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  1. In case anyone is interested, here's a modular grid image of the system that was used for these recordings. https://i.ibb.co/jVwQ64Z/Modular-Grid.png
  2. Thank-you! Weird is good. 😁
  3. 21 modular synth patches that explore the boundaries between rhythm and chaos. http://clownchops.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-funk
  4. I like the off-time and off-beat bits, he seems to have incorporated a few things he learned in his collaborations with Aarron Funk. Underrated.
  5. Sorry, I did a search but might have spelt it wrong.
  6. http://datassette.bandcamp.com/album/void-fill-product
  7. http://acidtestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/trickfinger-she-smiles-because-she-presses-the-button
  8. Thanks for posting that! It’s intense reading those descriptions but I think I got the gist of it after a few re-readings. In hardware a ring of quantussy cells would require a lot of sample and holds. Given that you need two for every LFO, I could only manage a ring of 3 cells with my current set up. None-the-less I think I’ll try it out. While I like the neatness of the idea of a ‘ring’ of oscillators, I’m thinking why not a ‘web’ of oscillators where the outputs intermingle through the use of matrix mixers?
  9. Thanks! I like how you compare it to something out of a chemical laboratory, I think of a modular synth noodle as a kind of expression of psychedelic technology. Modulations that modulate one another can become almost infinite. I’m holding back on posting Soundclouds for a while as I’m working on a full length album of this stuff.
  10. I was hoping it was a hyperlink to unreleased goodies. 😶 Something is definitely imminent though...
  11. I’m going through a haphazard tempo phase with my modular compositions, it’s easy to get carried away with with these abstract mindsets. 🤓
  12. http://stazma-the-junglechrist.bandcamp.com/album/tracker-demo-songs
  13. Holy shit this is good!! I nabbed one. I can see how the classic break demolishing shares it’s roots with ONE.LINE, but the gradual deconstructions here seem even more intricately drawn out in their destructive iterations. The variations on each theme are multi-angled and evolving yet there is a logical progression happening as well. It can be hard to take it all in at first, so many listens will be required.
  14. I couldn’t find a dedicated thread on it so I’ll post here. I can stop listening to PATTERN SHIFT EP, it is seriously top notch from start to finish. This is my favourite release of 2020. The dissonant atmospheres evoke a sci-fi paranoia which really bring to life the strange story of the discarded sentient Amiga from the album description. The way the beats shift to precisely disjointed polyrhythms and back again scratches a certain itch for a listener that desires puzzling complexity. Amazing that it was all done on one machine. The closest comparison sound-wise I can find is the work of Dopplereffekt, but I am honestly digging this more. Looking forward to the release on Memory Glands now but I don’t know how you’re going to top this!
  15. Here I’m experimenting with a sequential switch matrix.
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