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  1. sounds good, love me some mike p melodies
  2. been checking up on this live feed for the last week, tonight is the craziest I've seen it:
  3. I see a dog in sunglasses peeing with some sort of controllable pee meter, color me interested.
  4. was always a favorite vinyl not just for the music, but the packaging was so sleek.
  5. would love a fresh & clean copy of lp5
  6. there's so much high quality music in this thread the op should probably edit the title
  7. Andre 3k verse is very welcome in this house, wonder if he had a hand in the production, it definitely sounds as such. edit: guess the leak got taken down pretty quick, I ripped it to mp3 so I could listen on my walk today but don't think it's ok to post here.
  8. I keep coming back to this album, always opening new doors in my mind
  9. It's crazy watching skateboarding at the Olympics. Part of me doesn't get it, but I know it's going to be good for these kids career.
  10. had to drive into town yesterday. Took back roads on the way back and saw 3 different farms with big trump2024 signs
  11. hopefully the launch goes as planned in October. Maybe in a year or so we'll be having our minds blown by what data comes back.
  12. woot woot, this and the eod album from weme was waiting at my doorstep when I got home today!!
  13. I can only imagine this must have been similar to when the very first no shirt no shoes order went into practice
  14. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/05/space-junk-clean-satellite/
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