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  1. none of these uploads have been mastered by the way so you might need to tweak the eq a bit, like this one needs a bit more low added etc. Might re-do the most popular ones but rather be makin new stuff
  2. I can't believe he's ripping and uploading these himself, he must be paying Mike P to do it or something
  3. so far we have track 3, 4, 7 and 8 from AB6, fingers crossed for getting the whole album before this is through!
  4. warp guys still banging on the door so he reatreated to the vault, makes his internet slow.
  5. he's doing them realtime just to satisfie our needs
  6. lol girl boy dark version :) He is lurking these forums fo shizle!
  7. 96 tracks so far, will we hit 100 before midnight?
  8. hmm 41 min since last upload, I fear he has stopped for today
  9. Richard is out drinking, it's his kid uploading all of these
  10. How many of these are already out on cd/vinyl? I know I've heard P String before and a couple of other tracks too 75 tracks dl including fork rave, my computer is getting stds *make that 74, counted the jpg too*
  11. I've been watching ebay and have already seen 4 go, lowest price GBP 707 and highest price GBP 800...Still 7 up on ebay I haven't even opened mine, I think I'll wait a while until ebay isn't flooded with these
  12. I wonder if bleep will announce when all 200 have been purchased? Reallocation of unredeemed codes will go on until October 16th, a long time to hold your breath but maybe they won't sell out
  13. lol. get in there :) It's a lot of money to drop for an album, especially since I don't even have a player - It'll be my first vinyl... It would solely be for putting it on ebay and making a $ but it's risky I guess? The leather binders doubled their value I think but those were "only" $80 iirc...
  14. I got my last afx album from you, maybe you have two again? avinit! how are you? and... what? i don't know what do you mean or i forgotten... Some french guy sent me rushup edge years ago because he had a spare, I think it was you but maybe it was pitbulle - akward moment... *edit* No it was you :) checked my pms (lol private messages) and you snailmailed me august 2007
  15. I decoded the flacs with foobar and burned the wavs as audio cd compilation You can always order another one and get it by christmas
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