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  1. Ah, i wasn't going to bring up ltm incase it was still around and id just been booted for inactivity. It was a mostly pointless place anyway after a while. How you been?
  2. Playing lots of Hearthstone, blizzard are so good at virtual crack, totally addicted to this. Add me Kaen #2992
  3. kaen


    Isn't watmm user Petr like a bastion in the netart scene, pretty sure she shows internationally. Dunno if she posts here anymore.
  4. Im doing really well mate, best i've been in years. This place feels weird now though, who is the new weed? Is jazz still band? Is night still heet? WHAT IS GOING ON?!
  5. In the early 90s when i was at school, you were basically not cool unless you had a middle parting (curtains), you could take it up a notch and also shave the underside of your head to be not only cool but a rebel. side of head shaved on girls is hawt. That is all.
  6. Saw superman on my birthday, enjoyed the fuck out of it. Hans Zimmer knows how to make my beard tingle.
  7. i imagine being obscenely rich would get very samey pretty quickly, a couple of decades doing and seeing everything, having nothing left to buy and no reason to really buy it unless you are a vapid fuck and want to keep up with some imaginary toplist of assholes. of course a huge part an average persons life is spent worrying and stressing about core things, food, rent etc. i would be comfortable and satiated if just those things were never an issue again. in fact i think i buy things i can just afford now to take my mind off of the daily stresses, if those stresses were gone id work towards being fulfilled without anything else. le monk.
  8. welp didnt get to stream, my controller bugs out in the most ridiculous ways with DS, ive tried about 10 different pad emulators and key mappers etc etc, each one producing a new way to fuck up my night. i wonder if a straight up xbox pad shall have to be bought. pissed.
  9. If anyone is interested ill be streaming my first go at Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on the PC at Midnight GMT clicky: http://www.twitch.tv/k4en
  10. the soundtrack for sleeping dogs is absolutely amazing ninjatune/warp radio stations, so sick game is possibly the most gorgeous cityscape ive ever played in running it with everything on extreme with hd texture pack is drooooool
  11. La Noire has the worst most pathetic ending of any game ever made. Its a great game but it makes you feel like you wasted 30 hours.
  12. Pepperoni + cheese/garlic and herb stuffed crust Texas BBQ nomnom
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