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  1. I feel like that cowbell part in 1st 44 is the Rytm cowbell parameter locked. Same with the kick.
  2. Oh my god I love this. Feeding all my samplers with it immediately.
  3. Crying in your face @ 2:40 cue the lushness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhMukHbUYJ0
  4. https://writhing.bandcamp.com/releases No synths or anything in here but lots of crazy tape manipulation going on. All flanging, delays and chorusing are all caused by cassette tape layers falling out of time with eachother because of the shitty motor in my old cassette player and by applying pressure to the tape. Here's some of the vocals soloed to show some of the crazy modulation effects happening. https://soundcloud.com/insergent/funruiner-loops
  5. Wow. The only copy of Ultravisitor I have is a pirated copy from years ago, and it didn't include Tetra Sync so this thread is my first time hearing it. Buy your music kids.
  6. Wow cool! I always thought that was just the character of the sampler they were using or something. I'll have to try this on my ESI-32!
  7. Really liked this. What sort of gear did you use to make this? There are some really subtle nice tape-y distortion sounds in there I loved.
  8. Everything sits nicely in the mix and it has a very huge feel to it. Well done. If I were to change anything it would be to turn the drums up a little bit and give them a little high end cripsyness to cut through a little more. And lightly sidechain some of the stuff on the second half to the kick so it allows it to peek through just a bit more. All and all though I liked it a lot. What kind of modular was it?
  9. Cool read. What a monster of design and engineering.
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