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  1. HEY! I thought about you the other day! Hi Squee <3
  2. dead cells best roguelike ive played, satisfying combat, might be a touch too easy
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    Currently reading the wise mans fear by patrick rothfuss name of the wind and this book are quite fun reads, although high levels of neckbeard mlady tip tip from the main character kvothe, also denna is a shit friend and should quit the "manic pixie dream girl lol xD so random" thing she has going on, its cliche as fuck. fela best girl
  4. Here is my stupid cat, she is p cute sometimes Luna 1 Luna 2 Luna 3
  5. kaen

    Cheetah EP

    This is great! Seconded!
  6. braindance is going mainstream this year folks, ya heard it here first
  7. "Daniel A Hernandez Checked out the album and it's just fucking awful. I thought maybe since it won then it might be worth listening to before judging but it sounds like he went into the studio and literally fucked around the whole time. Like · Reply · 1 hr Adam Birnbaum Let's play a game of "what's more likely." Is it more likely that basically every music critic and even Joel himself are stupid and hallucinating, or is it more likely that you are missing something? Like · 1 hr Daniel A Hernandez I'd say they're hallucinating since that's probably the only way you can listen to this junk. Not only are the song titles just random letters, the songs are just random sounds. No real melody anywhere" kek
  8. Ive been playing fuckloads of full mojo rampage, its a rogue-like. I honestly didn't think i would enjoy it so much, i can just chill whilst listening to a podcast or something, the mechanics are extremely satisfying. Just started Darkest Dungeon alpha, its hard as fuck, so unforgiving. Loving it.
  9. user8a7s6t7h8m8a9c8i6d ".at this point some people still thinking that I am afx which I am definitely not him. Aphex is a musical genius and I am just a normal guy who feel the strange necessity to write some melodies and harsh beats n stuff. Enjoy it or leave it... thank you!"
  10. Hi richard, you stole my name. Give it bak you cunt p.s fred dinenages comb over
  11. Psssh, I never understood all the hate towards GB2, I loved it! Vigo was much more frightening than david gozer bowie. Mcarthy is a fucken twat, replace her and it would probs be ok.
  13. Does anyone know the track at 7mins, ive heard it tons before, i just dunno what it is. ta
  14. Im having an issue, ive downloaded them fine but when i navigate to my collection on bandcamp i cannot see the release listed there, how am i meant to get back to my download if i want to re-download them at a later date?
  15. This is absolute garbage. If your PSU fails it can KILL the other components in your machine. Go for a high rated Corsair PSU.
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