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  1. plz lord satan may the show be stellar for those in attendance, and may it be recorded well.
  2. internet dork music still perfect
  3. shipped yesterday, can't wait.
  4. need to hear this. Pls lord satan.
  5. Kids on the Slope: I remember watching the first 2 episodes of this show years ago and it disappeared before I could finish it. Found the entire show on youtube and binged it. Some great musical animations and story. synopsis: Kaoru Nishimi is an intelligent, introverted first-year high school student from a wealthy family who moves to different cities frequently as a result of his father's career; consequently, he has never made lasting friendships. In the summer of 1966, he relocates from Yokosuka, Kanagawa to Sasebo, Nagasaki to live with his extended family. On his first day of school he encounters Sentarō Kawabuchi, a delinquent student feared by his classmates. Sentarō's love of jazz music inspires Kaoru to study the genre, and the two boys begin to develop a close friendship through jazz sessions at a record shop owned by the family of Ritsuko Mukae, a classmate. The slice of life series follows Kaoru, Sentarō, and Ritsuko over the course of their three years of high school, and the relationships that develop among and between them. this account has the whole season uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkl9m85rjIbmvrtOS7pshg
  6. that's going to be an unimaginable experience for those in attendance
  7. most idm side-effect of human consumption:
  8. live stream currently up hoping to catch Tau Herculid meteor shower tonight. Might see something cool:
  9. I'm into the 3rd season of hajime no ippo. The first season was great. I liked the 2nd season even more. And now early into the 3rd season, I think this might be the hardest I've laughed so far, which leads me to believe I'm in for a great finish to this show:
  10. I have a feeling it was horrible for the environment
  11. one of my earliest memories, and first time in a helicopter. I remember my mom, dad, brother & I taking this tour of the pink islands when I was a little jit:
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