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  1. ^ that's what I was thinking
  2. member has their location set as "pissville" so likely taking quite the piss. (hopefully I'm wrong of course)
  3. ligma New Member Members 11 14 posts Gender: Male Location: pissville Country: Not Selected Joined Aug 2018
  4. No shame in that, I'm going to try living one of these years. lol
  5. 1 for being a major dickhead and flame-trolling. edit: oops - looks like 0 points but a 7 day ban... Given 0 points Banned - 7 days (what have been up to meng? seems like you haven't been on for a long ass time!)
  6. Not until July 26th - and even then only the album proper. I think you have to wait for physical for the bonus.
  7. so what's wrong with takin' the backstreets? you'll never know if you don't go
  8. (demo) edit: he seems like a nice guy and I'm only joking.
  9. you drunk already dar? lol I guess it's prob around 11PM where you live though.
  10. oozie hun - if you login to bandcamp it will show you if you own both the release + the bonus. Nevermind I think I understand your question now - you should be able to download the release on release day but I believe you have to wait for physical to arrive to hear the bonus.
  11. It was working for me last night, saw that someone linked them to the forums. what happened to it? =/
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