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  1. https://soundcloud.com/bitraete/ive-missed-you
  2. The lord came. The lord came and left me with a child. The lord is refusing to pay alimony. All Sins are Forgiven, was the catchiest tune I heard of the tracks. The Lord is Our Saviour.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. What I make really depends on my mood. I have plenty of tracks that are very focused on a specific theme and follow that theme to its conclusion, but sometimes my emotions are a little more frantic, unstable, and unfocused, and the track ends up being an expression of that. And at the end of the day that's what music is to me, it's about expressing how I'm feeling. Some people seem to really love these sorts of tracks, others not so much.
  4. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows that only men use the internet.
  5. It's been a while so decided to let this one go into the wild~
  6. keep it up. don't stop fighting the war. the war of injustice of idm
  7. I will agree though, that's probably not Tuss 2.0. But jesus fucking christ people. Lighten up. This is music ffs, not the holy grail.
  8. For the record, aphex isn't good at mastering. So you might want to consider that.
  9. kill me Applying morality to aesthetics is a surefire hellride to blasphemous nonsense this sentence doesn't even make any sense.
  10. I want to know more about your bulking routine though more than anything.
  11. I hear nothing remotely similar to the Tuss but alright. Wow, either you're troll master 5000, or we have very different ears/minds.
  12. Kendrick is a real person. I've looked into that one enough to know for sure. He's married to Heidi. Facebook friends etc.
  13. Is this a bunch of myspace stuff uploaded by some yob? Tuss speculations were cool in 2007 but not today, bro... Cool thanks bro
  14. Tuss stuff More importantly (or less, depending on how you look at it), nobody has mentioned this page containing Tuss material that sounds (at least to my ears) like unreleased Tuss stuff?
  15. I did. I guess it's too late now :-/ You're packing quite some beef there, sir.
  16. I'm actually glad that the title was re-written by mods. If you go back earlier in the original youtube video I linked to, you can hear a lot of differences between the original Heorge release and the Texas set. Either aphex and that person are mates and collaborating, or it's just Aphex.
  17. Yes! That live performance has a multitude of nuances from the original Heorge workings.
  18. Also, you can't complain because I put the defence to your exact response into the subtitle and tag.
  19. This is genuinely not clickbait to me. Aphex performing live novel version of Heorge Garrison that comes nothing closer to Steinvord (which comes nothing closer to Drukqs). How can you not be happy? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
  20. PROOF (POSSIBLY) THAT HEORGE GARRSISON IS THE ACTUAL APHEX. Maybe not Drukqs 2.0 as alluded to by the title, but at least Steinvord continued. (Which IMO was a Drukqs 1.5) https://youtu.be/0YIT9JSMqIo?t=944
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