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  1. also let's not forget Splendor & Misery - some proper prog-hop
  2. the bros should start making soundtracks
  3. That's just IKEA stuff 😃 I only assembled the centre a bit differently and added the LED strip
  4. Thanks! It's nothing special at all but I enjoy it.
  5. It's kinda hard to capture the colors but it looks nice irl. The inner sleeves are surprisingly sort of... metallic?
  6. i've just realized he's released an album two years ago, listening to it now and it's pretty sweet too!
  7. omg, finally some fucking modern acid record that doesn't try to sound retro Devine is the master of sound design but this might be his first record I actually enjoy from compositional point of view
  8. eclipsis

    SIGN or PLUS?

    Today I listened to both and I think I prefer SIGN. It's just more consistent as an album. While I usually prefer beats in electronic music PLUS just seems to me like a collection of alt mixes and outtakes. There are some bomb tracks (1, 2, 3 and 6) but apart from the first three tracks the album just doesn't have much of a flow. It's strange because the first time I listened to PLUS I was like "this is IT!" and now... not so much. But who knows, maybe tomorrow I will absolutely love it.
  9. eclipsis

    SIGN or PLUS?

    too soon, this is Autechre, ffs
  10. idk, long time ago i've learned not to want anything specific from an AE release because the bros do as they please (as it should be) and my only job is to decide whether i personally like it or not AE ≠ AC/DC
  11. recently when i listen to X4 i think of four of seven for some reason... idk if that's that lowpassed synth at the beginning or what
  12. i'm glad i'm not alone on this... apart from piezo i've never really understood what people find so mindblowing about this album... i mean maybe if my first listen to the album was back in '94 (and maybe if i wasn't 5 years old then) i would get the magic... but the first time i've heard it was in 2008 and i've found it very dated in the not-so-cool way ever since
  13. yeah, what's up with that dumb piano?!
  14. The real question is... Wurstwasser = Jev? (u remember that guy?)
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