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  1. I find Lord of the Rings to be dull and tedious.
  2. Thanks for all the resources guys, definitely have a lot on my plate. Playing around with a basic Rhodes preset on Ableton and putting in the time to get a little better.
  3. Since the keyboard is the main way we interface with DAWs, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into learning how to play the keyboard. Does anyone have any recommendations for good online learning sources that goes over technique and maybe a bit of theory as well?
  4. Really awesome sound design. What's your setup?
  5. It's not a very good track, so many elements that just don't fit together, out of key, and no sense of overall arrangement or progression. But, I got to say, it's actually kind of a charming track in a way. It has that naivete of someone making their first track, not really knowing the "rules" of music but just making something anyways. Its definitely a clusterfuck but refreshing when considering the absolute volume of generic EDM tracks. Managed to sit through the entire track. The "its so bad its good" quality kept it going for me.
  6. Been messing with this the last couple weeks. Always wanted to build a eurorack but lacked the disposable funds to do so. It's great being able to scratch that itch and explore modular synthesis free. Love being able to copy and paste modules (almost feels like cheating). Might buy some premium modules down the line to support the dev but the amount of free ones makes the paid ones non-essential
  7. I've been thinking about hosting for couchsurfing after sleeping on a few couches in Europe through my travel partner's couchsurfing connections. Anyone have a bad experience hosting or anything I should look out for? I really want to trust and help out travellers but people are inherently unpredictable to I'm erring on the side of caution.
  8. Thanks! The first one was with a Canon FD 85mm 1.8 and the other two were shot with a Sony 24-105mm f4
  9. Been vegan since a little after this thread started. I honestly feel great and see no reason to turn back. Been eating healthy, (beans, tofu, fruits, veggies) and haven't had to give up the occasional junk food i loved eating (cake, ice cream, burgers)
  10. I rent cinema camera equipement
  11. Thanks for the info this was really informative. I've been slowly weening myself off meat and have been unofficially vegetarian here and there for a few weeks at a time. I guess my main concern is to continue to get the right amount of nutrients. You seem like a unique case because it doesn't sound like you had a significant transition period. Was there a significant change in your mood/body when you went vegan?
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