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  1. the city of Florence in the background, beautiful place ! Looks like a wedding picture
  2. Gavial on your ass ! About to get trampled by flashbulbhating elephant Charles Manson of the bird world
  3. avinit

    Words & Music

    not if you bought it on ebay ;) I'll rip this in eac if you still need it but I won't be home until tomorrow. You want 320 cbr or V0 or what ?
  4. Is it like zomb torrents ? Yes Please invite me
  5. No, he doesn't. No, I doesn't.
  6. Yeah I was lucky enough to preorder a copy from the aphex website Only 1499 left now
  7. avinit

    Drukqs MP

    Joyrex knows everything because he is RDJ
  8. avinit

    Drukqs MP

    I'm thinking maybe it was done on purpose as a special bonus but it's probably much less exiting . http://www.discogs.com/release/659066 SAW II MP with Kenny Larkin on one 12"
  9. avinit

    Drukqs MP

    http://www.discogs.com/release/1270583 According to this there's a Drukqs MP with two unknown tracks. I don't know if it's two tracks from another artist or if they are in fact unreleased RDJ gems that made it there by accident or no accident. I already pm'ed the guy offering to have sex with him if he sent me a rip but so far nothing, strange ?
  10. avinit

    Another jazzband?

    You've got Jazz on your handzz
  11. Gentlemen start your biddings ! The last mint copy I saw on ebay went for 450 Dollars, what will it be this time ? I got my copy for 70 Dollars a few years back I paid 122 GBP for my copy, it was truly mint though. Some guy had bought 2 new copies from Virgin CD store that was closing or something, got them at normal price too!! Lucky bastard, then he made a mint. Also paid 60 GBP for GAK CD, 58.87 GBP for Powerpill CD 55 GBP for Digeridoo CD ... Now that I think about it; ouch, them are some expensive discs I think I paid 75GBP for powerpill, that was painful but I go
  12. Gentlemen start your biddings ! The last mint copy I saw on ebay went for 450 Dollars, what will it be this time ? I got my copy for 70 Dollars a few years back
  13. avinit


    Nice breakcore !
  14. avinit


    Yeah enough with the bullshit ! PM me your creditcard details and I'll order a copy for you ! No need to thank me, we're all friends here
  15. avinit


    Didn't you recieve the confirmation email ? You should hurry up, the limited editions are almost sold out !
  16. avinit


    OMFG !!!!! All this time I thought it was just a hoax, I can't believe I just ordered it :) Thank you Richard for finally releasing this
  17. avinit


    CAT23 available for preorder ! From the samples it's even better than I thought :)
  18. avinit


    These tracks are fucking ace !!! I can't believe what they are saying about the Tuss, who would have guessed ?
  19. I think I saw this on ebay once . It wasn't anything kewl but I can't remember exactly what it was ? Here's a chance to get a lot of afx cds really cheap : ebay
  20. avinit


    How many cds were made of powerpill, gak and digeridoo, all 3 are expensive as fuck. What about words & music , that one usually goes for around 10 Dollars on ebay.
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