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  1. techno blockchain i bet they have been tinkering with deep dream technology seriously though, just more savage shit? pls. i think they escaped from the box of 79:59 length CDs etc. they've now established the modern territory of formats and broken their corporate partners to it. i think they continue with this set of formats. eventually i hope they will upload their work tools and source patches to wapstore unannounced (for free in the footer) but that seems like fun for when they're 80 year olds
  2. this thread can also serve as the interspecies breeding thread Zebras are closely related to horses but they're not the same species. They're both in the Equidae family and they can even breed with each other. The offspring (zebroids) have different names dependent on the parents. A male zebra and female horse produces a zorse, and a female zebra and male horse produces hebra.
  3. be advised your political takes are very bad i hope it feels cool to be so edgy and outside the box. i'm sure many will fall prey to your schtick. enjoy pretending to know what you're talking about.
  4. you are not alone, as a wrong person america is presently in a prolonged constitutional crisis.
  5. yeah i would agree with all that. the long exposure effect is a good point, that makes a big difference. stuff would be dimmer. i guess you could compare viewing the milky way with no light polution and on a clear night with hubble mosaics of it. in the desert the sky looks like marble, but not as bright as the long exposure shots. the long exposure is like audio compression on the lightness.
  6. hm i got that from this nasa.gov page, and it is classified as visible light. my guess is that, where it says "different wavelengths" in your source, it is referring to different wavelengths of visible light? btw i take your point. i agree with the poster who said that space photography can be as good as (or better than) art. some methodologies produce more altered results, and it is good to understand that. for some imaging, like the first black hole capture, a lot of software was used to resolve the final picture, so it is hard to think of it as a traditional photo. with juno probe photos, raw data is open sourced for community processors, and i think a good deal of software tricks are employed to make smooth mosaics out of the tiles of source data taken from the moving probe. but, when it comes to non-visible light photography, the false colors don't take away from my enjoyment. i like to know if it is visible or non-visible, but aside from that, it's kind of an arbitrary distinction. in terms of extreme saturation enhancement, that's kind of like data visualization overlayed on the source image, so i would agree that those are more creatively modified. and, yeah, a lot of various types of astronomy photos are mosaics and/or superimpositions that may have required some work to get looking complete. i agree that some of those can be less enjoyable. but, many are more straightforward and more like traditional photography.
  7. yeah it's a pretty nuts form of nature photography. absolutely some of the most beautiful images we have. colorization generally occurs when the photography is of wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum. and yeah those wavelengths wouldn't be apparent to the naked eye. but a lot of photos are visible light. sometimes multiple photos of different spectrums are overlayed. usually these details are included in the place that the photo is published. and yeah some software enhancements probably occur in some cases. i think a lot of it is not very different from brightness/contrast kind of adjustments done with conventional photography. sometimes enhancements are more drastic, like with pluto, charon, mercury, and star fields, there are photos where saturation is dialed up a lot. saturation is often increased to some extent, though this is also common in conventional photography. many nebulae, if you could travel up close, would look close to a lot of their photos. this is a visible light photo of the orion nebula
  8. box driver/squarepusher. just noticed that. lol.
  9. new primary source document: senate judiciary committee released a report on trump doj scheme to send clark letter to georgia and other states, encouraging them to reconsider their electors, stopped only by top brass at DOJ threatening a mass exodus, culminating in a 3 hour argument with the white house on a sunday night in early january. america saved from autocracy by its own idiocy. kraken lawyer such a joke trump won't talk to her absolutely. between the compulsive deception, the half million lives lost, the coup attempt, and the psychopathic cruelty, trump is one of the best living examples of what the word is for.
  10. 54 minute mirage is one of the best albums of recent years. lobster gaining strength. thanks lobster
  11. whoa there may be good seats. on the side is kind of the way to go with the arena shows, so you can be close to stage and looking down on it. i've been able to find those. being central in front of the stage for audio reasons doesn't apply as much in arena context. if you haven't seen them live then you should try to go. batches of seats may be released in stages, hours and days after the initial on-sale time. so keep checking back if there was nothing worth getting at first.
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