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  1. if you look at my avatar, there does seem to be some sort of logic to the sequence (that's all artworks animated in sequential order)
  2. I really wish I knew. I'd love to be able to get my hands on one of their recent patches and just play around with it. Anyone know if the sounds are being generated in software or are they controlling nords/machinedrums etc with MIDI output from their laptops?
  3. The pricing seems about right, it's basically 5 decent length albums... so that's £5 / £7 / £8.60 for each album in MP3 / WAV / 24bit WAV. That's actually pretty good value imo.
  4. Here is a ZIP with all Ae LP, EP, and LIVE art + track-by-tracks for those with them. The artworks are official (from Bleep downloads) where I had them and the best quality version I could find up to 1000x1000 if not. I included the guy above's remakes of the Quaristice era art too.
  5. Thanks for the links! I eventually found the Oversteps art, I uploaded it here. That's the official art extracted at full size from the original Bleep MP3 download, in order. Another dude on Reddit remade the Quaristice and Quadrange art in higher quality too.
  6. Anyone know where to get HQ copies of the track-by-track artwork for Quaristice, Quadrange, and Oversteps? I extracted the individual artworks from the elseq mp3s to add to my flac copy, and thought it was cool being able to look at the individual artwork while playing through the tracks. I'd like to do the same with the other releases that have individual art but I can't find them anywhere... I used to have MP3 copies of oversteps and quadrange from Bleep which had them embedded a while back, but I deleted them to replace with flac CD rips and now when I download from bleep again, there is only the main artwork there. If anyone could help me source any of these I can happily zip up everything I've got including official HQ artwork from bleep for a bunch of their other releases and share
  7. ^ i was thinking the same thing earlier actually
  8. those comments... claiming that syro is 'lazy' too? wtf
  9. With disk space so cheap nowadays I don't see much reason not to go lossless if you're really into music, it's nice to have the .flac files (plus log and cue if it's from a CD) just so you know you have a true digitised exact copy of the CD that you can use to create more identical CDs in future or create as many transcodes in as many formats as you like from.
  10. fingers crossed for an interview soon, would be good to hear some of the background to this release
  11. the sound on this release comes alive on speakers better than headphones imo, can often be the other way round with ae. sounds almost 3d at times. Lots of detail to be caught with headphones though.. like a lot of what sounds like room recordings of the track playing out through monitors sampled back into the track and fucked about with? idk but generally the sound / mixing / mastering / eq of this thing is amazing
  12. I've listened to 1, 4 and 5 so far and they're all really great, there's only 2-3 tracks that I didn't immediately like. Still got to listen to 2 and 3 though
  13. Another one here that feels BTW just doesn't fit right on the album. It also aggravates my ears a little bit, something just sounds a bit off. It's not a bad track, but I haven't been particularly taken by it since they first dropped it as a single.
  14. This ultimately links you through to here if you try and buy https://bleep.com/release/73327 It 404's currently but I guess when it goes live we might have some details about physical formats
  15. If they are doing physical I imagine it will be on the ae bleepstore, and those that already bought the tracks will have a discount applied..? also, it surely couldn't fit on either 2xCD or 4xLP. maybe the physical will be like an elseq best picks kinda thing that's more of a typical album/double album length?
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