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  1. Hopefully the rest of the album is mastered similarly. I don't care too much about compression but there are parts of ufab and especially damogen that caused uber ear fatigue really quick, I'm not hearing that with Vortrak and the remix. And was there any imaging really in ufababoon and damogen? Or was that all lost in how loud it was? I'm hearing all kinds of things flitting all over in Vortrak by comparison.
  2. Bit late bumping this thread but so far this is one of my AOTY. No particular reason, I just find it really enjoyable. I find I play it through more than almost any other album in quite a few years.
  3. ^ yes the bonus tracks, that's a hooj selling point on getting them from sp.net If we even get a few outtakes or alternate tracks for free, totally worth it (for me at least!)
  4. prob a number of savage beautiful BCM burgers too I reckon?
  5. StephenG


    I picked a good time to return lol this sounds exciting
  6. lol that's a good first world problem indeed 😂 (I never unjoined btw poor choice of words. Just took a break!)
  7. lol re-reading that now it seems kind of harsh. I didn't intend it that way. We enjoy his tunes but have heard the live show is kinda only alright, is what I meant, but we don't get many artists playing anywhere close to our city so we wouldn't pass it up. Does that read better?
  8. lol somewhat ironically Housewife is one of my wifey's fav songs by him.
  9. I'd add Somerset Avenue Trax for sure....
  10. Nice! Happy to see you back, hope you've been well. Any thoughts on that boxed set idea you were floating around before?
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