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  1. This track seems to breathe, really lush. I'm hearing guitar, is it mainly a lot of looped and layered guitar parts?
  2. Listened to all end in the dark last night. Went into it after a casual listen think it was just the ending of bladelores stretched out. It some ways thats how it breaks down but surprised to discover how many layers come in and out of that song. Also, really cool use of volume changes as well as a sort of sidechain rhythmic effect. IDK, the song is so dense its hard to tell what's real and what's imagined.
  3. I have an almost identical thing in my neighborhood. One of the houses has been counting down the days of the Trump presidency. So a few years ago it was like "1036 Days Left", now it says something like "216 Days Left". I guess they were right that he wouldn't get removed from office from the impeachment...
  4. Imo, listen to Lentic Catachresis. Its the track I'd want to hear right before dying.
  5. This sounds like it'd fit nicely as a track on elseq
  6. Good work, kind of sounds like a chopped up modular jam. Personal preference, I think this track would slap a lot harder if it were like 10 bpm faster.
  7. I find Lord of the Rings to be dull and tedious.
  8. Thanks for all the resources guys, definitely have a lot on my plate. Playing around with a basic Rhodes preset on Ableton and putting in the time to get a little better.
  9. Since the keyboard is the main way we interface with DAWs, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into learning how to play the keyboard. Does anyone have any recommendations for good online learning sources that goes over technique and maybe a bit of theory as well?
  10. Really awesome sound design. What's your setup?
  11. It's not a very good track, so many elements that just don't fit together, out of key, and no sense of overall arrangement or progression. But, I got to say, it's actually kind of a charming track in a way. It has that naivete of someone making their first track, not really knowing the "rules" of music but just making something anyways. Its definitely a clusterfuck but refreshing when considering the absolute volume of generic EDM tracks. Managed to sit through the entire track. The "its so bad its good" quality kept it going for me.
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