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  1. Given that digital technology has made infinite duplication so simple, isn’t it advantageous to also have the option of scarcity? Being able to copy files and media is usually a good thing but not in every situation. It’s true that it is imposed scarcity, but that could be considered a creative choice.
  2. If you could right click save as NFTs you could right click save as Bitcoin.
  3. The individual track pages on Bandcamp have the lyrics.
  4. He talks about his electronic influences in this article such as the Analord series, Confield, Drum N’ Bass For Papa and Cavalcade Of Glee. By the looks of it he’s been delving into collecting and creating electronic music for quite some time now. https://thequietus.com/articles/28961-john-frusciante-maya-interview-red-hot-chili-peppers-favourite-music
  5. https://cylob.bandcamp.com/album/placeholder
  6. Cylob Industries CSR013 9 Tracks 37'33"
  7. Earlyghostdemo - This definitely leaves the listener wanting more. Those clusters of dissonant/detuned(?) chords set off a disassociative mood that is really compelling.
  8. I love it when the filter opens up on that swirling bassline and the resonance activates that lush cavernous reverb.
  9. AutumnEnv - You’re a master with manipulating those squelchy basslines. Also crazy ending to this tune with the pitch shifted delays (I’m guessing).
  10. Waistoid - Nice gradual build up on the intro with the arpeggios. I love that BOCish melancholy that the chords have. Sinope Beacon - I like how the sample says “come on, steady” while the groove takes a strangely funky walk. Disorial - A great melody line on this one the way, especially the way it runs upwards with the sparkling delays.
  11. slow forward - Excellent organ solos, really evocative of a 70’s Krautrock vibe. Great counterplay between the multiple organ voices.
  12. Sorry for the broken links, I changed my Soundcloud name and now they won’t show up. Anyway, I made a cover of pce freeze 2.8i here:
  13. webby


    That’s trippy as fuck. Got any more information about how this works?
  14. Can anyone who is familiar with the sound of the Boss RSD-10 Digital Sampler Delay suggest any tracks from back in the day that you think it was used in? Here’s a video demonstrating the sound:
  15. Brilliant stuff! Upon first listen my favourite track would be the long one in the middle called inf_recurse, I love those fragmented patterns. Purchased.
  16. Here's a few of my latest tracks mostly made with a digitally controlled Eurorack modular system:
  17. Nice off-beat rhythm on the organ stabs. Reminds me of Luke Vibert's Kerrier District stuff.
  18. Nicicle (draft) - I really liked the bits where you had a break beat going on under the drum machine beat, it's easier said than done to make such a thing work.
  19. Quite a dark and foreboding atmosphere you've created with the track. You're making me consider getting an MS-101 now. Great job with the camera angles too.
  20. Nice spatial tricks on Paradigm Loaded. You do a good job of bringing the beat back to coherence after it veers off into spasmodic territory. I probably like Paradigm Loading even more though.
  21. I really like your use of piano in both pieces, maybe the really long tail reverbs on it are taking up a lot of space in the mix however. I'd say ditto to ArtificialDisco's words about The Forest, great track.
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