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  1. Anyone knows what exactly the deal with Chrysalis implies? Wouldn't the Analords already be licensed by Chrysalis from their release in 2005 and 2009 on Rephlex? My basic understanding is that Chrysalis has to do with the rights of the compositions and not the audio recordings and performances, but since RDJ's Chrysalis deal seems to cover all his tracks across all aliases, is the deal covering every single compositions he comes up with before they are commercially released? Warp seems to only own the recordings they release on their label. While we're on the subject, why was Analord 10 credited to Aphex Twin and not AFX (on Chosen Lords too)? I know the tracks on 10 are much more polished than the rest of the series, just wondering if there was an official explanation.
  2. I remember that, that was 13 High Hat Tune Tam Clap.
  3. last two christmases even. pianokupt norm in christmas 2015 and tnodvood104 in christmas 2016:
  4. maybe he means with a similar voice as Anastasia the actual human (as recorded at the end of xmast10)
  5. and With My Family seems so much more SOSW than ICBYD. Sounds like it comes from the same rig as Portreath Harbour.
  6. ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw7MTDTfk30&feature=youtu.be
  7. ​ ​I've been looking for tapes, chrome and type 1 are easy to find for duplication and even cheap (apparently, old pancakes mass-produced in yesteryears, sold to national audio company in US and others around the world), but no signs of metal cassettes or pancakes in america or anywhere else i'm aware of, apart from old small random casettes lots on ebay. Maybe for afx some miracle could happen, or a forgotten lot found, but I doubt metal IV cassettes of aphex's discography will see the light of day, unless extremely limited and expensive (whatever blank metal cassettes around are not so far from retail prices of finished produced vinyls). ​http://www.tapeheads.net/showthread.php?t=40890: ​
  8. pretty accurate zimmer spoof squee, love the climax. zimmer has some great cuts over the years (inception, dark knight) but damn if he isn't repetitive​, his soundtracks seem interchangeable, doesn't matter it's a WWII movie, a modern superhero movie or a nixon-frost historical drama, you get the same filtered bass pulses and clicks and some chords every once in a while. sherlock holmes is the only recent movie I know he at least tried to adapt a little to the movie's story universe, well the simpsons movie too of course. I think it's a bit cheating to have a whole movie scored with sub-basses, screeching violin and clock noises speeding up, like non-stop, it flattens the effect. I miss old movies where the composer is the heart or emotion of the film (however cheesy), not some constant aural torturer/panic inducer. perhaps more a problem with the director that doesn't have confidence in his story. silence is underrated in films.
  9. 0002 (3:42) = top electro banger of 2017 fun to sync with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qymOSNhI8Y0
  10. aphex twins acknowdged in opening dedications of 2000 french novel "babylon babies" by maurice g dantec
  11. ​ok, not a bootleg if you say so. I don't know the TECH guy or his ethics but didn't Grant bootleg the famous unreleased Squarepusher acid tracks way back without his OK, well maybe not for resale, but it's not like the idea is unheard of. ​ and so far only information about mastering is thumbs-up by dr lopez in his youtube and his "not sounding like 192k mp3" comment. anyone knows for sure what was used as a source for this? richard digged up the original recordings for this?
  12. ​just my 2 cents and not an engineer but 24 tsim is 303k VBR and Gerald is 320k in the soundcloud dump and both sound fairly good as MP3s. doesn't seem far-fetched to make a fair or good sounding bootleg just from those files with minimal massaging or conversion, theorically. in the absence of more information, the use of ''Aphex twin'' moniker and no legal mention of '''Aphex'' used by courtesy of Aphex Systems'' on packaging as far as I can tell would indicate bootleg to me, sanctioned by Richard for private use at best. doesn't feel like an Aphex Twin release. ​ ​ ​ ​
  13. i sounds like absolutely killer production of break workouts, but so far most tracks don't make a very durable impression. dwnstrrslppy and bassthebishop are great for break madness, slopac and c10 have a little something more going on than breaks and drone, but generally something cold and sterile about the album. ​ hell of a day to release this! maybe it needs more time.
  14. A1 my favourite track, reminds me of Fenix Funk finale emotion wise. ​B1 interesting experimental track, messed up rythm that actually works well. ​
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