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  1. i was a bidder when this package was first announced, i didn't receive anything so far. grant said on facebook in february that it would ship "sometime in march" however.
  2. Here in my country you don't get randomly shot at by the police (police are carrying guns openly) so you don't need a weapon to defend yourself in the first place. I was in china several times, police does not have any guns at all, only the army is allowed to have weapons. Also there's death penalty if you own a gun illegally (which is always the case if you are not a member of the army), which prevents people from selling guns via black market. Since they introduced these laws, heavy criminality is on a significant decline, as can't rob a bank with a knife. Also you would need some seriou
  3. great, now the group is archived. i miss the old days of colundi when you could actually purchase some really good music as physical releases instead of reading mystical gibberish in a facebook group.
  4. i won't translate the interview, as i would have to transcribe it first. But here's the article that was attached to it (won't be a very good translation, but whatever): He is one of the most important techno-artists in the world: After 17 years W. Voigt will once more release an album of his project "GAS". The album title "NARKOPOP" is a manifesto, the musician states. Nearly two decades have passed since the Cologne-based artitst W. Voigt has released his last GAS-album. The new album "NARKOPOP", which will hit the streets in april, aims to continue the classic aesthetic of GAS conta
  5. i have to admit i still consider 80 GBP an insane prize for 5 cassettes, considering that you get absolutely no information on the contents, the release schedule....i mean buying the single colundi 6 cassette including postage was cheaper than buying these 5 cassettes already considering the discount for buying all of them. also why do you have to e-mail them first to receive price information? i guess i'll have to pass on these...as much as i love dave monolith.
  6. jimmy edgar and jets (jimmy edgar + machinedrum) are still killing it, but imo recent machinedrum plus most of the techy stuff jimmy edgar releases on his own label feels lackluster to their older stuff. some examples for very recent tracks by jimmy edgar or jets, that, in my opinion, are killing it:
  7. well, this is why a bidding system is a bit unfair...if they wan't more money they should probably have a set amount plus anything you are willing to give on top. this way they could assure that the crazy millionaire super-fan pays them a bazillion dollar for a sd-card, while the mere mortals know how many days they have to starve to gain the networth needed to make a purchase.
  8. lol i'm in germany and the shipping cost would be still 16,48 EUR. surely there has to be a cheaper way to ship a record and a t-shirt from jena to anywhere else in germany.
  9. exactly this. i don't get it...at least jimmy edgar stopped producing exclusively club tech tracks and got back to putting out these sexy funkey vibes that made him big. but machinedrum...vapor city was already a step down from room(s), while still good, but now this is just utter trash imo.
  10. i'm very happy with this ep, as cheetaht7teac was my favourite track from the sc dump and is prominently featured on this release. also, i like the other tracks, some nice acid-y quirkyness. i'm having way more fun with this than with CCAI2 or the MARCHROMT EP.
  11. I'm still waiting for it...can't wait to give the vinyl a spin.
  12. structures form silence & its tribute album unfortunately the original album was removed from youtube recently...however here's the (very good) tribute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n_sb6Fd2B8
  13. as my ancestors are from hungary, i listen to a lot of traditional hungarian music. big shoutout to marta sebestyen, she captures the traditional music so well using modern techniques, also she has a terrific voice. <3 here's some more stuff with her also, you should consider watching this movie if u are into eastern european music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUz9NgtgneM some more different stuff:
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nls3MXiBdXM&list=PLxRCnwjr3D8OlNqjDN_dJslHWCoKgCwiZ&index=5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ8vi_bW_Vg
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