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  1. tried i believe four different dissos years back but music always sounded like shit on dissos for me unfortunately now lysergamides - that's a completely different story
  2. I loved his (slow)techno stuff but then he kinda lost me after Luxury Problems. It Should Be Us was nice tho. That being said, the single is somewhat meh. But it's admirable he didn't get stuck doing the same thing over and over again I guess.
  3. Sean was so high that poor Rob had to save the day and answer questions this time.
  4. eclipsis

    confield art

    well, early 00s design is shit altogether
  5. You're right about the long span between EP7 and Gantz Graf release dates but Gantz Graf was recorded during the same time period as was mentioned in the AAA thread.
  6. you guys scared Sean away with your fanboism. lol
  7. Not a fan of Exai? If I had to choose Exai would be the number one for me.
  8. Confield onwards. So new millennium era I guess. Exai -> NTS Sessions is the soft spot.
  9. i had to google whether it's an old remix or new remix of some late 80s electro... and it's a new-ish remix of kinda a temporary track lol
  10. to me the consistency is no "surface illusion" because i myself didn't mean that each track is the same by that but that the album sequencing (position of the tracks) is top notch and thus has a really nice flow so the whole thing sounds like a consistent piece that justifies the album format. it sounds like a concept album (for lack of better words) unlike PLUS which sounds like a collection of songs sometimes almost in random order.
  11. What is this Gescom stuff? Is it new material?
  12. eclipsis

    th red a

    thanks for bringing this to attention. i haven't listened to SIGN/PLUS for weeks, i needed the break (as always) but because of this thread(a) i've listened to the track individually just now and found a new appreciation for it
  13. sorry, totally forgot about this thread... i've listened to your samples and Motas-6 sounds lovely for sure i went with the Pro 3 (now waiting for it to arrive), apart from making weird electronic music i play in a post-rock band. i play mostly guitar but i've been using 1010music BlackBox to trigger some beats and synth sequences and wanted to pair it with some mono synth beast with keys (i.e. w/o the need for a controller). Pro 3 is ideal for this because of its immediacy + the onboard effects are very handy, otherwise i'd have to remove my Ventris from the pedal board and use it with t
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