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  1. 3 track EP made on an MPC.
  2. webby

    Rob pls

    Danke Rob, Sean, Sean & Rob.
  3. Some science fiction visuals I get while listening to SIGN: M4 Lema – Dark thunderous acid clouds part to reveal golden beams of sunshine. F7 – Neon advertisements create light trails while speeding through a futuristic dystopian city. Si00 – Exploring deep aquatic environments discovering alien lifeforms on a water planet. esc desc – The pivotal moment in a chess game between two serious chin stroking grandmasters. au14 – A phosphorescent asteroid cluster spectacularly damages a spaceship fleet. Metaz form8 – An infected patient has the sad realization that t
  4. The Centre Of Everything: John Frusciante's Favourite Electronic Music
  5. Combining an Akai MPC One with Novation Summit.
  6. I can’t stop listening to Amethblowl, what a track!
  7. I figured it out, the second album will be named EXIT, after their nemesis the illuminated ‘exit sign’ (written backwards chiastically).
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