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  1. Possibly, I got it knowing it can do a bunch of different things without taking up too much space. Interested in mainly using its audio effects. Speaking of audio effects, any recommendations for a good delay and/or reverb?
  2. After messing around with VCV Rack for a couple years, I'm planning my first eurorack system. Surprised to not find a eurorack thread so figured this would be a good place to discuss. Here's a sampling system I am planning:
  3. This guy really is a gift to electronic music
  4. I haven't tried it but a lot of those modules can be used with VCV Rack for free.
  5. Trying to use the mouse less with Ableton and wanted to see if the Push could entirely remove the need to use the mouse. Can any push users let me know how it is and if this is achievable?
  6. Thanks, I kind of mix as I go. There is some form of compression (high ratio and low threshold) on almost all of the tracks and a couple very broad EQs on some of the tracks that roll off 60hz or cut some highs Thanks for the chord note, will experiment with moving some things around. Appreciate the feedback guys!
  7. Been making more music recently so I figured I'd make a thread for uploads.
  8. Just listened to Skinny Fists again for the first time in maybe a year or so. I remember liking this album a lot more but this time it felt very self absorbent and really indulged in its track lengths. Felt like the band set out to make >20 min long track without the material to really cover that time frame. There's just so much time spent on that album effectively doing nothing. There are a few spots that are really great that they sort of overshadow much of the drivel. But on relisten, much of it feels new because a lot of it is unmemorable. You have to wade through a bunch of muck to get
  9. You have a good ear for chords and melody. The lo-fi recording techniques are a sweet cherry on top. Reminds me a little of Bibio's early stuff.
  10. I'm pro big-long-song. The parts feel like they lead to the next nicely, almost like a dj set but spinning your own material. Liking the section around 10:00 One thing to maybe consider, it'd be nice to have a bit more atmosphere in the track, it's good you didnt go overboard with reverb but you could also go a little more wet. Good job 👍
  11. Good track, very hypnotic. I like the way the voice samples overlap each other in the second part of the song. Nice subtle glitches, very tasteful.
  12. Checked out the Coen's 2004 remake of The Ladykillers. Really enjoyed this one and not quite sure why it seems written off. Performances were great and art design was on point. Never a wasted moment as far as I can tell. Going to rewatch this again soon.
  13. Checked out the Xtal remake, you have a good ear for the synths and drums he used. At a glance, it could be mistaken for the original 👍 What'd you use to make this?
  14. Massive respect for the old school Microsoft mouse.
  15. Really nice track overall, drums sound crisp and alive (not midi programmed?) Also like the transitions and the part where the beat drops out. Good job
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