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  1. ccai in the latest saul goodman episode
  2. exactly what i was going to say. life is too short for this purist shit, just listen to it and enjoy the exhilaration, instantaneous and life-affirming abundance, high hats and sauntering arrangements, brain-scrambling noise and much much more
  3. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95553-collapse-ep-3d-template/ woohoo! thank you <3
  4. now i want an aphex logo surface displacement filter, so i can collapse the shit out of my pics
  5. that video makes me feel like i'm living in 2018
  6. Pretending you have synesthesia to impress a girl isn't anything you do to impress anyone actually the opposite of idm?
  7. eod truly knows his fans, i`m feeling honored
  8. i've never really been into vaporwave(?) but that was really interesting
  9. is there a thread for diy acoustic treatment yet? would love to see what some watmmers done on their studios
  10. This is so tasty. Praise the mighty ballacid...
  11. how had i never heard this before
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