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  1. This definitely would have been a better album 5 years ago, seems a bit old now. But I don’t get what everyone’s saying about the vocals. At worst they’re fine. Ocean Ppl kind of sucks. But Dawn Richard on Potions is perfect, it’s just that it sounds like really good mainstream pop more than IDM or whatever. The thing that pisses me off on this album is when most of the tracks are just cut-up vocals and instrumentals. If they’d stuck to straight-up pop this could have been on the radio.
  2. Vocals? There’s only 4 songs with vocalists and they’re all different people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I love it, actually, imo better than either artist alone. Best sound design I’ve heard in awhile. The features could easily play on radio.
  4. I like the discussion going on in this thread, but on the other hand tbh I just wanna be a girl. It’s pretty simple. I’m masc as fuck, too; my personality is not girly at all. But fuck it, I wanna look like a chick and be addressed as one. It’s not really that hard.
  5. I am really confused as to what happened in this thread.
  6. Just had a Ballast Point Victory at Sea stout that had been aging in my basement for about 4 years. I think the time actually made it much better because I remember it being meh and too sharp when I first had it. Mellowed our over time, got some extra flavors.
  7. So now that Maynard joins Thom in being a Creep, is a new tool record expected ever?
  8. Central Columbus is one of the best places to be gay or trans. I’m afraid to travel too far in any one direction though. Especially south.
  9. My dad wants to go hang out with me sometimes but won’t do so unless I’m not dressed like a girl but I feel like purposefully not dressing like a girl so he’s comfortable is giving something up. All in all I’m not suffering much for this living in Columbus, Ohio.
  10. Got out of the hospital. It was a shit hospital. They decided to stop letting me do makeup halfway through my stay. I met a couple cool trans dudes who helped me out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. in the emergency department secretly using my phone. shh don’t tell
  12. Moths that people think are butterflies Okay but seriously moths are pretty fuckin idm
  13. lol I saw a counselor and they’re sending me to the hospital
  14. What about commissions II? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Fuck I hope I get to a point where this happens. I though I had done it with stand up comedy but everything came rushing back. Still, comedy is a nice thing to have.
  16. Can I just point out that the reason I didn’t start this thread is because I assumed I would have been banned.
  17. Months Mouths Meths Maths Musts
  18. What is with everyone hearing inaccessible experimental music that doesn’t resemble pop music in the slightest except maaaaybe by having an auto tuned vocal or one recognizable chord and calling it pop? This isn’t a pop record at all. Nether is a lot any of this experimental shit coming out. Especially music journalists, Jesus.
  19. God I fuckin hope so, I’ve taken enough of the stuff to demolish an army of slugs.
  20. Cunts Moths Cunty Moths
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