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  1. Got the cd today and everything looks good :) Burned with no problems, cheers JR
  2. I got my last afx album from you, maybe you have two again?
  3. Ordered to two different locations in Denmark, still haven't recieved anything. Maybe I'll get two 'new' afx albums in one week, who would have thought...
  4. Preordered the cd from bleep before I realised the japan issue had a bonus track. Went to preorder from japan but shipping cost nearly as much as the cd + if it gets caught in customs it would amount to something like $80, too much for a bonustrack I thought but it still bugs me...
  5. I have absolutely no problem with people pirating CWLP, I knew it would leak the second it was released but chose to support the kickstarter anyway. I have pirated in the past and I still do to check stuff out, it's a way to find new artists and I don't feel too bad about doing it. People pirating an album are most likely not die-hard fans or they don't have any money... There are of course albums begging to be pirated, like AB5 and MFM which people pirate because they have no other choice. I think this kickstarter is an exellent example of how pirating can both kill and resuscitate an album,
  6. Withholding this for 20 years is a crime! Thank you Joyrex and all who contributed
  7. Fark I just burned my dinner staring at the download, best meal ever anyways!
  8. Last summer I went to the doctor because I was feeling so shitty I couldn't do anything, I really thought/hoped I was going to die. She diagnosed me with servere depression and referred me to a psychiatrist. She also recommended hard physical exercise, which I took up 5 days a week, and gave me two weekly appointments (just talking about how I felt) until the psyciatrist had time for me. Those weekly talks with her, combined with the daily exercise really helped a lot, I was very surprised. The psyciatrist, who I saw once a month, told me that I had to take antidepressants (Citalopram) and als
  9. Thanks a lot for the instructions :)
  10. Except it's slowed down and lowpitched :( How do I readjust that?
  11. I found it on Isohunt, nice upload :) Aphex starts at 57:30 so he played around an hour and 40 minutes
  12. Just found a video from yesterday, the images had me laughing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RLvuS7-zaY
  13. If you say it was an eastern european title it was probably Zavoloka, she's from Ukraine and played after Kid Kishore
  14. Oh man I feel like I'm dying, just crawled out of bed after a day of hellish hangover It was awesome, I've never heard anything like it! I remember him playing Fingerbib, Phloam, We Have Arrived QQT Mix and a couple of Analords, but I didn't notice anything like Manchester track or new unreleased tracks I've heard heard on youtube... He did play Feelings on a Screen by Legowelt though ;) I didn't check the merch booth but if anyone bought the cd mentioned above plz upload!
  15. I'm also seeing him tonight, my first time after missing him on Roskilde in 97... I wish I had a quality recorder to bring along! Hope to see watmm represent
  16. Fine Cut Bodies - Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix) Think my speaker just died from the bass
  17. Perhaps you will find this interesting
  18. I'm starting to like this whole copyrigth infringement thing. Recently Warner Music removed Hej Matematik's hit 'Walkman' from youtube and myspace. It got a lot of attention in Denmark because Hej matematik consists of Søren Rasted and his younger cousin. Søren Rasted From Aqua married to Lene Nystrøm also from Aqua. keeplefty
  19. I think I read somewhere that the Analord batch were from the same pressing. The last copy I saw on ebay was probably about a year and half ago and it went for $600 which is kinda low considering some copies of ART2CD go for $400+
  20. Yeah I want one where the 'a in the circle' is raping or burning the warp logo ! Could you do one of those too LUDD ?
  21. Ah sux I'm missing the one from 97, please mail it to me AST ;)
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