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  1. I just picked this up (download) from the Rotters Golf Club shop for £3. Quality. https://rottersgolfclub.greedbag.com/buy/the-phoenix-suburb-and-other-sto-0/
  2. In-ear thingies. Nothing special but they're a pretty snug fit.
  3. Glad to hear that it sounds better to your receptors today. :)
  4. Sorry for derailing thread with lawn mowing. But my grass was (too) lush.
  5. Syro whilst I mow. Verdict: quite good. At one point loads tiny spiders ran away from me. I told them to give it time.
  6. Give it time. I think about 14 hours would be decent start (1400km @ 100km/h?). I think it's a grower personally. ;)
  7. Haha, glad it sounds like it'll be sorted for you delet... Hopefully it'll make the listen all the more lush.
  8. Bah. Sorry I forgot to check CD. For some reason I had it in my head that you were looking for vinyl. Maybe give them a call. I know they'll hold one back for you if they have stock.
  9. @Delet... They have the Syro vinyl in west end at Jet Black Cat if any use.
  10. @delet... I've preordered the mp3s from Warp but I'll take a look in Black Cat records in West End after dropping my lad at school on Friday. I'll let you know if anything shows up. Bit of a trek from Carindale, mind.
  11. A friend passed me a taped copy of SAW 85-92 a couple of weeks after release in the winter of 92. I can remember when this was all fields...
  12. 'RDJ teases fans with talk of more music to follow Syro. You won't believe what jasondonervan did next!' If we have to wait another 13 years now... Nah, fuck it, I've been chuckling away all day thinking about you doing that.
  13. @apriorion jasondonervan's sleuthing from earlier is going to take some topping.
  14. Perhaps RDJ has been writing all of Kanye's tunes. New shit was imminent all this time but we just didn't see it?
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