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  1. fellas, i need 11,000 votes. gimme a break

  2. the internet is poison

    1. YangYing



  3. watm back. i almost went outside.

  4. i shower because you do

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    2. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      acrid shower jam

    3. Soloman Tump

      Soloman Tump

      that's very honest of you.


    4. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      start as you mean to go shower

  5. do you like to be proven wrong?

    1. Bechuga


      Yes, especially in regards to the statement "I will never win the lottery"

    2. ambermonk


      As long as there is legit proof

    3. KovalainenFanBoy


      depends on the p-value


  6. waiting for other people to make cool things rather than making cool things

  7. *blasts chihei hatakeyama until the cops break in*

  8. screaming cyclops monkeys

  9. someone said obama is reptilian. i feel like its true.

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    2. ambermonk


      Then that makes Trump a cnidarian.

    3. KovalainenFanBoy


      somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

    4. Bechuga


      Was this person David Icke

  10. pro tip: mustard on a bagel

    1. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Is the tip to try that, or avoid? lol

    2. Bechuga


      I hate bagels and mustard. This is the sum of all my fears in a donut shape

  11. i smell terrible

    1. Bechuga


      Is it because you have no nose

  12. I have cut off your head and shit down your throat cause you're a cunt

    1. Bechuga


      How very honest of you

    2. triachus


      I'm going to show you to the door that connects the mind, and the fact that I'm a coward.

  13. Cap.IV - what is happening to sound?

  14. kettel makes my ears feel good

    1. Ifeelspace


      polly put the kettel on

    2. Brisbot


      Said everyone ever :P


  15. exai cover video game coming along nicely

  16. whats that song with the vocoded voice saying lines ending with "with you"

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    2. Ivan Ooze

      Ivan Ooze

      walk in a poop with you

    3. trying to be less rude

      trying to be less rude

      that was pretty funny. seriously though. not minipops. i want to say monolith

  17. all kinds of cylob up in this piece

    1. Ifeelspace


      i want to see you naked

  18. it's fucking important to try to see the funny side of things

  19. getting psyched for the caustic window time capsule album

  20. the internet is boring

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