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  1. I’ve been listening to the ‘Uncut Gems’ soundtrack heaps, I get certain Tomorrow’s Harvest vibes from it. Dunno if Lopatin has cited it as an influence though.
  2. Aphex Twin x3 Luke Vibert x2 Oneohtrix Point Never x2 Autechre Mouse On Mars Actress Bentley Rhythm Ace Keith Fullerton Whitman Mark Pritchard Suzanne Ciani Vladislav Delay Larry Heard
  3. I like ‘Impossible Dance Music’ as a genre title since it begs the listener/dancer to prove otherwise.
  4. The Bandcamp mobile app only adds those releases to your purchases if you pay at least a dollar so I usually pay a few dollars so I can stream them.
  5. I really like the last 20 minutes of the 2nd Barbican set. While it has a recognisable hip-hop vibe, harmonically it is some of their most dark and sinister work IMO. Can’t wait to hear it when they release the full quality recordings.
  6. webby

    Rare pics of Ae

    Stable diffusion generates a good Rob but then when you try to generate a Sean it also generates a Rob.
  7. @48:08 is where shit really starts to pop off. What they do rhythmically from there on out is incredible! How it manages to feel as though it’s speeding up and winding down with those funky quintuplets on the kick is a puzzle for the ears and mind. Some of their best work ever.
  8. There was a µ-Ziq gig in Melbourne on Friday apparently. Did anyone from WATMM go?
  9. Everything is peachy thanks. I’m on about the 17th reboot.
  10. webby

    Luna Chop

    So how did impakt have access to this 15 years ago (and what else does he have on his hard-drive)?
  11. https://www.quantamagazine.org/june-huh-high-school-dropout-wins-the-fields-medal-20220705/
  12. Holy shit! Did he say the scratching in the 1 hour Gescom set was done in Max/MSP?
  13. Now for something directly aimed at us:
  14. https://donnybenet.bandcamp.com/album/le-piano
  15. Cenk was more of a demonstrator rather than a developer wasn’t he? Sad to see him go but I don’t see how that affects the final product. I really liked Cukoo’s demo of the Syntakt but I feel like he could have made a similar tune with either a Digitakt or a Digitone. What are the specific unique shits that the Syntakt can do?
  16. I like the tracks towards the end with huge crunchy reverb tails that sound like an alien war.
  17. Hehe, also messed up on red wine. Listening to Fucked Off Again by μ-Ziq.
  18. Given that digital technology has made infinite duplication so simple, isn’t it advantageous to also have the option of scarcity? Being able to copy files and media is usually a good thing but not in every situation. It’s true that it is imposed scarcity, but that could be considered a creative choice.
  19. If you could right click save as NFTs you could right click save as Bitcoin.
  20. The individual track pages on Bandcamp have the lyrics.
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