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  1. This is really bad. Music has this great opportunity to explore feels and emotions without words but throwing empty astrology quotes takes away from a decent piano track. Although this is bad, I still think Immunity is really good despite some cheese near the end.
  2. I don't make copies but instead use the "racks". There are instrument racks where you can stack as many midi instruments as your computer can handle. There are also audio effect racks where you can do the same with audio effects. There are also volume/mule/solo controls for each chain so you can kind of mix a rack
  3. One thing I do a lot is splitting audio with audio effect racks. For instance, you could have a high, mid and low range and each range could have its own delay with different timing. Or saturate/overdrive the frequency bands in different ways.
  4. So here's where I'm at. I feel good about the system so far and I'm at a nice stopping point where I don't have the strong desire to get new modules yet. But I've been trying to plan out how to use my last 14HP. I feel like I have enough modulation modules and thinking of filling the rest of the case up with more audio processing modules. Any recommendations?
  5. In some ways its a market bubble and possible hoarding combined with these units crapping out and needing repair after a few years of use and abuse. I think the price will just keep on rising. It might get mythologized the same way as the TB303. The TB303 being a somewhat simple synth/sequencer with a lot of character and history backing it up. Personally, I wish Roland reissued the SP303 with a modern storage format instead of continuing to sell SP404A's (which are basically 404SX's in new clothing)
  6. SP303. Great little sampler I wasn't using for a while, so I sold it for $200 a few years ago. I wanted to buy another one last year and now their going for $600-$700. Tried an SP404 and it just wasn't the same imo, loops clicked a lot if you weren't on the zero crossing point (which i don't remember the 303 doing)
  7. Possibly, I got it knowing it can do a bunch of different things without taking up too much space. Interested in mainly using its audio effects. Speaking of audio effects, any recommendations for a good delay and/or reverb?
  8. After messing around with VCV Rack for a couple years, I'm planning my first eurorack system. Surprised to not find a eurorack thread so figured this would be a good place to discuss. Here's a sampling system I am planning:
  9. This guy really is a gift to electronic music
  10. I haven't tried it but a lot of those modules can be used with VCV Rack for free.
  11. Trying to use the mouse less with Ableton and wanted to see if the Push could entirely remove the need to use the mouse. Can any push users let me know how it is and if this is achievable?
  12. Thanks, I kind of mix as I go. There is some form of compression (high ratio and low threshold) on almost all of the tracks and a couple very broad EQs on some of the tracks that roll off 60hz or cut some highs Thanks for the chord note, will experiment with moving some things around. Appreciate the feedback guys!
  13. Been making more music recently so I figured I'd make a thread for uploads.
  14. Just listened to Skinny Fists again for the first time in maybe a year or so. I remember liking this album a lot more but this time it felt very self absorbent and really indulged in its track lengths. Felt like the band set out to make >20 min long track without the material to really cover that time frame. There's just so much time spent on that album effectively doing nothing. There are a few spots that are really great that they sort of overshadow much of the drivel. But on relisten, much of it feels new because a lot of it is unmemorable. You have to wade through a bunch of muck to get at the parts you remember loving.
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