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  1. https://cylob.bandcamp.com/album/placeholder
  2. Cylob Industries CSR013 9 Tracks 37'33"
  3. Earlyghostdemo - This definitely leaves the listener wanting more. Those clusters of dissonant/detuned(?) chords set off a disassociative mood that is really compelling.
  4. I love it when the filter opens up on that swirling bassline and the resonance activates that lush cavernous reverb.
  5. AutumnEnv - You’re a master with manipulating those squelchy basslines. Also crazy ending to this tune with the pitch shifted delays (I’m guessing).
  6. Waistoid - Nice gradual build up on the intro with the arpeggios. I love that BOCish melancholy that the chords have. Sinope Beacon - I like how the sample says “come on, steady” while the groove takes a strangely funky walk. Disorial - A great melody line on this one the way, especially the way it runs upwards with the sparkling delays.
  7. slow forward - Excellent organ solos, really evocative of a 70’s Krautrock vibe. Great counterplay between the multiple organ voices.
  8. Sorry for the broken links, I changed my Soundcloud name and now they won’t show up. Anyway, I made a cover of pce freeze 2.8i here:
  9. webby


    That’s trippy as fuck. Got any more information about how this works?
  10. Can anyone who is familiar with the sound of the Boss RSD-10 Digital Sampler Delay suggest any tracks from back in the day that you think it was used in? Here’s a video demonstrating the sound:
  11. Brilliant stuff! Upon first listen my favourite track would be the long one in the middle called inf_recurse, I love those fragmented patterns. Purchased.
  12. Here's a few of my latest tracks mostly made with a digitally controlled Eurorack modular system:
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