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  1. Am I right in thinking Warp heard this and said something to the effect of “you’re not ready yet”? Unbelievable if so.
  2. I was expecting this to be more primitive like a demo tape lol but this is great! Would purchase.
  3. Yesss, was waitin’ for those jungle breaks!
  4. Mark Pritchard’s unreleased mix about to start!
  5. Thanks Mozex, BCM and bitchroast! 👍 For the braindance tracks, I’m making them on a RS7000 work-station where the smart card reader is broken, so I can’t save tracks. Rather than leave the machine on for days wasting power, I try to finish the track in one session of about 2-3 hours. So sometimes the structure of the track is a bit under-developed but I see it as a challenge to finish something in one session. I take inspiration from the Aphex quote where he said he had thousands of tracks because he often made several in a day. There’s a fluidity of production you can develop by working that way I think. On the other hand I have been doing some Max/MSP tutorials and it will take me months and months of perseverance to get to the stage of making my own sounds with that (if ever...) So I do have the laborious tedium angle covered as well.😉
  6. More braindance jams.
  7. webby


    Soo phat, a morbidly obese track! All those slow triangle LFOs modulating the pitch gives it a warm beery wooziness.
  8. 1 RM1.23 - Serious fucking laser music from the future.
  9. Really excellent chilled-out delicate sounds, very inventive too in the way the pads evolve. I don't know why you wouldn't want to post it public, it's a great track.
  10. I like the separation in the sound stage between the main beats and bass being in the middle and then the more experimental scratchy mid-range sounds being panned left and right. It's a treat for the ears!
  11. They're getting better and more ecstatic.
  12. Love the harmonic progressions in this, there's a sense of spy-movie intrigue and lurking danger. However at times it's like there are two different basslines (the smooth one and the fuzzy one) fighting for space in the lower-mid sound spectrum. The hi-hat pattern is a welcome introduction at 3:36 but it goes away - I felt like that tied it all all together finally.
  13. Ed Would II - Those psychedelic time warp effects add a cartoonish dimension to the deliriously demented dialogue. That beat in the later half scratches an odd-time itch in the brain. Lots of ideas here, this is like several tracks in one. Drene< - >Pleno - Nice way to make a memento from your flight but if my plane sounded like this I might be worried!
  14. The arcade game sounds when the beat comes in are crazy, I keep waiting for them to come back. The distortion and compression on the drums gives this a really lively and driving propulsion which goes well with the spasmodic beats. Love those gaps in the beats too.
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