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  1. it's that bad huh? I knew I was going to pass on it lol.
  2. Mansion. WATMM royalties. lol
  3. p much. Just for this reason, can the pinning be limited to city/town the member is in? IE can't be zooming in like google maps and pin our house lol.
  4. Riggggghhhhttt. Like you're suddenly going to have all the mens and womens in London or wherever you live stalking you based on a watmm member map. I think it's a neat idea tbh.
  5. I woke up and checked the leftover pizza and there was only one slice left in the box. I was furious. When I actually woke up there was plenty of leftovers. Redemption.
  6. And they should be! Well deserved. Congratulations
  7. Seems like the investigation, his finances etc may be linked somehow I guess? They must be getting closer to something damning. I'm probably just being hopeful.
  8. Isn't threatening to hold up legislation & regular gov't proceedings until investigations stop a form of obstruction on its own?
  9. 100% this. This is my entire gripe with his output since cosmo. UTQC had it's moments but yeah.
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