with pussy lips and clits. Fuck this teasing shit.
  9. It's a gay flag, the kinda thing you'd expect to see draped over Dale Winton. But you can't sue the company who are making it unless they are proffiting from it. There might be only 3 made
  10. Pretty fucking groovy smiley to move it's head laterally like that. Looks like a cat or a panther or something, could be a little dog. Don't see it in any of the smiley options on the right hand side of the screen. Could be some kind of rare jungle animal.
  11. Some of the handclaps in the unreleased Analords sound identical to the handclaps in Synthicon 9
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