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  1. We have been getting all our obscure books from the library these days. Our system is p dope tbh, reserve online, they ship it from any library in the city and notify us when it’s there etc… Im starting a new career as well. Start a new job May 24 in a completely new profession. Think I know what you’re going through 🙂
  2. This is… something 😕 Why does she have oxygen tubes?
  3. It's been a while tbh! My purse-strings are a bit tighter these days, don't buy garbage just to throw it out lol. Also my current home since 2018, doesn't have a pond nearby so it's not really convenient. However, I could grab Magic OPN and throw it to the very active Coyotes and Bobcats heh. 🙂
  4. Surely this is already mentioned elsewhere, but if not.... the siren sound in Trouble is from Kill Bill, which was originally from Quincy Jones' Ironside Theme.
  5. Imagine taking the worst genre in existence (aside from country), and then hyper-fying it with extreme auto tuning, squirrel speedy vocals, and then polishing it up with some decent engineering, and then actual intelligent people such as all of you debating the merits of it. We live in super strange times.
  6. hands down my favourite off that album and one of my favs of his overall. :)
  7. aye Fully agree. I do appreciate the minimalist takes but they don’t hit hard like yoseph etc…
  8. I do own and love most Vibert releases, but tbh I’m more fond of his acid releases like Lovers Acid, CDR, etc. The minimalist ones don’t always tick all my boxes. I’ve preordered this ofc and will enjoy it muchly. my 2c.
  9. Human hair is edible, but has very low nutritional value.
  10. Literally a (Tunnel) Boring Machine.
  11. Thread title says it all - I'm wondering what I missed in my time away; releases, forum politics, and so on. Mostly interested in music ofc, I know watmms circular anti capitalist this and that diatribe. Anything new and shocking to any member that you'd care to share with someone that has spent the last year hiding at home.... Love y'all
  12. Thank you - I hope they are ok. I don't know them personally but I know extended family is very upset. If I hear something worth sharing I'll pop back in. Best wishes everyone.
  13. Anyways I just dropped by to say hi to everyone. I wasn't trying to start an argument. I prob just read everything wrong. Hope you are all well; most assuredly better than the Ukrainian people of course. Cheers.
  14. Also I do not have the energy but my weak brain muscle memory is suggesting to me that ilqx herm might be Zeff.
  15. Thank you. I've only skimmed but deeply both disturbed and confused at the characterization of the Ukrainian civilians being slaughtered right now as being Nazis, when it's clearly more accurate they're kind of on the receiving end if you're using history as a reference. Anyone want to Reader's Digest this for me please?
  16. I just came back to watmm to see what was up here and then this was the first thread I stumbled into. I have extended family in Ukraine my grandparents have no contact with, cut off 5 days ago.
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