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  1. Maybe it was the date the trees were going to be planted.
  2. webby

    afx nft

    So it’s in American date format? I don’t think he would use that format.
  3. Have a burger is condescending. It’s like a pat on the head.
  4. webby

    Rob pls

    Sharkey pls
  5. webby

    afx nft

    Many people are quick to judge without thinking about some of the details. For example, if I understand correctly, a percentage of all future sales of an NFT artwork are assigned as royalties to the artists in the contract. This solves some of the exploitation of a traditional secondary art market where the artist usually only benefits from the original sale and not from appreciating value over time.
  6. Aren’t we talking about something that happened 20 years ago? Would he still even have the broken laptop? Surely he would have explored having it repaired at the time if it was possible.
  7. 3 track EP made on an MPC.
  8. webby

    Rob pls

    Danke Rob, Sean, Sean & Rob.
  9. Some science fiction visuals I get while listening to SIGN: M4 Lema – Dark thunderous acid clouds part to reveal golden beams of sunshine. F7 – Neon advertisements create light trails while speeding through a futuristic dystopian city. Si00 – Exploring deep aquatic environments discovering alien lifeforms on a water planet. esc desc – The pivotal moment in a chess game between two serious chin stroking grandmasters. au14 – A phosphorescent asteroid cluster spectacularly damages a spaceship fleet. Metaz form8 – An infected patient has the sad realization that t
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