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  1. https://doonkanda.bandcamp.com/album/galatea This came out on Nov 15. Formerly Arca's go-to visual guy, which is why the cover art rocks. In my opinion, this is their strongest release yet. Loose melodies with very interesting sound design and textures.
  2. Yes, its very annoying... although it makes sense when trying to get people's attention on newsfeeds. albums drop and are forgotten two days later. The first album felt so original. I definitely over listened to it. The 2nd one was interesting but felt a bit like reheated leftovers of Silent Shout in a weird way?
  3. What were the intolerant statements, out of curiosity? The live show from the first tour was very impressive. A bunch of ornate lamps on the stage with a lot of fog. Felt like I was on the boat from the original mortal kombat movie.
  4. I like the first track, it reminds me of early Vladislav Delay at times. 'Fragments of a Butterfly's Face' is also nice. The repeating sample in Dream is pretty annoying so that one is a skip from me.
  5. Ahah, Wondergan definitely. Imaging an old school record producer with a ponytail putting their hand over the mixer and nodding 'no' to Plaid. Overall it's a pleasant listen. C.A. is the standout for me right now. The album art hits my aesthetic sweet spot (cryptic futurism). The back cover is particularly nice.
  6. Dang this is some funky, squiggly stuff. My favourite I've heard from him so far.
  7. If North Face started producing wigs tomorrow, sales would skyrocket.
  8. This album sounds like if a cheetah's brain was uploaded to the internet and was bombarded with napalm death and free jazz for 500 years (that's good).
  9. This is out on streaming today, for all those who celebrate.
  10. Amen. Has happened several times to me. Love it.
  11. Thanks for the updates, I am enjoying these broadcasts. I held off for a while because I wasn't even sure what the hell it was, since peter christopherson is gone. It really felt like they were on the cusp of some new territory before he died. Very cool cryptic presentation and release strategy too. I'v realised that my favourite art makes me feel like i'm decoding secrets. Autechre do this really well.
  12. Listening now, i like it. makes me want to hunt replicants in the rain. but man... if a crispy beat just dropped in out of nowhere i would be hooting and hollering.
  13. fans of fleps, spleshs and gonks are in for a real treat.
  14. Very cool sound! I feel like this is what Judge Dredd plays in his AirPods. I have only heard the Dilankex EP and Trilate Shift (earlier today). Can't wait to dive into this new one.
  15. this does the job of making my morning coffee ritual feel like a water level.
  16. It's a bit New Age-y isn't it? I think the man is a genius but do not vibe with his aesthetic choices much. One of the worst covers of all time: If a kazoo sound looked like an image it would be this.
  17. Hmm I'm not getting any sound out of it on my mac, at the moment. crazy UI though.
  18. Has anyone listened to the new album? My first reaction was that it sounds like Maroon 5 playing in front of a Santana poster, which was harsh. It is a well crafted album for what it is. I hope they get a little loose and weird on the next one though.
  19. I think the final cover rocks, personally. clean and alien. The FB illustrations on page 1 are a bit too 'mural from a 90s Laser Tag dungeon or community centre' imo. Nice track!
  20. Thanks for the thoughtful words @springymajig. Strongly recommend Renoise, it quickly starts making sense once you start getting weird results. Here are 3 recent renoise tracks which I like, although sometimes the stuff is sounding a bit flat, mix-wise? I'm not exactly sure why. Lack of proper bass details/eq or compression?
  21. Damn this rocks! Sinister head bobber. Part of me wished there was a little more development but since you know what you are doing (and it was likely intentional), I like to keep that in mind.
  22. Excellent sound design and selection, very emotive right off the bat, to my ears. Strong melodies. A lot of nice production details on headphones. Honestly, unless you feel any major handicaps, I suggest you keep doing what you are doing! I think if you took your friends for a night drive with this song playing you might get a few conversions 🙂
  23. gnarlybog

    elseq 1-5

    NTS finally clicked with me this year after many listens. it's a fantastic feeling, maybe better than liking something right away... Elseq really clicked for me during the beginning of the pandemic, i would go for my daily walk with some good headphones. gr8 group, ae.
  24. I had not listened to Vespertine in about a decade until recently... SO good, aside from a few cringey lyrics here and there. The new track, not so much, but appreciate her trying to get a little weird, sonically. Strong Mighty Boosh vibes in that video, for sure.
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