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    They might be waiting until EVERYONE has fully listened to ALL the existing AE Live that they have already put out. I’m trying to catch up myself now. 😥 I suggest others do so as well.
  2. For some reason a few years ago I'd always want to listen to it when I went to Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Recently though... something clicked. I've discovered the atmosphere on this album - it's unparalleled in all of their work. The depth inside of the music is somehow further...deeper. While the technical elements of the sound are not as interesting perhaps as they will get later on... the feeling is like a gigantic trench. When you're listening to "Stud," your mind just goes deeper into a feeling of nothingness. I think Amber is very similar in approach, but somehow they went 'all the way' with Tri Repetae. To infinity and beyond. The dissociative effect of the music is wonderful. This album sets of my synasthesia like no other. I makes me feel like everything around me is illuminated by the green backlit screens that a lot of 90’s electronic music gear has and I also think of pine tree smell because I used to listen to it on my iPod on epic walks. The atmosphere is so consistent and thickly layered, or should I say crisply layered and Clipper is the standout track to me.
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    Sean pls

    Quaristice 2 pls
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    Beautiful chords on EndDay1withBRDY!
  5. This whole thing could go viral.
  6. I love the sound of the drums on It Might Be Time. It has a real slow attack on the compression on the cymbals like a classic 70’s sound like maybe John Bonham but in an over-the-top way.
  7. Chaos Flutter (Cello Stretch 6-2) - Really beautiful how during the intense passage the audio sounds like it's breaking apart, it gives it a very organic quality. Then when things get quiet again it the howlings sounds so gentle by comparison.
  8. Peers - Very lush and filmic, I'm imagining a long period of time passing in a heavy blizzard. Gitty Up - I like the variations but it is essentially one bassline, I think it could do with a B and C part, then when you bring the menacing bassline back in it hits harder.
  9. I'm digging the sinister vocal qualities in the bass sounds.
  10. Come Together - Nice reggae bounce, the panning that you do on those snare rushes is cool - I feel like that's probably your signature motif for the track given that the bassline, which is also prominent, closely resembles the original. When you repeat the line "feel his disease" this could be a cue for the track to get momentarily more distorted or dissonant to support the theme of the lyric. The way you bring in the repeated electric guitar wailing over the "spinal cracker" part near the end is climactic, I could imagine a beatles-esque string section part mimicking that lick would make it even more-so.
  11. Planetx - I like the variety of snare sounds and the rapid fire pace at which you bring elements in and out. Aurevoir - The way one resonant synth line trails behind the brighter synth line, sometimes in unison, sometimes with an added melody is so Aphex in a good way.
  12. The Pink Anvil album called Halloween party samples old horror films. It’s BOCish at times.
  13. What happens with the Analord clear sleeves? All mine are in those sleeves.
  14. As far as disobedience goes, I look out the window occasionally. 😐
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