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  1. Thanks for the id, hijexx 👍 I haven't used Shazam ever I think but good to know.
  2. I've been looking for the setlist but can't find it anywhere. Anyone? And what's the track following Minipops? Warehouse Project 2007 (approx. 3.50 in the vid).
  3. https://www.discogs.com/No-Artist-Children-Talking/release/630289 It's from this LP, I think I have an mp3 rip of it somewhere.
  4. Pretty much everything is on lock down here now - 14 days at home with wife and kids ?
  5. Apparently I am unaware of these official guidelines but ofc it wasn't meant as a blog post, I hate bloggers just as much as the next guy. I tried to avoid fooling ppl into thinking it was next lvl imminent shit by adding myself as author in the headline but alas feelings were hurt on both sides...
  6. When I was younger I wanted to be a collector but I never had the money to buy vinyls so I ended up collecting cds only. (https://www.discogs.com/user/avinit2000/collection?sort_by=artists_sort) I thought it might be funny to pick one song off each release and see how Richard's style has changed through the years but yeah also funny to see what others like. Omitting ep's and singles just made it a lot less time consuming, especially with the analords. Posting in this forum feels like saying something intelligent at a Trump rally - guess it's like that when most people here have
  7. My motivation was boredom and the reason for omitting singles and EPs was that it would take too long. But yeah, I thought about whether or not to include Cheetah and CCAIP2 and it ended up this way. And I forgot to include Field Day, whoops :/ And thanks for your awesome reply, Chaos :)
  8. I made an anthology album using my favorite tune from every album Richard has released (no digitals). I omitted singles and EPs, as well as albums that haven't been oficially released. Combined EPs like On, Ventolin, Hangable Auto Bulb and Come to Daddy is included - so is Girl/Boy EP because of the American Release of Richard D. James Album, and finally Chosen Lords is included as well. Did I forget anything? Selected Ambient Works 85-92 : Xtal Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3 : .942937 Selected Ambient Works Volume II
  9. avinit


    Thanks buddy ?
  10. avinit


    Those 6 trax are really good! Anyone here with more untrkmnd stuff?
  11. Bought the Von Hauswolff Leech CD 10 years ago for this track... I was disappoint
  12. This track sounds a lot like Monkey Drummer by AFX. Still not as good though Guavid Physycaltb3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzkTJvXqeYI Aphex Twin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ZGIrNf71Q
  13. So 'Nagradrums 2+7' is 'Beautiful Japanese People'??? Besides that one, there are only a few tracks of real interest here: Short Forgotten Produk Trk 2 Nx Neotek Test B + 11 Talkin2u Mix2 Still, very nice to finally get a rip
  14. Pretend Analog https://www.instagram.com/p/BXIUvXkFtDn/
  15. I hope 'Cutting' ends up as an CTD extra! Also, I wouldn't have guessed 'Flappard' to be included in the GAK extras
  16. I think that's the DAT that was on ebay years ago. It was a one-track DAT, that Richard sent to some spanish record studio guy. Phlaps if I RC?
  17. Where this at??? This is too cool, finally the imminent is happening! He replied at a 10-month old comment I made a few hours ago :)
  18. Anyone who isn't retarded will realize that the omission of w32.deadcode.a is ofc a mistake, add that track to the list and this may just be the ultimate analord playlist ever created. Also, a big FU to THIS IS MICHAEL JACKSON
  19. I was in my twenties when Drukqs came out; loved it right away but the piano pieces were mainly filler to me - I still only listen to a handful of those...
  20. You should try out my nifty little 28-track playlist of Analord classics Put this on shuffle: Steppingfilter 101 Where's your girlfriend Analord 158b Phonatacid Laricheard Pissed up in SE1 Bwoon dub Boxing Day Klopjob Crying in your face Homemade polysynth Halibut acid Breath march Cilonen Snivel chew I'm self employed Bodmin 3 Lisbon acid Afx acid 04 Pwsteal.Ldpinch.D Backdoor.Spyboter.A Liptons B acid Fenix funk 5 Xmd 5a [email protected] VBS.Redlof.B Love 7 3 notes con
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