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  1. Hey, this is pretty cool! I loved Narkopop but disliked Rausch. This one seems like a return to form to me.
  2. Anyway, I've ordered vinyl. Not sure why it's so overpriced but the album is stellar so I just kind of had to.
  3. The way the vocals are processed on this reminds me of something and I just can't put my finger on it. At first I thought Seefeel 2010 stuff but that's not it. Shit, help me with that someone. Like for example 'syn resr', I've heard something very similar somewhere.
  4. Listening now. It's pretty different. Somewhat more accessible but not necessarily in a bad way.
  5. I love this kind of videos. The visual aspect makes you notice every detail in the track that you wouldn't otherwise catch that easily. I wish there was more of this epescially for Autechre.
  6. Am I the only one who finds this album utterly boring? I'm still kind of bummed about it as I liked everything they've released before ?. I've listened to this about 10 times and I always have a hard time to sit through the whole thing. It's always when I read the praise in this thread I give it another try otherwise I would completely forget this existed. Still nothing. I want to like it though.
  7. Btw anyone received the unique version of A Shiver Sequence? I haven't. "The final digital and vinyl versions of the track are just 2 of over 100 unique versions I exported. The rest are given to purchasers of the vinyl, so that each person has a unique variation."
  8. eclipsis

    Oversteps Tour

    I too have missed the Oversteps tour for a similar reason. I mean I was already a fan for solid two years back in 2010 and it was I think their first time they've played in my country. I was considering doing the 2 hr travel to the city but it was in the middle of the week and I convinced myself I didn't like Oversteps much anyway (I had no idea how different their live shows were compared to the records). I've seen them twice since (2014, 2016) but I'll never forgive myself not attending the 2010 show.
  9. Just picked up the record from the post office today. It was there since Friday but I didn't have the time to pick it up earlier. Very silent and dynamic pressing. Love it! Just the cover art sleeve came with a rather big tear in it ? (shrink wrap was not damaged nor anything inside so it doesn't seem like a shipping/packaging issue). Such things bug me more than is healthy so I've contacted Mesh if they'd be willing to send a replacement sleeve to ease my mind.
  10. I love the little stories and process explanation behind each track: http://www.robclouth.com/zero-point Reading that makes you listen to it more closely. Rob is a genius, I don't understand how can he be so overlooked even within the scene.
  11. Yeah, might be my AotY so far. Casimir is epic af.
  12. Reading the title of the thread I thought the 'chre bros were bashing the new Scorn album somewhere on the interwebz.
  13. So, TALLINN is my fave so far.
  14. There's no music either! Just some bleeps and bloops. Wtf, maybe my digital vinylz are digi-scratched.
  15. eclipsis


    Haswell's performance was the most painful thing to listen to I've ever experienced, and I'm not even exaggerating. It was torture. To this day I think it was some kind of trolling that I didn't consider that funny unfortunately. Andy's set was great. And AE, well, total lushness ofc.
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