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  1. Yeah, boxenergy4remix1 was downloadable from Rephlex years ago, the greed in me wants something new!!! Plz don't stop Richard *beat me 2 it Herr Jan*
  2. Dl link for his eyes eq removed... Katiacid, noddy and octave nob haven't been downloadable (320kbps) , right?
  3. I dl the available modular traxx before he pulled the dl button; wav and aif/aiff files... Not my sound at all but I appreciate everything Richard puts up on sc!
  4. Man, I just want to go camping, and sit by the fire, with afx telling all these great stories!
  5. I have nearly 80 traxx that I really like, choosing only 5 seems like an impossible task!
  6. longest gap between tracks yet :/ Looks like he's done for tonight. Thx Richard :)
  7. Not gonna get a lot of sleep tonight, gonna listen to these gems! :) I just really hope he uploads AB6 track#1 or tells us if he already did!!!
  8. From the Rules: Overtly sexual or pornographic threads and posts are absolutely not allowed.
  9. so including lannerlog, that's 14 new traxx right? I actually got out of bed 1,5 hours before I had to, just to listen to this
  10. I was at Roskilde Festival 93, backstage at her pressconference, followed her afterwards like the stalker I was back then. When she got into a car I pounced and got in with her. Her security was about to rip my head head off but she was like "no, it's ok". I sat in her car while she ate lunch and we talked for five minutes before I got out again. I had a lame ass doll she signed for my sister, I was only 14 years old. She was hot and I was horny, I still would!
  11. I don't understand why SC removes some tracks and leave others be, like Japan and Shit Smothered fx?
  12. Correct. I've got 42 (or 43 if you count the Vibert remix), but I'm really catching up just now so I'm not sure what I have now. Did you exclude those two Noyzelab tracks (T08 and Quadraverb)? Wait, so T08 and Quadraverb aren't afx traxx?
  13. Thanks bud! You probably forgot to tick off the download tool, try again with that removed
  14. Yeah thx for fmsubbass in 320 :) So I have 40 new tracks so far, is that correct or did I miss anything?
  15. link to FM article http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/6976/750/1600/afxfmarticle1010mu.jpg
  16. My gf asked me if the twin had kept these traxx because they weren't good enough for others to hear, I told her it was probably the exact opposite; they were too good and he wanted them just for himself! 'He sounds weird' she said... She really likes Red Calx though
  17. maybe the wife and kids will be away next weekend so he can do his thing More trax plox Richard!
  18. I still have hope he will upload more traxx on his soundcloud, maybe some weekend when he's drunk? I think one way to organize the traxx would be by era, at least for the ones we know the era of, and then a seperate (almost) complete AB6 album. I just read about the window peeper track up on his soundcloud a few months ago, were there any more traxx and can someone plz zip and upload these and help a brother out?
  19. lol at teh flahbulb following user48736353001, Benn must be like " I'll just stick to my post rock thing"
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