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  1. can we change that to user487363530? since that was the original name? i should be working.. but..
  2. hello i thought i would share my oldest/older/kinda newer ep's/tracks in soundcloud.. well there ya go! http://soundcloud.com/berestez maybe posting some new stuff there soon..
  3. cult of luna is awesome. [media=] [/media]kinda like isis/sigur ros/neurosis
  4. omglol! i think i just scared my co-workers during that jam session. and also
  5. yeah lots of good music in ekt. eod / impakt / fah - eap series is epic. all wisp stuff. in a blue face is prob the best one imo. all beak monotonik releases. finally got the dload link to beak remixes..
  6. oh! i have been waiting for this. hallucinogen in dub was the soundtrack for me getting high for a year, at least.. nice.
  7. after listening to quaristice 3 times, i swiched to clark and realized; what a bunch of over compressed crap this clark is.. so yeah quaristice sounds sooo nice.
  8. new members with their noodlings..
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