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  1. mushroom dick winks to supporters that they should "take our nation back" as he is indicted by a state: ny
  2. the International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for putin for kidnapping thousands of kids so far in ukraine war the below poster is a propagandist
  3. modern brain worms are not the same old brain worms it's not that people used to know what's true, and it's not that people never knew what's true. in the old days, some people knew how to parse journalism, and media consensus set the worldview for most. the info ecosystem was just simpler. modern brain worms are different. consensus is different. consensus can be gamed, and actors are out there trying to knock things out of consensus and trying to get things into consensus. that's how the brain worms get you. you look for confirmation and you find it that's why the inescapable solution is to evolve norms where we teach individuals the skills to assess info try to prove yourself wrong compare reporting from differing sources resolve discrepancies accuracy is not easy when talking about disputed info
  4. feature request: mastodon embeds https://mastodon.social/@rogward/109986853798295845 edit: i guess some instances offer an "embed" feature that provides html embed code. guessing there's not a place i could enter that? <iframe src="https://mstdn.social/@feditips/107746558229070558/embed" class="mastodon-embed" style="max-width: 100%; border: 0" width="400" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe><script src="https://mstdn.social/embed.js" async="async"></script>
  5. cool it's vinyl of the release that was free and still is - https://brainwaltzera.bandcamp.com/album/royal-wavetable-mellodies-old-tdks
  6. The Associated Press · Posted: Mar 01, 2023 10:10 AM EST | Last Updated: March 1 The European Space Agency wants to give the moon its own time zone. Right now, moon missions use the time zone of the country operating the spacecraft for the mission. (Marco Ugarte/The Associated Press) 320 comments With more lunar missions than ever on the horizon, the European Space Agency wants to give the moon its own time zone. That could be a challenge in a place where there are 29.5 Earth days between sunrises and clocks run faster than they do on Earth. But as more spacecraft are launched beyond Earth's orbit, there's a greater need to standardize times at their space destinations. This week, ESA said space organizations around the world are considering how best to keep time on the moon. The idea came up during a meeting in the Netherlands late last year, with participants agreeing on the urgent need to establish "a common lunar reference time," said the space agency's Pietro Giordano, a navigation system engineer. For now, a moon mission runs on the time of the country that is operating the spacecraft. European space officials said an internationally accepted lunar time zone would make it easier for everyone, especially as more countries and even private companies aim for the moon and NASA gets set to send astronauts there. The space station's time zone solution NASA had to grapple with the time question while designing and building the International Space Station, fast approaching the 25th anniversary of the launch of its first piece. While the space station doesn't have its own time zone, it runs on Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, which is meticulously based on atomic clocks. That helps to split the time difference between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, and the other partnering space programs in Russia, Japan and Europe. Moonshots, meteors and planets: Here are just a few things to look forward to in space in 2023 Orion capsule returns to Earth after Artemis I flight around moon The international team looking into lunar time is debating whether a single organization should set and maintain time on the moon, according to ESA. Clocks run faster on the moon There are also technical issues to consider. Clocks run faster on the moon than on Earth, gaining about 56 microseconds each day, the space agency said. Further complicating matters, ticking occurs differently on the lunar surface than in lunar orbit. In this July 20, 1969, file photo, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot, is photographed walking near the lunar module during the Apollo 11 mission. Clocks run faster on the moon, and differently on the moon's surface than in orbit. (The Associated Press) Perhaps most importantly, lunar time will have to be practical for astronauts there, noted the space agency's Bernhard Hufenbach. NASA is shooting for its first flight to the moon with astronauts in more than a half-century in 2024, with a lunar landing as early as 2025. "This will be quite a challenge" with each day lasting as long as 29.5 Earth days, Hufenbach said in a statement. "But having established a working time system for the moon, we can go on to do the same for other planetary destinations."
  7. would putin prefer to go out with a bang? if he knows he is losing, would he prefer to be beaten by nato than ukraine? this would fit his narrative: that russia invaded because putin felt insecure about nato. he and his enablers like to scapegoat the west while fleecing the russian people and it works. if the russian military offensive provokes nato, how would the international community handle it? there's no historical precedent for this scenario. modern weaponry makes the situation truly difficult to comprehend.
  8. i was half trolling. my point was that we may be viewing them, partly, through the lens of the instinct to watch for predators. i was listening to the trinity crash episode on last podcast to the left. easiest explanation is the witnesses are lying but if not then atomic explosions attracted these things and we may never know if they're organic or AI. we may never know wtf with them. so it will be important that we are cautious in how we view them and treat them. "disclosure" or whatever is kind of a misconception. governments have been disclosing data for decades. now the US is less wonky on the issue but basically disclosure has been and will continue to be ongoing. now that the US is providing specs to the MID for observation tech designed to capture these things, in the next 5 years US gov may start getting much more info on them. but they will always be mysterious, we will never know if we can trust that we have the full story. it will be important that we are aware that we are viewing them from that instinct that affects our psychology and influences our minds. it's kind of a dormant instinct that we are not used to and may not realize is there, because humans have not had natural predators, generally, for hundreds of years. there are genetic psychological tendencies that we don't realize we have. for example, humans have a definite tribalist aggression tendency. it's literally a genetic trait that is responsible for a lot of our social tension and conflict, and we don't even realize that's the source.
  9. we have an unhealthy fixation on ufos. my theory is it's a genetic tendency to pay attention to possible predators. we should not really care or be surprised. leave them alone as for the chinese balloons, i salute president joe biden for shooting down the chinese spy balloons
  10. julia ioffe is someone who was kind of embedded as a journalist among some russian elites for a while and she often has interesting insights, particularly on putin. here's a recent interview with her on the war in the last 10 minutes she makes a few interesting points she thinks putin is more likely to use nukes as he grows weaker i'm not sure if she mispoke and meant to put an "if" clause in there, but she says she thinks he will use nukes on the battlefield she thinks the war is going to be over real soon. so yeah there's a status update for you guys. there's really no mistaking the fact that ukraine is poised to kick the russians out. they're doing it and are growing stronger by the day while russia was weak already and is growing weaker. 2023 will not be uneventful in ukraine. russia has launched a big push, as ukraine is arming and hardening. trying to deduce the scenario ioffe foresees, as she emotionally states that she thinks this will be over real soon: i think she anticipates some kind of desperate move that triggers nato
  11. the reason musk popped a lobe over covid is because of the "new world" danger of pathogens, regarding mars. it's not necessarily a great idea to send round trips at least not for like a hundred years until after we know much much more about a lot of things. good luck stopping that dude though. he's 1 step from going super villain
  12. When was the last time you played YJY UX for someone? Sent someone Garbagemx36? Think about it. Play M4 Lema at a place. People deserve to know.
  13. the paul pelosi attack was pretty bad. fractured his skull with a hammer. was intending to hold him hostage and wait for the congresswoman
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