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  1. You've gotta make covers for your playlists. 😊 01. 3 organ velocity 02. notting hill bus 03. T08+4 04. 17 elb1 05. cottage3 e 06. cottage4 af 1 07. 18 elb2 08. prncDMC 09. quad rave TEAC 10. 6 fly beats 11. 23 lush acid 12. (mortal1) 13. 7 cutting 14. 179brk2 15. 14make a baby 01. 19 slow early morning 02. 15 autumn travels 03. 1 lmt 04. 22 pearls 05. 15 sekonda 06. 11 Phlid 2 (rip) 07. 1 nocares 08. 8 utopia 09. d15-8 ny groove2 10. 3 gerald remix 11. d15-10 dulcimer dub 12. 37 off key [bicycle wheel] 13. (taut) 14. 3 slothscrape 15. blue carpet
  2. The bass is warm and very deep yet equalized well so as not to be boomy and really gets moving with momentum in the second half. My favourite bits are the backwardsy spectral synth rush up at 2:49 and the slow shaker that sounds almost like a metal toothbrush. This manages to be both minimal and detailed, the details are subtle enough to never crowd out the sense of space. The only thing I find unnecessary is repeating the word 'dub' in the intro, it would probably be better without it.
  3. Tribii - the beat-repeat type effects and edits are deliciously well done.
  4. RAID - don't disavow this! I love the the propulsive 16th note basslines and the bongo breakdowns! 1001 grisly dooms - that's a gnarly liquid flow with some haunting echo.
  5. The Vibraphone-like melody in 'Today's Harvest' (cheeky title) is really nice. The way the synth pitch modulates in Mind's Puzzle is slightly demented and gives off a dissociative vibe. Love the cowbell and clap in Imagination.
  6. I like the triplet style variations in the arps about 2/3 the ways through.
  7. Premonition - BOCesque dream-like lysergic quality with the jewel like sparkling delays, really beautiful. The Ghost of Gospel Bluegrass - I think the best part of this are the horns and details way in the background, the piano is maybe a little too sparse to be the focal point IMO.
  8. webby


    I saw the Jungle tag and was expecting something different. I dug it none-the-less, especially enjoyed the mellow organ-type sample that only comes in occasionally. Good way to keep 'em wanting more.
  9. Stone in Focus cover is LUSH. The addition of the delicate beat is a nice touch.
  10. All sins are forgiven - cool rave stabs and undulating melody over the top, this really brings the NRG and is the best track I've heard from you.
  11. I liked the howling type sounds towards the end, they took it to a satisfying climax.
  12. Thanks for listening chronical, darreichungsform and BCM! This new track is my first attempt at using the Elektron Octatrack to make a non-beat oriented ambient piece. For samples I used Mesh Gear Fox's JX3P Vol 1 Sample Pack.
  13. webby


    What happens when you forget your password?
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