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  1. I am - currently - not playing a video game.
  2. Even the Romans hated to be left on read. 90AD-100AD ish - To Fabius Justus. It is quite a long time since I had a letter from you. "Oh," you say, "there has been nothing to write about." But at least you might write and say just that, or you might send me the line with which our grandfathers used to begin their letters: "All is well if you are well, for I am well." I should be quite satisfied with so much; for, after all, it is the heart of a letter. Do you think I am joking? I am perfectly serious. Pray, let me know of your doings. It makes me feel downright uneasy to be kept in ignorance. Farewell. -Pliny the Younger Source: Atallus
  3. Children of Morta, lovely little roguelike action game, has a cute little story too. Highly rec.
  4. I like this one, reminds me of a tree I had in my garden, its gone now.
  5. kaen


    We have a pair of goldfinches and that come back to our garden every year and nest up in the same place, they are cool little birbs. I put out some nesting basket things so they have less work to do this year, they seem to appreciate it and often come down to chill with me when i'm sitting outside. Birbs are neat. We get Jays too but less often, they are also super pretty. Goldfinch Jay
  6. Obama has all the charm, its his superpower.
  7. I like neil, i just think he should stick to what he is good at, the visual effects side of things. If he teamed up with a really good writer and director and actually let go of that mad control he seems to want with everything we might get something special. While there were some cool ideas in this oats experiment i fear he has burned money for nothing in the end.
  8. I just spent a week messing about with various linux distros, trying to choose one to run on my netbook that only has 30Gb of flash memory because the windows 10 install on it can no longer be updated because there no room for the updates and it wont shut the fuck up trying to remind me to update, i bought a usb stick to put gparted on and im about set to go. I wake up this morning, the cat has knocked my netbook on the floor, its bottom facing me and i see a ssd sized door on it with a single screw. Fuck me.
  9. twice-iced ice with water and a splash of sriracha
  10. Mmoths - Luneworks - Spotify Thought Forms, Esben and the Witch - Split LP - Spotify Heilung - Lifa - Spotify Weval - Half Age EP - Spotify DFRNT - Fading - Spotify Cepia - Natura Morta - Spotify The Internet - Ego Death - Spotify
  11. Hey luke Sad to hear that things aren't going so well at the moment, im gonna buy all your stuff, hopefully that will help a bit. I still have that magic arrows cd you sent me from ages ago, good shit love you bro old watmm-timers gotta look out for eachother
  12. 1 year too late to be in the legends cool club, wew
  13. The 6 stages of grief: 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance 6. Suing Alex Jones This is a nice meme, stealing it KAEN BCM
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