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  1. got an email they dropped a dubplate today, 100 copies
  2. rocket league is a guilty pleasure for me. It's one of the rare games I can really find fun being horrible at. It's also good at being a game you can pick up for 20 minutes a day, have a laugh, or some great gameplay and be done. Just saw the next event coming January 26 is a collab with Grimes. Though it would be an interesting crossover to share here for any fans: https://www.rocketleague.com/news/neon-nights-celebrates-the-music-of-rocket-league/
  3. "Marking a change from the high-octane jungle tekno braindance for which he is most commonly known" oh
  4. oh right on I see now, that 20th anniversary edition looks enticing. Funny bit I'm remembering about all the early eps, I thought a lot of them were supposed to be 33rpm. And could never get used to them at normal speed.
  5. some classics in my book. Wonder why no demon eps?
  6. what a trip, it's like a discovery channel renovation show but old synths
  7. just a heads up 10th anniversary 5lp of black mills tapes are available: https://pyecorneraudio.bandcamp.com/album/black-mill-tapes-10th-anniversary-box Would love to have these but with shipping I have to tell myself no
  8. 6blocc aka r.a.w. released a set of free classic breaks/loops for xmas: https://6blocc.bandcamp.com/album/free-dl-50-original-junglist-breaks-n-beats
  9. I'm a few episodes into this anime called takt op.Destiny. The twist here is that music is the "force" that channels powers and fights off the evil aliens or whatever they are. The animation and music are really lovely tho.
  10. Big respect out to the postman who trudged through the deep snow to put the vinyl safely inside my door this morning.
  11. this drummers chops are sick throughout, but I set it toward the end because it's just beautiful
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