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  1. I love when people describe sound using shapes, state of matter and temperature.
  2. I know this is a joke but I srsly think the diff between Incunabula and Amber is that Incunabula dated pleasantly and I love its sound design and vibe while Amber to me sounds cheesy/ugly dated and I almost never listen to it. But I've tried many, many times. (Piezo's dope tho but that's it.)
  3. Btw. the only track that almost makes me tear up is newbound but that's mostly because I have this track connected to certain (L-)event in my life that was kinda bad and sad for me.
  4. I've always wondered whether ilanders was named after Anders Ilar.
  5. I guess you are old, haha. Last.fm was cool around 2003-2005. All kids scrobbled back then - I scrobble to this day, lol. I love statistics and I have statistics of my music listening habits of the last 15 years of my life. Is it useful? No. Do I love it? Yeah.
  6. you mean mate for life, right? a bromance song about the relationship between Sam and Bob
  7. idk M4, lema think about M4 only being a half of a mate
  8. See how different perspective we can have and still enjoy the fuck out of it? This is what I love about good art.
  9. eclipsis

    Rob pls

    it's not fair that Bob's thread has only half the pages Sam's has... u guys suck 😞 Bob might be more introverted but don't forget he's prettier
  10. I'm yet to hear an AE album that sucks. And I'm somewhat (overly) critical when it comes to music and my favourite artists. Most of the artists I love have dropped in quality quite significantly over the years but Autechre for some reason are very consistent quality-wise to me. I'm not afraid it could suck. They would have to do that deliberately, like completely change their sound design to mainstream EDM or something. Autechre to me is mostly about sound design not so much about composition.
  11. yeah, it's in swahili english
  12. idk, fingers crossed for 16th album in 2023, can't wait
  13. i want a sign language version of this
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