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  1. I kind of wish I listened to the song before reading the other posts but yeah, this sounds like the beginning of a 4 minute long song. Is it actually finished? Because I would be interested on hearing more from what this song has developed already.
  2. Came all the way back here to see what you guys thought. Pre-ordered
  3. 1. 004 2. For Infernomatics 3. Knematics 4. Cnull https://boomkat.com/products/chain-kinematics
  4. Jur

    elseq 1-5

    Christmas coming early this year brehs. Just completely outdid themselves this time, makes Quaristice.Quadrange.ep.ae really seem like an EP.
  5. girlfriend had cheddar/bacon/onion/mushroom: Holy hell
  6. Just bought it at midnight. This EP has some excellent ideas that don't go on for too long. He did a good job at wrapping up certain ideas that weren't interesting enough to be past 3 minutes long. The weakest track is probably the one with Seven Davis Jr. where he's just repeating the same thing and the beat actually seems better off without him on the track.
  7. https://thehitandrun.bandcamp.com/album/cryptic-hnr58 Single: https://thehitandrun.bandcamp.com/track/shapeshift-2
  8. Jur

    Opal Tapes

    They've great. My favorite release from the label would have to be Oats, by far. Check it out if you're hungry for various Dark Electronic. http://opaltapes.bandcamp.com/album/basic-house-oats-cd-alt12
  9. For a moment I thought the person that designed the cover also designed this one, probably not though.
  10. Thanks for the input guys, I'll probably go listen to it again. I figured that was just Mike's catharsis coming out into track form, jumbled distortion. This Woozy though
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