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  1. What Frank does is indeed simply incredible and he puts efforts, sweat, blood and tears into his releases. He is dedicated to the music and his choice of pressing plants, high quality mastering and lavishly done boxes shows that he does not do things cheaply. As for later ZF I am very sure he won't release anything- I asked him as well and he told me openly he don't like some of the stuff from that period. As for now his next challenge is the COME ORG boxset and he also announced a vinyl box treatment for Vanity Records (aye, the cult label).
  2. I asked Gianluigi via his BW facebookpage if he has plans to release the other two tracks of Scharlach Eingang digitally too (makes no sense to release only half of an EP right?). He explained he doesn't hold the rights for the two other tracks. In terms of his Kromode work he told me he might release them in a form "in the future".
  3. They will be released individually as well. Frank has gotten swamped in orders when pre-ordering wasn't available. He said he had never that much pre-preorders for any other release. Someone can see the demand for these releases and looking at the 2nd hand market for the earliest stuff this is no wonder at all. As far as I recall, individual releases are coming up in September.
  4. http://implodedview.bandcamp.com/track/julia-taxi-vhs-head-remix Track at 4. minute.
  5. Shoot him a message via facebook. He sold me 94 diskont & systemisch for a good price (the reissues from last years RSD). They come with a download.
  6. Nice idea- is there a download for the version 1.0-owners :) My boxset has still a very very prominent place on the rack! Hit me up btw. I still have stuff for you (and so do you ;) )
  7. Speech3 (Conoid Tone Reformed By Autechre) (from: "Colour Reform", UK 1994) 320 kBit/s 8:53 Higher Intelligence Agency Autiks (1994-2010) Like A Motorway (Skin Up, You're Already Dead) (from: "Like A Motorway", UK 1994) 320 kBit/s 8:24 Saint Etienne Autiks (1994-2010) Evolution Of The Beast (Autechre Mix) (from: "The Beast Remix", UK 1994) 320 kBit/s 8:04 Palm Skin Productions Autiks (1994-2010) SKF10047 (Mixed by Autechre) (from: "Switch Remix", Japan 1994) 320 kBit/s 7:39 Schaft Autiks (1994-2010) Vliezwei (Vliegenbos Morning Reproduced By Autechre) (from: "Sub-Machine/The Unheard/Vliezwei", UK 1995) 320 kBit/s 9:23 V Autiks (1994-2010) On The Loose (For Internal Use Only Mix) (from: "The Remix Project", US 1995) 320 kBit/s 7:23 Slowly Autiks (1994-2010) Psi-Onyx (Psix Million Dollar Myx Oscar Goldmans Bonus) (from: "Psi-Onyx", UK 1995) 320 kBit/s 9:33 Beaumont Hannant Autiks (1994-2010) Jail Of Freedom (Jailtilsli) (from: "Forms", Japan 1995) 320 kBit/s 8:56 Soft Ballet Autiks (1994-2010) Falling (Autechre "FR 13" Mix) (from: "Ellipsis", US 1995) 320 kBit/s 10:23 Scorn Autiks (1994-2010) Sexy Bits (Autechre Ae9V Mix) (from: "Refried Food Part 2", UK 1995) 320 kBit/s 7:31 DJ Food Autiks (1994-2010) Aveugle & Sourd (Autechre Mix) (from: "Aveugle & Sourd (Remixes)", France 1996) 320 kBit/s 8:27 Dominique Dalcan Autiks (1994-2010) Earth Ball (Autechre Rmx) (from: "Ad Hoc", Netherlands 1996) 320 kBit/s 7:27 Edge Of Motion Autiks (1994-2010) String Of Pearls (Autechre Mix) (from: "rEMIT rECAPS", US 1996) 320 kBit/s 5:10 Spacetime Continuum Autiks (1994-2010) Gold (Autechre Mix) (from: "Gold", Australia 1996) 320 kBit/s 7:31 Lamb Autiks (1994-2010) 1Belm (Autechre Mx) (from: "Delay Tambor", Spain 1996) 320 kBit/s 11:24 Silvania Autiks (1994-2010) One-Six-Four-Seven (Numbers Rammed Down My Ear Mix) (from: "One-Six-Four-One-Seven", Germany 1996) 320 kBit/s 7:58 Impulse Autiks (1994-2010) Mag (Ae Remix) (from: "Skampler", UK 1997) 320 kBit/s 5:44 Gescom Autiks (1994-2010) Happy? (Qunk Mix Dub By Autechre) (from: "Never Mind The Distortion II", Japan 1997) 320 kBit/s 10:16 Nav Katze Autiks (1994-2010) Any No. Between 1 & 17 (Autechre Remix) (from: "Angie Is A Shoplifter EP", UK 1997) 320 kBit/s 9:03 Mark Broom Autiks (1994-2010) アイレ可愛や (Aire Kawaiya) (produced by Autechre) (from: "編む女", Japan 1997) 320 kBit/s 4:50 Mari Hamada Autiks (1994-2010) Celsius (Rebuilt By Autechre) (from: "7 Hills Clash - Rebuilt EP", UK 1997) 320 kBit/s 8:59 Medium Autiks (1994-2010) Killing Game (Autechre Remix) (Bent Mix) (from: "Remix Dystemper", US 1998) 320 kBit/s 5:12 Skinny Puppy Autiks (1994-2010) Tried By 12 (Autechre Mix) (from: "Tried By 12", Canada 1998) 320 kBit/s 6:07 East Flatbush Project Autiks (1994-2010) Hypnotise (Autechre Slow Mix) (from: "The Widescreen Versions", UK 1998) 320 kBit/s 5:50 Lexis Autiks (1994-2010) 8 (Ae Mix) (from: "Remixes", UK 1998) 320 kBit/s 9:43 Various Artists Autiks (1994-2010) Non-Existant (Keyed In By Gescom) (from: "Unauthorized EP", US 1998) 320 kBit/s 4:48 Push-Button Objects Autiks (1994-2010) Weissensee Against Im Glück (from: "A Homage To Neu!", US 1998) 320 kBit/s 8:51 Neu! Autiks (1994-2010) Autechre (TR7AEremix) vs. Jürgen Paape (from: "Sub Rosa vs. Kompakt", Belgium 1999) 320 kBit/s 4:27 Jürgen Paape Autiks (1994-2010) Odd Job (Systems Mono Version) (from: "Odd Jobs", US 1999) 320 kBit/s 7:20 Phoenecia Autiks (1994-2010) Two Bass Hit (Ae Mix) (from: "Maximum Priest E.P.", France 1999) 320 kBit/s 4:02 Squarepusher Autiks (1994-2010) No. 8 (Æ2 Mix By Autechre) (from: "8, 8.5, 9 • Remixes", UK 1999) 320 kBit/s 5:02 Various Artists Autiks (1994-2010) Itiso161/ae (Gescom) (from: "[r*] Iso | Chall", Austria 2000) 320 kBit/s 6:28 Hecker Autiks (1994-2010) Gnit (co-produced by Autechre) (from: "The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol. 1", US 2002) 320 kBit/s 4:42 Mari€ & ∫cratch Autiks (1994-2010) Neph (Autechre Ultramatique 6 Mix) (from: "Chamchimzee", UK 2002) 320 kBit/s 5:45 Jello Autiks (1994-2010) A.T. (Autechre Remix) (from: "Vietnam And China - Audiotourism Reinterpretations", Belgium 2002) 320 kBit/s 7:40 Freeform Autiks (1994-2010) Spangle (Autechre Remix) (from: "Autechre Remix Of Spangle By Seefeel", UK 2003) 320 kBit/s 12:16 Seefeel Autiks (1994-2010) Coda Maestoso In F(Flat) Minor (from: "Legacy Of Dissolution", US 2005) 320 kBit/s 6:52 Earth Autiks (1994-2010) Sensachre 10 Mix (Autechre Instrumental Remix) (unreleased, 2006) 320 kBit/s 5:19 Sensational Meets Kouhei Autiks (1994-2010) Bad Hands Part II (Autechre Remix) (from: "Whose Bad Hands Are These? (Part I)", UK 2007) 320 kBit/s 7:18 Surgeon Autiks (1994-2010) The Theme (Autechre Remix) (from: "The Theme", UK 2007) 320 kBit/s 7:42 Unique 3 Autiks (1994-2010) Eddy Fresh (Gescom Remix) (from: "Eddy Fresh", UK 2007) 320 kBit/s 3:17 Kid Acne Autiks (1994-2010) Eddy Fresh (Gescom Dub) (from: "Eddy Fresh", UK 2007) 320 kBit/s 4:00 Kid Acne Autiks (1994-2010) Tunnels Ov Set (Autechre Remix) (from: "We Are Sheffield EP", UK 2009) 320 kBit/s 7:39 The Black Dog Autiks (1994-2010) Skeng (Autechre Remix) (from: "Ninja Tune XX: 20 Years Of Beats & Pieces", UK 2010) 320 kBit/s 5:19 The Bug Autiks (1994-2010) Skeng (Autechre Dub) (selfreleased, 2010) 320 kBit/s 6:08 The Bug Autiks (1994-2010) Close Your Eyes (Corporation Street Remix By Autechre) (from: "The Remixes EP", Ireland 2010) 320 kBit/s 6:25 Anodyne Autiks (1994-2010) The Winding Ladder (Autechre Mix) (from: "Nowhen EP", US 2010) 320 kBit/s 4:34 Deneir Autiks (1994-2010) <<< above is my entire remix collection. Several mixes from CDs, several from official downloads, several somewhere else… Gave the thing a title my own…
  8. Sick. Getting rich with every new heritage object.
  9. Oh, you mean not inside the Caustic Window "frame"? With the foil stamping effect? I mean the image right under the CD tray. It's hard to see, looks like a bit tinted into the cardboard.
  10. I received mine also undamaged- Thanks a lot Joyrex. There is one small small thing I would kindly ask for: I love the behind-the-tray picturette of the cardgame without window. Is it possible to make this one also available as artwork like the cover? Joyrex please ?
  11. The Coil legacy IS surrounded by greed and attitudes like "ohh, we see the market needs an official re-issue plan, but fuck off." By the way, the ReCoiled record is more a brainchild of Danny Hyde- see? Plundering a dead corpse Coil is, this is what makes me fucking angry. Where is the line for actions like this? Can I record an eastern filled record and credit Muslimgauze to sell it for the best profit?
  12. Delicious track by Object. Heard some of the previously released editions on leisure and was mildly surprised. The Kronos, Dopplereffekt and Exile ones are really great records.
  13. pretty great oldskool rhythms with excellent acid programming. yeah, Helena has a steep curve with the releases.
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